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Pushing her against the wall, his mouth descended hotly upon hers, their tongues duelling to get the upper hand. Gibbs couldn't believe that he finally had Abby right where he'd wanted her for all these years. His reverie was interrupted by nimble hands tugging at his shirt, desperately trying to remove the barrier of clothing between them. He smiled against her mouth and took a step back, allowing Abby to finally slide the offending garment off his shoulders.

Smiling appreciatively, Abby again closed the distance between her and Gibbs for another kiss. She was still pressed against the wall and could feel Gibbs' insistent arousal pressing against her thigh. *Wearing heels does have it's advantages* that thought was soon pushed from her mind as she felt Gibbs starting to grind himself against her, seeking friction. She moaned against his mouth and broke the kiss, wanting to concentrate on his collarbone. She didn't get that far, however. Gibbs had her pinned against the wall now, her arms outstretched, held by his strong ones, at his mercy.... And Gods, did she love this. He groaned as he tasted her neck for the first time, not being as gentle as he'd expected, and yet not caring if he left a mark.

His patience wearing thin, Gibbs made short work of Abby's skimpy skullbone top, ripping it apart at the buttons, feasting his mouth over her breast. She sighed again, desperate for more touch. Fighting against Gibbs and his strong hold on her arms, however, wouldn't help in the slightest way... And somehow, she figured, she enjoyed this loss of control.

"Stay still Abbs." his voice reached her ears through a haze, and she wasn't sure it was the actual Gibbs who had said this, or if it was the fruit of her now-overactive imagination. Forcing her eyes open, she locked her gaze with the deep blue eyes of the boss. Deepest blue eyes that had now turned to a passionate dark stared back at her intently, leaving no room for misunderstanding. He clearly wanted her right there, and she didn't dare disobey him. The primal look in his eyes told her she wouldn't like to consequences.

Standing against the wall with only her bra and one of her trademark short skirts, Abby was shivering, out of anticipation mostly. Gibbs turned his attention to her hips now. They were still covered by a short strip of cloth that she insisted on calling a skirt. His look was positively feral now. Catching her eyes once more, letting her see his desire, he closed in on her once more, his hand holding her chin : "Do you have any idea just what I want to do with you every time I come down to your lab ?" Abby knew better than to actally interrupt the boss-man at this moment. "You parade in front of me in this ridiculously small skirt and expect me to understand whatever you explain.... I've been wanting to take you against that desk of yours for so long Abbs, you have no idea" his voice was heavy with desire, his lust barely controlled.

He kicked apart her legs and admired the way his girl was now standing against the wall of his living room, spread-eagled, ready for whatever he had planned for her. *My Girl* he mused, that endearing nickname is taking on it's full meaning. He ran his calloused hands softly over her neck, down lower over her perfect, ivory coloured breasts held in check by a lace bra, it's black contrasting sharply with her porcelain skin. As his hands dipped even lower, inside her skirt, Abby hissed softly, her desire overtaking her control.

"Don't move Abbs" she nodded her agreement and took her original position once more. Gibbs fingers were now lower, playing with her, teasing her. He could feel her wetness, how much she wanted this, him, but he took his time. He moved his fingers around slowly, mapping unknown territory, barely entering her, driving her mad with his presence. Suddenly Abby felt Gibb's fingers casually brushing her clit, sending a jolt through her entire being. She struggled against her mind and willed her legs to stay apart, the way Sir wanted her to be *Sir ?!? Now where did that thought come from,* she mused. It had been a long time since she last played, and yet somehow it seemed to come naturally with Gibbs... Abby was thrown out of her reverie by another touch to her oversensitzed clit and was teethering on the edge, ready to fly apart beneath his minstrations.

When his mouth latched onto her breast she was ready to scream, go mad or even beg... She settled for the latter one : "God, please..." Forming a coherent sentence seemed to be beyond her reach : "Permission to cum, Sir ?"

"Come for me, Abbs, I'll catch you", and with a last flick to her clit, Abby came... hard... convulsing in Gibb's arms... He carried her to the sofa and held her close, riding down the high... She snuggled close to him, catching her breath...

After some time, Gibbs turned his head for a kiss, which she eagerly reciprocated.... "It's not gonna be like this always Little One, next time you'll have to work harder for that permission" The look on Abby's face was priceless.... yes, he was definitely looking forward on exploring *that* side...

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