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His head throbbed, pain racked his body; nothing was straight for Goku. Some voices caught his attention but that would not keep him from slipping back out of consciousness. The large man that carried him, he remembered his voice and heard it, "Thou art strong to defeat the Hulk in the manner thy have done." Goku tried to give a smile, he had no energy to smile not even a weak one. Thor could sense Goku was at his weakest even if he could not sense energy, the signs were all across Goku's body. "Fear not, Dr. Richards will heal thy body..." Goku understood Thor, seeming asleep, he was aware of the big man's words.

"Thank you..."

Not moving his face, Thor knew Goku was grateful, and he nodded ever so slightly to the wounded warrior. Goku faded out completely again afterwards only coming too when he was laying flat on his back on a table. With enough strength he forced on eye lid open, a man stood over him in a blue suit. His hair was mostly black with two white/greyish patches of hair on the sides of his head. "Uhh..."

Reed Richards looked down looking Goku over. A rocky voice came from the other end of the room, "Whats wrong Reed?" The scientist looked up at his best friend commonly known as the Thing. "Whats wrong with the alien now?" Reed shook his head then looked back at Goku. "I though I heard him moan...wait, his eyes are opening!" Goku did his best to open the other eye with great effort, taking a few seconds to steady it. " name..." Goku coughed, "My Goku...whats yours?" Richards smiled at Goku, "My name is Reed Richards, this here is my friend Ben Grimm, but you can call him the Thing." Ben grummbed against what Reed said. "Or just call him Ben." Goku was reaching for his belt when Richards noticed his action. "Ben grab him." Goku's hand was held fast, "Uhh!"

"What you in the rush to get buddy?"


"What? a bean?"


Back on Goku's Earth, the Eternal Dragon has yet to make a decision or incline on what he could possibly do in this instance. Shenron had never been asked to open a doorway to another dimension, something Kami could do but it could not exceed it's creators power. Gohan was pacing back and forth, Krillin was hovering in the air eye level with the dragon; Bulma was sitting on the ground poking a rock and Vegeta stood firm staring at Shenron. "Errrr! Dragon! can you open a portal or not!"

Still silent, Gohan stopped pacing, feeling out the energies of Vegeta. He was going to launch a energy blast towards the dragon with his anger level as it was if no one stepped up. "Curse this dragon, has he no sense of time? grwa!"

The tiny voice of Gohan bellowed out to Shenron's ears, "Dragon! Can you fulfill this wish or not!"

He tilted his head and groaned, "I...It...shall be granted!"

"Uhhh, Senzu...bean...give me it..."

Orange rocky hands felt around the belt of Goku until a small green bean fell from his belt. Reed picked it up and quickly examined it, "Nothing special seems to appear wrong with this bean." Goku motioned it towards his now open mouth. "Bean..." he chewed on it and soon he was back to near full power. "Uhh...thank you, where am I?" Reed looked at him with shock and awe, Ben looked the same, ut as much as his stoney face would allow it. "How did that...?"

Goku smiled and sat up with no problem and floated up into the air and then set back down, his body clean from scratches and bruises. "Thank you for helping me with that Senzu bean, it would have taken me all day to get to it, hehe!" Richards shook his head quickly untangling the cob webs and answered Goku's original question, ""You are in the baxter building, Thor told us what had it true, can you nearly effortlessly defeat the Hulk?"

Goku seemed to pay no attention but answered best he could.

"You mean that big green guy that yelled a lot? yea He is very strong...I actually had a bit of trouble with him, but he needs to channel that anger into his energy level, he dosn't know how to use his energy or to fly...that was lucky for me hehe, if he knew how to use it I might not be alive."

Reed was pondering as Ben conversed with Goku.

"Energy, you mean like nuclear and solar right?"

Goku tilted his head and looked up at various things on the ceiling, "No, not those kinds of energy, spiritual this." His hand was clenched and then opened;in his hand energy pulsated then flowed from his hand forming a ball. Soon enough and slowly the ball of blue energy floated in his hand; it flickered in and out till it was slowly gone. "This energy is what gives me and everything that is alive life and power..."

"Reed, sounds like he is similar to Dan Rand don't it?"

