A/N: This is fanfiction, guys, not the real thing. I am obviously not Stephenie Meyer.

Welcome to the sequel of A Light in the Darkness. Bella and Carlisle have led each other out of the darkest time in their lives, and now are enjoying their lives as newlyweds. But as Bella has learned in the past, love isn't always simple. What will it bring for these two?

It's honeymoon time, folks, major lemons coming! (Thus another clue that I am not S. Meyer, lol.)

Chapter 1: La Bella Luce


We made love twice more during the night, with me taking short naps in between each time. There was nothing comparable to the feeling of being joined to Carlisle in such an intimate way - I couldn't describe the way it felt physically or emotionally. It was overwhelming, to say the least, and made every pleasurable experience I had ever had before pale in comparison. He was so tender and loving as we coupled, and though I knew that he was restraining himself to some extent, he certainly seemed to be deriving as much pleasure as I was from the experience.

In the morning, when he woke me to dress for our flight, I was still rather tired and normally would have argued or complained. But the way he woke me up...

I was sound asleep, dreaming of my wedding once again, when the dream suddenly changed. Now I was lying on a cloud, fully nude, with my gorgeous blond god beside me. Though he was the one who appeared to be a divinity, he was worshipping my body. With his tongue. He licked along every surface of my skin, from my neck down to my belly button, and then fell to my feet and once again began licking until he reached my center.

When the blond god's tongue entered my folds, the sensation was so intense that it caused me to awaken. I gasped, sitting bolt upright, and found that I was in a bed in the Olympic Fairmont Hotel with my husband, Carlisle Cullen. And said husband currently had his head between my legs, and was looking up at me with a grin on his face.

"Good morning, beautiful wife," he said, before once again burying his face into my sex, his tongue thrusting into my core.

I threw my head backwards in pleasure, my eyes rolling back in my head. I moaned over and over as he alternated between licking and sucking on my little bundle of nerves and thrusting his tongue into my heat.

"Oh god, Carlisle!.....so good....don't stop!....uuuuugggghhhhh....."

My eyelids were squeezed together tightly, my hands fisted into the sheets of the bed, as I tried to keep from thrashing. I felt two of his cold fingers glide into my core and begin to pump in and out, his tongue concentrating on my clit. He sucked on it and flicked it with his tongue in a pattern that was making the coil in my stomach tighten past its limit quickly.

"Aaarrrrggghhhhh!...Carlisle, please!.....oh god!......mmmmmmm.......honey......yeah...don't stop!"

I had absolutely no self-control left, and I felt my back arching high off the bed. This movement changed the angle of his thrusting fingers, bringing them into contact with my g-spot. That was the final push that I needed, and it threw me hard over the edge into oblivion. I screamed his name as I came, and I heard him chuckle as he lapped up all the moisture that remained before coming to join me on the pillows.

I decided in that moment that I was throwing the alarm clock away when we got home. I could never wake up to a beep after THAT.

We boarded a flight for Miami at one o'clock. I could not understand why on earth we would be going to Miami for our honeymoon, seeing as how it is a rather sunny location. Not that I would mind staying in the hotel room the entire trip, but still... Carlisle, however, refused to give away the secret.

I spent the majority of the flight with my head in Carlisle's lap, sound asleep, while he stroked my hair. When we finally landed in Miami, I expected that it was really a layover and we were going to board another flight. Imagine my surprise when my husband led me right out of the airport and hailed a cab.

We drove for about twenty minutes until the taxi pulled into a marina. This was a surprise, for sure. I wracked my brain for places we could get to on a boat from Miami, but nothing I could think of made any more sense than Miami itself did. I remembered the boat that we took from Brazil to Isle Esme, and while it was a very nice boat, it certainly couldn't make such more than a few hours journey. Where on earth is this man taking me?

Carlisle handed the driver some cash, and then led me by the hand through the gates and into the marina. We walked past several rows of docked boats before finally turning and walking down one. He led me to the fourth slip and stopped.

"Happy Wedding Day, my love. I'm sorry you had to wait so long for your gift."

My eyes were wide with shock. "This is my gift?" I asked incredulously.

"Yes, sweetheart. She's all yours. I would have liked to get you something more grand, but I knew you wouldn't want me to go over the top," he said, kissing me softly.

Not over the top? The "reasonable" gift that he had chosen was a large yacht, which, according to the words painted on the side near the stern, was named "La Bella Luce."

"It means "The Beautiful Light". I named it after you, because you are the light of my existence," he explained, as I continued to stand there, frozen, my eyes wide and my mouth gaping open. "Would you like to come aboard and look around?"

