I don't own Naruto. I did this..just cuz I love Sasukarin and theres not alot of Sasukarin fics.

The swaying of hips was one thing he needed to stop. They swayed back and forth seductively even pulling him into a trance once in a while. The impish grin that suggested something. Yes, that sure as hell, would need to stop. The red eyes that glanced ever so innocently and stared at provocative places. That needed to stop. The clothing that bared her skin. That needed to really stop.

Because much to Sasuke's Dismay these qualities she held had attracted unwanted eyes. Pervy old men, young confident boys, a few girls. They were all thinking something about her. Something that made him glower. It pisses him off.

A man comes up to her, Karin as she displays her usual fawning over Sasuke. He's around the age of thirty and his lecherous hands are just twitching to touch something. Someone. Sasuke flinches as the man gives off an 'I'm-experienced' look. Juugo rolls his eyes. This happens every so often and Sasuke always lets it slides, but now he might just not. Depending if the man keeps his hands in his pockets.

"Do you like what you see?" Karin snaps. She likes the attention actually, but she also knows Sasuke is very temperamental and the past few days he's been more moody then usual when a guy approaches her. "Because it'll be the last thing you see if you don't stop gawking at me like a five year old."

Sasuke seems pleased by this and glances to see the mans reaction.

"If its you, then I'd be the happiest man alive. Actually, if you're the last thing I see I'd rather me be on top and you naked."

Sasuke flinched.

"Go to hell."

"Meet me at the nearby hotel if you want a good time."

Sasuke shakes.

"Fuck you."

"Not without you."

Sasuke snaps.

Sasuke nearly turned red with rage as he trudged up to the pervy man and flings him against the wall. "She's mine. Don't touch at her. Don't even look at her. She's all mine. If I so as even see you're eyes meet any part of her body even her hands I'll fucking kill you."

The man freezes and then in fear, dashes off leaving Karin to stare at Sasuke with a amused expression.

"Sasuke, you-"

"Shut up."