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Notes : "Speaking" "Thinking" "Telepathy" ---(Change in scene)

^^ Change in worlds


A planet waits for it's final destruction. It's fate sealed by a fateful and desperate attack. Lava moves across it's surface, melting more rock and evaporating water to it's touch. The planet would be considered a dead planet, save for it's only two residents. Two super powered beings whos' abilities and strength transcends nearly all others in their own universe, stand toe to toe in a epic battle.

"You stupid Sayain, you honestly think you've won!?"

The incredible physique on tyrant known as Frieza shakes, his whole body racked with aches and bruises. Goku, the Sayain warrior, glares at the tyrant. He shifts his body from a attack stance to standing, catching Frieza off guard. "It's done."

Frieza's eyes shoot open with surprise. "What!? What did you say!?"

Goku remains silent and turns his back to Frieza.

"Do just stand there! say somthing!"

Goku turns his head, he looks over his shoulder at the evil being.

"Your energy has dwindled down so much that your not even a challenge to me anymore. Your done, your pride has been torn to shreds. You have fought against and lost to a fighter that is superior in every way..and to make matters worse he was just a monkey...right?" Goku's smile at the end of his little speech enrages Frieza, but Frieza was too afraid to do anything but look angry and wish for revenge.

"It would be meaningless to fight you now, your too scared and ashamed...live the the shock, keep it bottled up inside you, silently."

Frieza's anger goes even higher, his muscles tense with rage unlike he has ever had before.

Goku exits his Super Sayain form, the legendary form of his race. Goku leaps into the air and slowly flies away. "Good bye Frieza...for your sake...I hope we never meet again...never do evil deeds again...may you live the rest of your life in Peace."

Goku's last coments push Frieza to insanity. "p-p-p-p-Peace!!?....n-n-n-Nonsense!!....I will n-never...N-Never be...."

Frieza raises his right hand over his head, it crackles with energy and a thin purple disk of pure energy appears over his head.


Frieza tosses the disk right into Goku's path. The disk misses Goku by inches, but still manages to cut him slightly on the cheek, blood slowly runs down his cheek, Goku turns, his face full of anger, rage and a hint of pity.

"You truly are a helpless fool!! I gave you one last chance to live...and this is how you repay me!!!?"

Goku's body flares up into his Super Saiyan form. A golden aura warps around his body, his anger expresses through his sonic booming voice. "AHHHHERRRRRRR!!!!"

Freiza's lips curl into a fake smile, even to himself he was afraid of Goku. The Saiyan charged but Frieza throw another energy disk, Goku blasted it away and warped next to Frieza, he threw a right hook into the tyrant's jaw. Frieza got taken off his balance for a moment.

Goku was about to throw another blow but heard nothing but silence. "Huh?" Goku watched as large cracks formed on the ground and the ocean drained through to the core...or what was left of it. The ground began to sink slightly and parts of the ocean floor crumbled in various spots.

"The planets not going to explode...Its going to collapse in on its self!!"

Frieza looked up, seeing Goku's attention off him, for a split moment and he capitalized. Goku felt a thin but powerful energy beam Perice his shoulder and he dropped to the floor on one knee. Grabbing his shoulder he grunted. "Ahh....errr...Frieza! " Goku looked up seeing the tyrant grin. "What where you talking about? being superior? who is the on on the floor on their knees? YOU!"

Frieza begins to laugh as if he had killed Goku, but then looks down at the wounded warrior. "I will enjoy this...monkey!" The Alien lord places his right index finger three inches from Goku's face, right above the ridge of his nose. Goku could see the power Frieza was building. "Hahahaha MONKEY!-argh!" Goku nearly impaled Frieza through his gut.

Frieza's face had nearly gone blank, only very faint sounds rolled past his lips, but they did not form words. "a.....o....ur.......haa..." Frieza help his guy, purple blood ran down his neck from his mouth and toppled over in pain. Goku fell down holding his shoulder. "That...was the...last...last bit of my energy...now..."

Goku stopped talking the rumble of the planet Began to grow and the land around the two warriors began to fall down further and further. Goku held his breath, he couldn't breath in space. Goku felt a strong suction. He, Frieza and the rest of the planet began to go at high speeds in a circular motion towards the center of the planet, which had created a warped hole...

"Professor! I'm getting powerful radiation readings just outside the school grounds!"

"I know Jean, gather Scott and the others."

The combined force, known as the X-men in a vastly different realm follow the source of the radiation. They find the focused point, Scott summers known as Cyclops holds a device in his right hand, the sound of static forms from the detection of the radiation. "Professor! I've found the focused area!" Scott had to suddenly shout due to the strong winds starting to form.

"Storm! Do something about this..."

The wind stopped dead. The small group looks around and then a invisible 'portal' opened mere feet from them, blue lighting signaled it's opening. A man was throw out of the portal at Cyclops, who tried to catch him but was knocked down with the force from the man hitting him.

Jean looked at Charles, "Professor what is going on?"

Xavier looked to say but the portal closed and the blue lighting ceased to be.

"I have no idea what that was Jean...check the radiation levels."

Cyclops checked it after pushing the man off with. "He weights a ton!"

Xavier listened to Scott's thoughts.

"Ok...checking...what? there are none?"

Charles turned away and looked back at the manor. "This was a close call, but we can't have these 'dimensional warps' this close to the grounds...or any where for that matter..."

Jean looked over the man, he was badly bruised. "Looks like he just got out of a training run with Logan..."

Charles looked at the man, "Take him to the mansion, hey must know what that portal was..."