By: Lara Winner

WARNING: Graphic smut, lesbian sex, violence, drugs, alcohol, torture, gore, mild necrophilia… and probably a few other nasty things that will entice you to the dark side. So if you like pain with your pleasure, kink with your smut and blood with your wine then sit back, enjoy the show and leave your inhibitions at the door.

A.N.- This story is from Edward's pov and I'm deviating from SM's vampire traits for this story. First off Edward has fangs… because I miss my vamps having them and I think its damn hot. Second, these vampires are not venomous. In this fic the only way to change someone is the good old fashioned way of exchanging blood. Anything other than that will be explained in the story.

New Orleans, 1926

Jazz music echoed out into the dark alley from inside the nondescript building. The hum of voices and the tinkling of laughter marked the establishment for what it was, a speakeasy. From where I stood on the street corner I could easily see down the narrow side lane where shady looking characters were lugging heavy wooden crates in through the rear entrance.

Bootleggers were not of any particular interest to me. I was looking for far more succulent prey.

I slipped the doorman a dollar and made my way into the smoky joint. In the far corner was a platform where a six-piece band played an energetic tune while the center of the room was cleared into a makeshift dance floor. Tables surrounded the open area and the far walls were lined with secluded booths. To my left was a bar that ran the length of the building.

A haze of cigarette and cigar smoke lazily drifted in the air like London fog, but my impeccable vision had no trouble seeing clearly through the foul smelling fumes. I took a seat by the bar to better survey the scene inconspicuously.

Bodies moved about the dance floor and I took a moment to appreciate the daring females that were of the flapper variety with their scandalous display of short, low waited dresses that blatantly flashed their knees as they moved.

I might not be human, but I am a man.

The bartender; a greasy, portly fellow eyed me questioningly. "What'll it be Sir?"

"House specialty."

He nodded his balding head and poured a concoction into a tumbler that looked akin to watered-down excrement. I paid the man and took my drink over to an empty booth set in the shadows. I wanted solitude as I sought out the sweet nectar I would be feasting on tonight.

Within moments I had a two prospects. There was a tall strawberry-blond with a pageboy bob, dancing provocatively in a glittering black dress. She was inebriated and would be easy quarry. And there was the fiery redhead with the bouncing curls and the plunging cleavage. Deep green silk clung to her luscious hips and I bet she tasted as sweet as a ripe peach.

I kept scanning the crowd, observing by sight and sound while closing my mind to the humans around me. I'd learned early on in this new existence that to have the ability to read the minds of others was as much a blessing as a curse. It was my dark gift, an extension of my human perceptiveness enhanced during the transition from human to vampire. Thus I became an oddity among demons, something that usually amused me greatly.

Tonight, however, while surrounded by intoxicated humans it was a necessity that I keep my focus. It had been too long since I'd fed and I was ravenous.

My black eyes widened slightly as the willowy blond and the curvy red head began to dance together. Their bodies pressed closer, hands moving with innocent curiosity over the other as they gyrated to the lively music. The red head cast a flirty look over her shoulder and I followed her gaze to a group of men seated at a large, round table playing poker.

A blond man with unfashionably long hair, clearly the leader of this group and flocked by his cronies, was staring back over the cards in his hand with a leering smile around the cigar hanging from his lips. I recognized the men for what they were, small time thugs and miscreants. My usual dinner fare.

But tonight I was not in the mood for a scuffle, the scent of sweat and gunpowder, or thoughts of fear and rage. Tonight I wanted release surrounded by delicate perfume and hot, wet skin as I slaked my unholy thirst.

I caught a movement through the corner of my eye and that was when I noticed her.

She was walking toward the group of thugs, a tumbler of alcohol in each hand. Her gaze was focused down and she seemed to be walking carefully, no doubt a bit tipsy. Mahogany hair tumbled down her back in gentle waves, swaying right along with the vague outline of her hips.

I silently pleaded with her to turn in my direction. I wanted a better look. I wanted to see the face of such a delectable woman. It was safe to say I'd found my playmate for tonight.

The nameless girl delivered the drinks she carried, handing one to the blond man and another to the burly man beside him. I focused intently on her thoughts and found… silence? That was unsettling.

