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Enjoy this story. Ra-ta-ta-ta-ta. And, yes. I remembered that line from the Scooby Doo movie starring Sarah Michelle Geller and Freddie Prinze Junior.

This will probably be short...

Ben and Julie were sitting on Ben's bed studying for their finals. These are no ordinary tests. These tests determined whether you would graduate or not. If you fail one, you're stuck in summer school. If you don't get your grades up, you're stuck in high school for another year. How dull and boring would that be!? Ben was stressing out over this. Julie has never seen him so stressed ever since she nearly died from taking a fatal shot that was actually meant for him. Let me put it this way. If you wanted to pull him away from her, good luck making it out alive. Actually, if you're seriously lucky, you can make it out of the room without receiving an injury. Ask Kevin. He's been hit a few times.

"Ben, calm down. It's just finals. It's not the end of the world," said Julie.

"Julie, how can I be calm? They determine whether you graduate or wind up stuck in summer school," said Ben, who had tons of stress in his voice.

"What's so bad about summer school?" asked Julie.

"If you don't pass summer school, you get held back a year. Seriously, who wants to be held back a year?" asked Ben.

"No one," responded Julie.

"In other words, if you stuff this up, your future's basically ka-put," said Ben.

"I know what you mean," said Julie.

"I am so gonna fail Biology," said Ben.

Growing tired of his self-put-downs, Julie sighed as she straddled his legs and firmly placed her hands on his now tense shoulders, forcing him to look her in the eyes. Ben was shocked. He never thought his girlfriend would straddle him. Ever. He started getting a bit excited over this.

"Ben, listen to me. You're gonna pass. We're gonna graduate and we're gonna go to college together, OK? Like we've been planning to since we even started dating in the first place. If you do end up being held back a year, I will put college on hold and do everything I can to help you and make sure you make it out of high school. You've saved the world on countless occasions; you've defeated the toughest villains in the galaxy. Finals shouldn't be this hard for you," said Julie.

He knew that she was right. Stressing over finals is like stressing over something so ridiculous. He ran his fingers through her shoulder-length jet black hair and held her face in his strong hands.

"You're right. I'm sorry. It's just that...I don't wanna lose you because I'm held back a year. You've got your entire life a few steps away. I don't want you to throw it all away over all of this. I'm not worth it. You shouldn't crash and burn because of me," confessed Ben.

"Ben, you're not gonna lose me. I'll be 97 before I even contemplate dying out on you. You're different from any guy I've ever met. When I started high school, all the boys loved me for my body. You actually love me for me, not for any other reason," said Julie.

Ben just smirked and gently pressed his lips against hers. They kissed for a bit before pulling away. Ben leaned in to kiss her again but, Julie placed a finger on his lips. He looked confused.

"We still have to finish Biology," reminded Julie.

"That can wait," Ben groaned as he pushed her onto her back and tried to kiss her again.

He would've succeeded if Julie didn't playfully whack him in the head, causing them to sit up. Unnoticed to Ben, she smirked as a playful idea formed in her mind. Not to mention seductive. (Sarah: Ice, I wouldn't be saying 'playful'. Me: Well, it's kinda like teasing so, why can't I say 'playful'? Sarah: Uh...because it isn't. Nelson: Can you two please shut up so we can get to the good part already? Me: On some occasions, I seriously hate it when he's right. Sarah: I'm with you on that one.) She crawled behind him and wrapped her arms around his shoulders and made sure her mouth was near his ear.

"How about we make a deal? You finish the last 3 questions on the Biology homework correctly and if you succeed, you'll get a reward," Julie murmured.

Ben was lost but, when he noticed the seductiveness in her voice, he realized what she meant. But, he pretended not to know because the more wild and seductive she is, the better. Well, for him anyway. (Me: And for us since we're reading the story. Nelson: ICE! Me: That's Sarah's job. Anyways...gotta go.)

"What kind of reward?" asked Ben.

He was playing his part perfectically. She didn't seem to notice that he had an idea of what the reward is.

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe...this kind of reward," Julie murmured seductively as she attacked his neck with her lips, teeth and tongue.

