"No, no Lynette! Not again!" Tom looked to his wife as she told him, he was truly alarmed as she nodded, confirming what he didn't want to hear, "How did this happen?" he asked her.

"Well as I recall, you were there...every night for thirty days..." Lynette answered her husband.

Tom looked to Lynette with his not impressed expression and he sighed, his hand smoothing over his face, "Now I will have to have that plastic surgery..."

"You wanna scare our twins the minute they're born with a face like Bruce?!" she scoffed a little and raised a brow.

"Twins Lynette?" Tom asked, turning to his wife as she finished.

"Hey I'm only giving the new Doctor Barr relayed to me, I was just as shocked" she replied.

"We'll have to move, you know that right?"

"Tom, come on...we'll just...throw the boys in the garage. They'll be fine in there, it's warm and they can still get internet connection...they're gonna leave home soon anyway, there's no worry" Lynette smiled.

Tom raised his brow at Lynette's remark.

"What?" she chuckled.

"You wanna move the boys into the garage?"

Lynette chuckled at Tom and moved closer towards him, "So are you okay with being a dad again? Twice?"

Tom nodded and answered Lynette with a kiss and a smile, "I sure am" he then kissed Lynette's forehead softly.

"Remember how hyped you were when we found out I was pregnant with Porter and Preston? That was adorable" she with a soft smile, and she looked to Tom tenderly before she sighed.

"Yeah that was a damn good day" Tom recalled as he remembered and began chuckling.

"And then when Parker was inside here..." Lynette said as she rested her head on Tom's shoulder as she cuddled to him.

"Aww yeah, Parker" Tom smiled contently.

"Not to mention our baby, Penny" Lynette smiled and took Tom's hand, "That was a day I'll never forget, when they told us she was a girl"

"Yeah, it was about time" Tom chuckled.

"And now...these two" Lynette said and looked down to her flat stomach, "Another seven months with these two..."

"Wait.." Tom began, "Did you say seven months..?"

"Yeah, well seven and a half" Lynette answered.

"So you...got pregnant before our pact"

Lynette looked up at Tom, "Apparently so..."

Tom gave a few moments silence before he then said, "We're gonna have to get new cribs...or new mattresses, we don't want something to fall apart for these guys because it's been overused..." he smiled, kissing Lynette's lips softly.

"You know, I wish I could say the same about my uterus...." she replied, smirking.

The End.