I strained and concentrated but her mind remained silent. Frustrated, I listened to the woman's melodious voice as she spoke.

"Is there anything else you want?" she asked meekly.

The blond man waved her off, not sparing her a glance as he continued to eye-fuck the red head dancing for him. I watched her return back to the bar, visibly relaxing. As she took a seat on a high stool I slipped from my dark corner and approached her slowly.

"Hello." I said politely, taking the empty seat beside her.

Startled, she turned, her large brown eyes impaling me. I had thought she was a woman but I was mistaken. She was barely more than a child with an angel's face. For a moment I was speechless. Surely even Helen of Troy could not compare.

After a moment of awed silence she seemed to come back to herself and her eyes dropped from mine as she smiled shyly. "Hello Sir."

I found my voice and knew that if I'd had a heartbeat it would be hammering behind my ribs. As it was I felt myself grow hard as raw, unabashed lust blazed in my gut.

I tried for my most charming smile, tucking away the monster behind my veneer of civility. "No need to be so formal. Call me Edward." I offered lightly.

A pretty blush spilled across her alabaster face and my throat constricted. She peeked up at me, intrigued. "I'm Isabella. Everyone calls me Izzy."

Izzy? I contemplated the angel before me and disagreed with such a flashy name. She was regal and poised despite the dark blue dress that draped across her slight form showing a shocking display of bare arms and shapely legs. As she turned to me the fabric of her dress rose higher giving me a delicious display of the top of her rolled stockings and creamy thighs.

No, Isabella was not an Izzy. A Bella perhaps. Yes, in Italian bella meant beautiful and this angel was certainly that and more. She was compelling with an air of innocence about her, traits I haven't seen paired in a woman in years.

I licked my lips and gave her a sly look, "I strive to be different from everyone else, my dear. I shall call you Bella." I reached out, unable to help myself from touching the hue of flower-petal pink that still stained her skin. The heat was searing against my fingertips. "A beautiful name for such a beautiful creature."

I could hear her heart pounding hard as her body seemed to tremble. Her eyes locked onto mine and I saw myself reflected there, my flawless features pinched with restraint and wanton desire.

"You have a way with words, Sir."

I leaned in a bit closer. "Edward."

Her chocolate eyes darkened to molted fudge. "Edward…"

Her breath expelled and I breathed in her sweet scent, floral and fruity like a heady wine. I remembered the taste from my human life and yet this child was far more potent. She appealed to me in way that no object nor person had since I was damned into this existence nearly a decade ago. Logic warned me to caution but instinct demanded I posses. My thirst was great but arousal was greater. And in that my decision was made. I would not feed on this woman-child, instead I would claim her for mine.

"Perhaps we should go somewhere more… private?" I suggested softly, intent on luring her away from any that might interfere with my agenda.

At my persuading she leaned back slightly, panic creeping into her widening eyes as they darted to the left. "I… I can't… he would never…" Her voice trailed off weakly, fear tainting her lovely scent.

I didn't need to ask who the "he" was that she was referring to.

I heard a several chairs scrape along the wood floor. I clenched my teeth and folded my arms as I turned my attention toward the sound. Five men approached us and at the front, naturally, was the sleazy blond man.

He came up to Bella's chair, reaching out to play with a lock of her dark hair. The gesture was as possessive as it was threatening. It was clearly meant to put me in my place. The murderous fury teeming inside me strained to be released at the audacity of this pathetic human daring such an insult.

"Izzy, darling," he cooed menacingly, "who's your friend?"

Bella cast her gaze down submissively, stricken with fear. "We were simply talking James, that's all."

James leveled me with a measuring stare. "I don't take kindly to my girls talking with strangers. You'd do well to remember that boy." he sneered.

I bristled, barely holding back the snarl silently vibrating in my chest, my clenched fists aching to rip the pompous cretin to pieces. But I refrained, not wanting to have a messy massacre on my hands should I dismember the bastard in front of two dozen witnesses.

I settled for getting under his skin… for the moment.

"My memory gets a bit spotty. I can't make any promises." I grinned cheekily.