Ben moaned in pleasure. He should do this more often. He felt his pants shrink to an even tighter size. He felt the urge to just pin her to the bed and make love to her right there. But, he knew it wasn't gonna be easy. The challenge wasn't gonna be easy for him either.

"OK. These last 3 questions are based on the heart. What does the left ventricle do?" Julie read.

"It pumps oxygenated blood through the rest of the body and back to the heart," answered Ben.

Julie turned his head towards her and attacked his lips in a passionate kiss. He immediately kissed her back and his hands found her hips. Their tongues were intertwining. Hesitantly and painfully, they broke apart.

"You still have to answer 2 more questions. What is the Aorta?" Julie asked.

"The Aorta is the main artery leading from the heart," Ben managed to answer.

His pants were getting more and more uncomfortable by the minute as he thought about the reward. Julie slid her jumper off, revealing her tight fitting black sports shirt. When he saw her in nothing but that, he felt his member become rock hard and stiff. He saw a bit of the scar on her chest which was a present from that shot, which brought unwanted memories back.

"Just imagine me with my shirt off. Only one more question to go. Where do the pulmonary arteries and veins lead and what happens?" Julie read.

"The pulmonary arteries and veins are connected to the lungs. Blood is pushed through the artery from the right ventricle to the lungs to be oxygenated, then travels back through the pulmonary veins into the left atrium," Ben managed to say. (AN: And big thanks to my friend on deviantART, rox4eva, for giving me those questions and answers.)

"That's it," breathed Julie.

Unable to wait any longer, he shoved the homework to the side and pushed her against the bed, kissing her heatedly. She moaned when she felt his hot tongue play with hers. He gasped when she started sucking on his tongue. He removed her shirt, leaving her in her black bra and white tennis skirt. He grounded his erection against her, causing her to suddenly break the kiss.

"Shit, Ben," Julie gasped, her hips responding to every grind.

She thought he would big but, not that big. She wasn't sure whether it would fit inside her or not.

"That's what you've been doing to me all these years," Ben hissed as he kissed her neck before kissing his way up to her ear and gently suckled on her earlobe, "You've been a very naughty girl, Yamamoto."

"Then punish me, Tennyson," Julie pleaded.

"With pleasure," Ben hissed in response as he started kissing her shoulder, his lips nudging her bra strap off.

She moaned in pleasure and she let her fingers trace his abs. It tickled him a little bit but, he was too occupied with his sweet torture to care. Her hands slid down to the hemming of his shirt and started to remove the cursed piece of clothing. He stopped long enough for her to pull it off. Once the shirt was off, he kissed her quickly before reaching for her bra clasp. She arched her back, making the clasp accessible. He cursed in his when he saw her bare breasts. Why did she have to be so sexy?

"So...beautiful," he groaned as he took one of her nipples into his mouth, causing her to writhe underneath him.

"Oh god...fucking hell, Ben," she moaned.

Smirking as he felt her pink flesh harden in his mouth, he brought his hand around her waist while his thumb on his other hand started rubbing small circles against her inner thigh. He heard a zip and realised that Julie undid his pants. Ben kicked his pants off, leaving him in his green boxers.

"Hey, no fair," Ben murmured as he pulled his mouth away from her breast, "If I lose my pants, you should lose yours too."

He slid her skirt off of her, revealing her black soaking hot panties. Once they were off, he proceeded to giving her other breast equal attention. His hard member was poking at her entrance, causing them to shudder in anticipation. They loved this hot, new, incredible feeling. Once he finished kissing and sucking her breast, he climbed up towards her lips and kissed her passionately. She flipped him over and removed his boxers. Whilst attacking his neck, her hand travelled south and took him into her hand.

"Oh god...shit. Fucking hell," he groaned when he felt her stroke him.

When she heard him, she stroked his member faster. He was so close to an orgasm. But, he actually wanted to cum inside of her. But, unfortunately, he couldn't help himself and he achieved his release. She felt his semen against her thigh. Ben's thoughts of his girlfriend completely naked caused him to harden once again. Her mouth travelled further down south, licking his scars on the way. Finally, she reached her destination and she took him into his mouth, sucking gently to tease him a little.