I nodded, and allowed him to lift me and carry me bridal style onto the yacht. We stepped onto the main deck, which was hardwood, and then he set me down. I looked around, trying to take it all in. The back of the boat, where we were standing, was an open area with a small leather couch. Just in front of the couch to the side was a staircase leading to the open upper deck. There was also a sliding glass door which led to the indoor portion of the boat. Stepping through that door, I found myself in the main living area - there was a white leather couch on either side, one of them curving around a dining table. Further forward was a small step-down kitchen. A few more steps brought us to the captain's area, from where the boat could be piloted while inside. Carlisle informed me that there was also a captain's area on the open deck above us. Next to the captain's chair were three steps leading down to the cabins - a master, complete with a bathroom (or head), and two guest rooms, plus one more bathroom in between. Our cabin had been prepared with navy and cream bedding. The entire interior of the yacht was paneled with hardwood and cream leather.

Once I had seen all of the inside, Carlisle led me back outside and up the stairs. The upper deck had a small table with seating as well as a padded area to lay on, and the captain's area. Looking down from the deck, I could see the front portion of the boat also had padding, so it could be used for lounging as well.

I looked at my husband. "This is unreal, Carlisle! It's huge!"

"Forty-six feet, my love," he said with pride. "Like I said, I wanted a bigger one, but I feared you wouldn't like that."

"I don't see how any larger would have been necessary. This is plenty. It's absolutely amazing! Thank you honey."

We kissed for a moment before I pulled away.

"You may not be aware of this, honey, but humans have a tradition that they follow when they get a new boat - they break a bottle of champagne against the side to christen it."

"We have some in the refrigerator, I'll go get it in a moment. But there is another tradition, a vampire one, of course, that you may not be aware of."

I could hear his voice taking on a huskier tone, but decided to play along.

"Oh really? What tradition is that?"

"When a vampire gets a new boat, it's essential that he make love to his mate aboard said vessel before piloting it."

"Well, we wouldn't want to ignore tradition..." I said, a laugh in my voice.

I squealed as he picked me up and ran back down to our cabin at vampire speed. He jumped when he reached our door, and we flew through the air, landing in our bed on our sides next to each other, both of us laughing.

"So are there many vampire traditions involving ravishing one's mate?" I asked, trying to sound innocent.

"Every one, my dear, every one..." He whispered throatily into my ear before licking his way around the rim.

"I knew there was a reason I loved vampires..." I teased breathily.

He chuckled softly before bringing his lips to mine, immediately seeking entrance to my mouth with his tongue. I opened for him, bringing my tongue to meet his in a passionate dance before letting him explore my mouth thoroughly. He pulled us both up into a sitting position while we kissed, quickly divesting us both of our clothes. In the moment we were separated for him to remove my shirt, I took his naked form in with my eyes. He should never wear clothes again... maybe that can be arranged?

The sight of his manhood standing erect for me drew a groan from my throat, and I dove toward it, taking him by surprise so much that I knocked him down onto his back on the bed. I followed him down, not wasting any time taking his entire length into my mouth. He hissed, followed by a long groan, as my nose met his golden curls.

"Oh hell, Bella!....uuuuuggghhhhhh!"

I hummed around him, making him moan again, as the head of his delicious cock brushed the back of my throat. I bobbed my head slowly up and down his length a few times before pulling my mouth off of him completely. I took a breath, then descended back down to him, teasing the tip with my tongue and tasting the pre-cum that was already collecting at the slit. Mmmm....so tasty. I slid my tongue all the way down the underside of his shaft and back up, teasing the tip again, then repeated the motion, this time lightly scraping my teeth along him on the way back up.

"Oh, Bella....Bella.....aaaaahhhhhh....baby, so good...."

I opened my mouth again, taking all of him in, trying to make a strong suction as I sucked him.

"Uuuuuuggggghhhh Bella!...Baby....shit....come up....want to be in you...aaaaahhhhh....god!!"

I laughed at his complete incoherency, loving that I was the one who caused it, and considered his request as I continued my work. While I really wanted him in me as well, I also really wanted to finish this. He'd promised that I could after the wedding, and after tasting that tiny bit of pre-cum, I was desperate for more. He could take me when I was done.

I brought my tongue back into the action, swirling it around his length as much as I could while maintaining my suction. I moaned around his cock as I worked, so utterly turned on by my own actions and by the taste of him in my mouth.

"Baby....please....I want you....uuugggghhhhh!...I'm....can't....hold it....much longer..."

