Ok before all of you burn me at the stake since this is not a chapter I DO have a reason for putting this as a chapter. Its mostly to get your attention because I have something I need to let you know about concerning the sequel to 'Ascension of the Kitsune' and my new story 'The Rogue Soul'. When I put up the prologue to 'Rogue' I wanted to see reader reactions on if you liked it and if I should consider continuing writing the story. Well when I read the nearly two dozen reviews for it I was rather surprised the story was so well received from just it's prologue.

Now here comes the reason I made this AN in the first place, I am putting up a pull in my 'Profile' page for FF. With the way I write I can't write two stories at the same time, I prefer to concentrate on one plot from beginning to end, before starting another. Even considering and then ACTUALLY writing 'The Rogue Soul''s prologue surprised even me, and is not something I considered before. So this is where my poll comes into play, I would like anyone who has read both 'Ascension of the Kitsune' AND the prologue to 'The Rogue Soul' to vote on it. Also since I did get questions about the first chapter, I've decided to answer the ones I can.

Review Answering:

uberjik: The whole baby mind/adult body situation will be taken care of later in the story.

Shin1gam1: Reread the chapter and I think you'll get it. But in case you don't, when the Kyuubi's soul was put into Naruto, Kyuubi's body fell to the ground. Now the drop and the size of the Kyuubi caused a massive shock wave, which in turn caused part of the Hokage Tower to crumble (where Kakashi and Naruto were). Naruto fell from the building's roof (the scene when Kyuubi sees Kakashi hanging over the building with the blanket), onto a roof below it...which caused his death.

Eterguy: Kyuubi stated that he only has control of Naruto's new body for short periods...so Naruto will be in control of his body for the story, since the amount of time isn't enough for Kyuubi do to much.

ErikArden: Thats certainly you're decision, and while I'll admit to Naruto being 'dark' he won't be psychopathic 'dark'. I mean his 'father' figure is a bloodthirsty, ruthless beast...I think that would rub off on him some. But that doesn't mean Naruto will be EXACTLY like him. Just saying give it a chance...you may like it...if not don't read further.

Obsession1988: Yes...I tend to misuse words sometimes and I nor the spell check find them, like using 'form' instead of 'from' or vise versa. About the transition...I couldn't really add it because the hollow/shinigami fight was already going on WHILE Kyuubi was attacking, but since no one in Konoha can see souls, no one could tell and I couldn't introduce the fight/fighters without breaking the 4th wall. So when Kyuubi died and accessed Naruto's senses that second time, the fight was already taking place. I USUALLY introduce characters, or reasons for a fight BEFORE they happen but in this case, doing so wouldn't be possible.

As far as the 'other' souls during the fight...it was because the shinigami wasn't able to use the 'soul burial' on them (Kushina included) because he was trying to stop the hollows from eating them. And after that he was fighting the Vasto Lorde, so his hands were kind of tied. Its why you saw that old man the Kyuubi killed still around, the shinigami just didn't have enough time to fight AND save the souls at the same time.

Trust me I have the body plot hole taken care of in my head...but I'll admit you are close to what I had in mind. And no offense needed, your kind of review are the ones I take the most interest in because they show me the possible problems in my work.

AznPuffyHair: A time line will be established quickly so as to give you (the reader) a good idea where things are in the time line of the bleach manga.

mim istar: I actually laughed when I read your review. I'm simply curious why you asked that, and who you meant by 'he'?

Tori Rex: Well the whole translation thing is just a personal preference when Japanese is used in a story. Cause personally when someone shouts something in a different language I like to know WHAT they are shouting when it happens NOT at the end of the chapter because by then all the suspense/drama is gone. And I also don't like breaking the 4th wall by stopping what I'm reading scroll down to the bottom of the page read what the translation is and then go back up and continue reading, it breaks my concentration when delving into the story. So suck it up *grins*

arogus98: The whole vizard thing will be explained in the story.

Ok well I'm done here, if anyone DOES have questions about what I wrote in this...please DON'T review...instead private message me and I'll get back to you with an answer as soon as I can.

And thank you in advance for those who vote in the poll...which will end on Saturday June 6th at 8 pm (EST).