It's one of those chilly, grey sky mornings where climbing out of bed should be considered a crime. Birds chatter amongst themselves high up in the trees and the distant hum of traffic is the only sign that the world is alive. Other people exist.

Willow finds this concept to be of high importance. "Other people exist." The arm draped across her middle shifts as Tara stirs awake.


Willow repeats herself. "Other people exist. I had forgotten for awhile there."


"We should go out, do something."

Sleepy eyes blink at Willow, shift to the window and then back. "Have you seen how dark it is out there?"


"And you still want to go."

"You don't?"

Tara smiles. "Outside. Bad. Here. Good."

Willow grins and curls her arms possessively around Tara. She closes the curtains with her mind. "I'd have loved to visit the petting zoo in town – I hear there are kittens – but anything for my baby."

They lie in silence, warmth trapping them under the doona. Tara sits up. "Kittens?"