James' shifty eyes flashed with wild rage but it was his sadistic smile that taunted me. "Felix. Dimetri. Escort this kid out and make sure his memory is in tip-top shape."

Through the corner of my eye I saw Bella's eyes jerk up to watch me worriedly. But I merely smiled, unaffected. I'd changed my appetite to sweat and rage after all.

I didn't put up a fight as the two large men, both towering a few inches above my 6'1 frame, grabbed me roughly by my arms and began forcibly walking me to the door. Patrons in the club were watching the scene discreetly, acting as nothing were out of the ordinary and definitely not intending to interfere.

I bided my moment until we reached the street, then I broke their hold easily and darted into the nearest alley. I ran at a sluggish human pace- which was more difficult that I would have imagined- making sure that they were following. I heard their laughter and their thoughts as they anticipated the dead end that I was leading them to. They were imagining a bloody beating. I was imagining privacy as I ripped their throats out.

When I reached the brick wall I stopped and faced my pursuers. I took a deep breath taking in every scent on the air from reeking garbage to their adrenaline as they closed in on me. With an eerie, inhuman yowl, I let the demon out.

I my felt the ache in my jaw as my fangs extended, both sets long a razor sharp. My mouth twisted in a horrible grimace as my fingers splayed like claws. I'm sure my eyes were glowing, reflecting the dim moonlight like those of a cat. When I was done with this feeding they would be bloody red hours. I licked my lips in anticipation.

The larger one was closer and the first one to notice the subtle change in my demeanor. Foolishly he took a step forward and then froze in surprise as he took in my appearance. There was only a second where I caught the scent of his terror before the searing thirst took over.

I leapt, knocking him to the ground as I latched into his neck, tearing and snarling like a angry dog. Blood spurted on my face but I greedily swallowed what flowed into my mouth, savoring the hot, sweet elixir of life. It was less than a minute until his body ceased its thrashing and the gurgling noise from this throat fell silent. I waited another few second until his sluggish heartbeat thumped a final time.

I pulled back and greedily licked the blood from my lips. The other thug was motionless, staring with horrified expression as I crouched over the corpse his friend. I could see myself from his thoughts, but ignored the image in favor of his terrified rambling. His brain was rejecting what he'd witnessed, it wasn't possible and he could not comprehend it.

Hell, I hadn't been able to the first time either.

Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god… The man's thoughts were in perfect sync with his fearful mutterings. "Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god.." He never thought to reach for his revolver, not that it would do me any harm.

The blood was making me high, the rush of my prey's fear was giving me the best rush. I threw back my head and laughed, the chilling sound echoing in the dark space.

He stumbled a step back.

I rose to my feet.

He turned to run.

I pounced.

His bones made a sickening crunching noise as I wrapped my arms tightly around his chest to hold him in place. I think I snapped his neck when I twisted his head to the side but I didn't pay attention. I couldn't think of anything but the gratifying release of human blood quenching my eternal thirst until the last drops of blood dribbled into my mouth, then I dropped his corpse to the ground and let the stated feeling suffuse me. With it my reason returned.

I wiped my bloody mouth on my sleeve and looked down satisfied that I was wearing a black shirt with dark grey suspenders. In the darkness the blood that had dripped and spattered wouldn't be quite so obvious.

I returned as close as I dared to the speakeasy and I listened for Bella's thoughts from across the street. There was nothing. But I did pick up James's thoughts, he was agitated and sulking over the money he'd lost and my display of insolence. He was ready to leave. I waited in the shadows as he and his entourage exited the club. I saw my Bella tucked under his arm as the sleek blond and fiery redhead followed in step at his side.

I stalked them silently, and from a fair distance, as they walked the eight blocks to their destination. It was a large house with a quaint wrought iron balustrade and dark brown brick. It blended seamlessly with the other houses on the street. From a few yards away my keen senses picked up the sound of soft music, murmured voices and the scent of opium and sex wafting from the open windows.

So this residence was the cover for a brothel... I mused with glee, a plan already forming in my mind.

Come tomorrow night it would be receiving a new patron.

A.N.- I'll be updating this when I have spare time. It'll be no more than 4-5 chapters in length. Let me know what you think because this is my first time writing an historical fic and I've had to do a bit of research to get some things right.