I moaned, trying to signal that that was exactly what I wanted. I looked up through my lashes, not disrupting my work at all, and saw that his head was thrown back in the pillows, his hands pulling at his beautiful golden waves. All his muscles were tight. He was barely hanging on. I loved it.

Wanting to push him over the edge, I pulled back, swirled by tongue around the tip twice before sucking him back in, reaching up and tugging gently on his balls at the same time. That was the final straw for him, and he roared my name as he shot his venom into my waiting mouth. Oh god, it's delicious! Mmmmmm! I swallowed greedily around him, taking every drop that he offered, moaning as I did. I kept my eyes on him the whole time - he looked so hot when he was cumming - enthralled by the sight of him so undone. His back arched high off the bed, his head bearing most of his body weight, his hands fisted so tightly in the sheets that I think he actually ripped them.

When he came down, panting hard, his eyes still closed, he lay there for a moment quietly. Suddenly, he sat bolt upright, grabbing me around my arms.

"Baby, are you okay?"

I could see the concern in his eyes - he was terrified that his venom had hurt me. I grinned at him.

"I am so much better than okay, Carlisle. That was even better than I expected it to be," I said huskily, still rather pleased with myself.

He shook his head with disbelief, the smile returning to his face. "What am I going to do with you Bella?"

"I have a suggestion," I replied, wagging my eyebrows at him.

"Mmmmmm....I like the way you think," he said, pushing me backwards and coming to hover over me.

He reached down with one hand, dragging his fingers over my slit. "So wet already, baby? Is that for me?" He is so fucking sexy when he talks dirty! Gah!

"Uuuuuggghhhhh, yeah honey. All for you. Always."

That said, he plunged his already erect cock into me. I gasped at the shock, followed quickly with a moan of pleasure. Oh god, it feels so good to have him inside me!

"You like that baby?" He asked, his voice low.

"Yeah, honey.... I love it....aaahhhhhh...."

He leaned down, bringing his mouth to mine in a fiery kiss as he thrust into me over and over. The feeling of his icy cold length inside my overheated body was incredible. His hands kept busy caressing my arms and shoulders, occasionally coming up to massage my breasts.

"Mmmmmmm...Carlisle...so good......you feel....so good...inside me.....uuugggghhhhh..."

He pulled away from the kiss and brought his mouth to my ear, liking around the rim once. "I will never get enough of you, Mrs. Cullen....even if I stayed...uuuugghhh....inside you forever...."

He reached under my hips, cupping my ass with his hands, and lifted it up. This changed the angle that he was hitting, and I screamed with pleasure as he began rubbing against my g-spot with each thrust.

"Oh god Carlisle!....Aaaaahhhhh!"

I clawed at his hands with my fingers, as that was all I could reach of him now. My moans were a constant stream of incoherency as I got closer and closer to my climax. Carlisle was answering every one with groans of his own.

"Mmmm....baby.....yeah....so good.....uuuuggggghhhh.....mmmmmm...."

He slid one hand more to the center of my ass to better support me, while the other came around and began furiously rubbing my clit.

"Cum for me baby....want to feel you...cum...all over me....oh god Bella....."

As if I had a choice in the matter!

"Oh god, Carlisle!...I'm....gonna....uuuggghhh...I'm....."

I couldn't make the words come as I fell apart. I came hard, and I swear I could see stars before my eyes as the world exploded around me. I screamed his name, completely unable to control my own volume. He came seconds after I did, yelling out my name, his seed flooding inside me. He collapsed down onto the bed next to me, completely spent, when he finished.

I woke up several hours later, naked under the blankets, and alone. I looked to the pillow next to me and found a folded piece of paper standing on it.

Mrs. Cullen,

I hope you had a nice rest. I'm upstairs piloting La Bella Luce - I think you'd agree that tradition was sufficiently maintained, and therefore it was safe to leave the dock. I figured you'd like to get to Isle Esme eventually, rather than spending our entire honeymoon in the marina.

Come up whenever you like, my love, I will miss you until then.

All my love,

Carlisle xoxo

I cleaned myself up a bit, and, looking out the window, saw that it was still dark outside. I looked in the closet and saw that Alice had gone for a bit of a nautical theme with my wardrobe...what little there was of it, anyways. How appropriate. I found a pair of white capri pants, a navy tank top, and a white cardigan, and put them on. Looking into the mirror, I saw that I had major sex hair, and knew nothing could tame it at this point, so I just threw it into a low ponytail. Satisfied for now, I made my way up to the captain's area to spend a little time with the most incredible man on earth. This was going to be quite the honeymoon...

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