"God...sometimes I'm wondering if you're trying to kill me," Ben groaned as he pushed her head down, desperately needing more.

She decided to give in and suck as hard as she could. He gripped the bed sheets as he, once again, came close to achieving his orgasm. He wanted more of this pleasure. After 10 more seconds, he bucked his hips wildly and released himself into her mouth. She happily took him in and swallowed, finding the taste strange, but not bad. She wiped some white residue off the side of her mouth. He smiled apologetically as she made her way up towards his face. She went to push him inside of her but, he flipped them over. Now he was in dominate position.

"Your turn," he whispered hotly as he removed her panties, leaving a trail of her juices on his bed.

Smirking, he slid a finger inside her entrance, teasing her pussy and clit. She moaned loudly and closed her eyes as intense waves of pleasure rippled over her entire body. He slid another finger in, this time playing with her slit. He knew that he was driving her crazy and was torturing her. Well, she tortured him. It was only fair of him to torture her too. He started kissing her stomach as the pad of his index finger played with her clit. More waves of pleasure took over her body. Knowing how close she was, he moved his finger faster. And that was all it took before she finally reached her climax. His fingers were suddenly wet as her pussy juices flooded out of her and dripping from his fingers onto his bed. He considered giving her a moment to recover from her orgasm but, decided against it. Removing his lips from her stomach, he smirked evilly at her as he placed her head between her legs. She wasn't sure what he had in mind. But, she was enjoying making love too much to even care what he had planned. (Sarah: OK, Ice. That made her sound like a slut. Me: Shut up. We're getting to the good part. *turns to you guys* If I am not there to comment at the end of this story, I will most likely be dead. *does a runner*)

"Oh...god, Ben," Julie groaned as she felt his lips and tongue against her inner thigh.

He nibbled his way towards her wet sex. Spreading her legs apart, he took in her scent before running his tongue over her pussy folds. She moaned loudly in pleasure and wrapped her legs around his neck, pulling his head closer and giving him more access to her entrance. Smirking, he let his tongue focus on her clit as he slid his index finger inside her pussy, causing Julie to feel intense waves of pleasure. He pulled his finger out of her and roughly, but slowly licked her folds and clit. That was all Julie needed before reaching her peak and climaxed. Her juices flowed freely into his mouth, which he happily took in and swallowed. He climbed back towards her face and brushed his lips against hers.

Smirking, he swiftly slid his tip inside her pussy before sitting up and sat her on his legs and – once again – hard member. Realising what he was going to do, she wrapped her legs around his well-toned torso for support as he placed his hands on her butt and moved her up and down. She moaned loudly and nestled her head into the crook of his shoulder. He groaned her name as she began planting kisses on his neck. They both loved the new pleasurable feeling.

"Oh god, Ben," she sighed.

"Cum for me, baby. I got you," he pleaded desperately.

He immediately felt her walls flutter around his hard member. Soon, they heard the sounds of their bodies hitting each other as they came closer and closer to their climax. Her hands were tightly gripping his hair into her fists but, he didn't care. They screamed each other's names out of pleasure. She loved the feeling of his warm cum flowing into her and filling her insides. Once she reached her climax, he collapsed onto his bed and she fell against his chest. Both were panting and covered in sweat.

"Best study date ever," he whispered before pulling her head closer and capturing her lips in a soft and tender kiss.

"Mmmm...this won't be the last time," she murmured as she got up and started getting dressed.

When she went to place her underwear on, he grabbed her wrists and roughly pinned her to the bed with his body. She dropped her underwear during the struggle.

"Nice try," Ben whispered evilly as he started kissing and nuzzling her neck.

"Ben...seriously...I have...to go. My parents...will be home...any minute," Julie struggled to say in between moans.

"Your parents are out of town until tomorrow afternoon and my parents aren't coming back till tomorrow night. We have plenty of time," Ben told her.

And with that, they made out with each other until they fell asleep.

Boy. I am so glad this is over. I've been stuck on this story for months. And yes, Sarah didn't kill me...because I threatened to have Nelson attempt suicide in a certain story. I'll give you guys 3 guesses on which one.

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