Richards took in a deep breath but paused then spoke, "Yes, similar but he has more control over it...and obviously has more energy to put out." Before Goku could respond a fire ball flew down the main hall towards Goku, hitting him in the back of the head. The ball enveloped Goku's hair but he was gone. "What?"He was up in the air with his back against the ceiling having done a after image."Johnny!" The Human Torch ran into the room looking around with a smile on his face. "What? did I scare Mr. bed-head away?"

Johnny started to laugh but stopped, he felt a tap to his back and turned to see Goku there with a smile. "That is a nice technique you got there I was almost his by it. I'm Goku nice to meet you." Johnny had to process that Goku made it behind him without noticing or seeing any kind of movement. "Whoa, how did you get behind me? and where did you go? what do you mean it ALMOST hit you?"

Reed motioned for Goku and Johnny to follow him, "I think we should do some tests..."

Gohan and Krillin celebrated for a quick moment as the Dragon's eyes lit red as the wish as being granted. "I can open the portal to this other dimension, but it will not be open forever...farewell" Having granted the wish Shenron departed in a flash of light taking the dragonballs, now stone for a year and scattering them over the globe. "Bulma! Where are you? We got the wish granted!" Krillin looked around not seeing Bulma, as he shouted Vegeta stood in front of the now forming portal made of purple light. "Kakarot...I'm coming for you..."

Gohan stood fast waiting for follow Vegeta, to find his dad."

The test on Goku had begun some were strange to Goku, others he could understand. "What are we doing this for again?" Goku asked, fitting his hand into the Thing's hand both their elbows on a sheet of metal. "You are going to arm wrestle Ben, he's been complaining-"

"Watch it reed!"

"umm, he asked if he could test your strength."

" I suppose to do?"

Ben chuckled, "Make the back of my hand touch the table by forcing it to the table with the arm your using."

After a few moments a light bulb came on in Goku's mind and his facial expression showed it. "oooh! I get it now...alright sounds like fun lets do it." Ben looked at Reed then back at the Saiyan. "On the count of three. one...two...three!" The table was made of Adamantium or else it would have shattered into many, many pieces from the struggle between Goku and the Thing. "Grrr! come on!...GRRRR!"

Goku had a small bit of trouble himself, moving his wrist in a little he pulled Ben's hand down a little then a little more. "GRRR, thats it, no more holding back!" Grimm planted his feet gripped the table with his free hand and grinned his teeth. "GRAWW!"Goku's arm was forced down now with his hand near the table. "Uh! no holding back now huh? alright! YAAA!"

Goku's hand slightly crunched Grimm's hand and he exploded forward and slammed Grimm's hand down with little effort. Grim held his own hand, "Ouch...oww, I think you broke something...uhh..."

"Ok Goku, I've calculated you are much stronger then Ben, now if you'll come over here..."

A loud boom and then crash noise forced Reed to cover his ears. Iron man crashed through the main window like a bat out of hell. "You!" Stark grabbed Goku by his shirt "You had contact with Charles Xavier am I right?" Goku nodded, "Yea, he was really nice to me." "Tony, whats the matter?" His face mask opening, "I though I'd let our 'friend' here know that another portal, by Charles' account, has opened outside the city." Letting Goku go he approached Richards, "If there are friends of his and they are like him..."

"What are you talking about?"

Ironman shot a look at Goku, "The military has masked a camp around the portal...General Ross has issued a quarantine of the site."

"How do you know its the same like Goku's portal?"

"Hmp. so that is his name...I spoke to Xavier and by his account this portal is similar to...Goku's one."

Well we can get transportation, Goku will- what are you doing?"

Goku had his index and middle finger on his forehead, "Ross you mean that guy that attacked me and that man called the Hulk...I can feel his energy...just barley...yes there!" He used Instant Transmission and was out of the building quicker then ever seen by the small group.

His new surroundings replaced the old ones, Ironman spoke the truth there was a military camp around the portal, and Goku knew that someone had come through the portal, Gohan and the others. Ross had suffered plenty loss in the very brief struggle, but Gohan and Krillin were not as strong as Goku was and Vegeta had retreated. Gohan was bound with a large Adamantim claw as was Krillin. "Oh no..." Goku looked to the sky, it was a full moon and Gohan's tail was in plain view. "Gohand! Don;t look up!"

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