Hi everyone, this is just a little ficlet I wrote a while ago and when cleaning out my 'my documents' folder I found it. I figured it deserves its chance in the realm on fanfics!

Owen glared at his computer screen. He hated being dead. Now that he was dead, he couldn't sleep, meaning he had a hell of a lot of free time and nothing to occupy it.

Which is why he was in the hub at three in the morning doing paperwork.

With earphones in.

Damn Captain and Tea-boy.

He glanced around the hub at the various boxes lying around. They'd just got a bunch of artefacts sent over from UNIT and Ianto was 'too busy' to categorize them.

Damn Captain.

To fight off the boredom a plan started to form in his head. He wandered casually over to the nearest box and opened it, plucking an artefact out in the process. He then placed it in another random box.

Easiest way to annoy Ianto, mess up his filing system.

After a lot of mixing up he furthered his messing around by starting to shift the boxes into different piles. He picked up a particularly heavy one and accidentally dropped it.

Even with the earphones in he heard the crash it made.


Sure enough Jack appeared.

"What you doing here Owen?" he asked. His hair was messed up and he only had his shirt unbuttoned.


Jack looked at him suspiciously, "You're moving boxes aren't you"

"No I'm not. Oh and Jack, soundproofing would be a good idea"

"Thanks and yes you are"

Owen shrugged, "Wanna help?"

Jack hesitated for a second then raced down and grabbed a box.

"Ianto's gonna kill you"

"He's gonna kill you too Jack"

"Good point"

"You'll be on decaff for a week"

"You want the help or not?"

Owen chuckled, "So why you annoying Ianto?"

"Because he hasn't been letting me touch the boxes all day. He's afraid I'll mix them up"

Owen raised an eyebrow.

"I know Owen but it's like a big red button, I just wanna push it"

Owen rolled his eyes, "You're a five year old Jack"

"Hey!" yelped Jack, grinning, "I'm at least six"

Jack stacked one box on top of the growing pile. He stepped back and looked at the pile.

"Hmmm. Owen, put that box there," he pointed to the missing spot.

He then started directing where Owen should put the boxes. Pretty soon they were surrounded by boxes.

Owen laughed, "Cool"

"Jack! Where've you gone?" called Ianto, but they couldn't see him.

Jack giggled when he heard Ianto's welsh accent yelp, "Oh for god's sake!"

Owen grinned but jumped when Ianto suddenly appeared above their piles of boxes.

"You built a fort didn't you"

Owen looked at Jack, "Erm... no"

Ianto just rolled his eyes, "Bloody kids" before grinning and jumping into the fort with them.

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