One Thousand Paper Cranes

Not it sight, but not out of mind.
Your presence in person guided us,
and your dreams shall continue to inspire many.
For you lived for everyone around you
when times were almost impossible
Through thick and thin,
You never gave anything but your best.

That's why, my friend,
You may be gone from sight
But you are not gone from my heart
You shall not age like we do
and you shall never fear what we must fear.
Every day you shall live on deep inside of me
and everyone you have met
Giving them hope

Please never fear
You will never be forgotten, my friend.

Please never give up
You are always in my heart.


The paper folded over gently and slipped back into the album, where it belonged. It had been there for a very long time and the album was beginning to get dusty. He blew the dust away as he took out a particular picture, his best friend smiling brightly.

Yes, he would always be by his side.