Just something I thought of today about the Year that Never Was. I always wondered what happened to Donna Noble during that time...

In a small graveyard in Chiswick, Martha stared down at the marble. She knew it wasn't possible to stay there for long; after all, the Toclafane did regular sweeps of London, making sure that there was no-one there who shouldn't be. But she still felt that she owed her this much, even if she actually managed to succeed and the events of the whole year were reversed…

It was a mystery to her who had actually had the epitaph written in the first place. She'd heard whispers, of course, people saying that a blonde woman had turned up soon after Donna's body was found in London, near the Thames. A little gift from the Valiant, of course. She'd humiliated the Master enough damn times to be a major target; almost as much as Martha herself. The corners of her lips twitched upwards slightly at the memory of her first meeting with the redhead, shortly after the First Massacre.

"You are telling me that you're Martha bloomin Jones?"

"Yes, so RUN before they catch us!"

It'd been something of a surprise to discover someone else who'd been with the Doctor before, who'd met and known him in life rather than as a legend, something of a myth. It'd been even more of a surprise to discover exactly what she was like; she'd been rather more determined than Martha had expected from the Doctor's descriptions. Admittedly, this Donna was older, and had seen enough of the Master's world to have changed that much.

"How's it been going?"

"Took out the warehouse. It was pretty easy, actually - you'd think they'd guard places like that better. Dunno whether it'll make any difference in the end, though..."

"That was you?"

"Course. Who else?"

Martha stared at the headstone, wishing they'd had more time to know each other. The few fragmented monents there'd been were short, none of them lasting more than fifteen minutes.

The condition her body had been in indicated she'd been caught and tortured, most likely; either that, or she'd run into the Toclafane before she could bring down the Valiant. The death had just been one of many, but that didn't make it hurt any less.

I'll undo it for you. For everyone.

She left the lilies on the grave.

Donna Noble
? – 2007

In return for the future, I promise to bring back your past.
Bringing hope to us again.

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