Shikamaru & Temari

It was a quiet day at the Nara household, a rare thing with three kids and a loud mouth wife. Shikamaru was enjoying his little time of from it all that is until he heard his eldest daughter and her twin brother ask his wife a serious question.

"Mom, how are babies made?"

Shikamaru's eyes widened as he heard that and he sat up from the garden he had been laying in a moment ago only to hear Temari answer his kids. "Well it's hard to explain but... you see... you kind of... well..."

That made the lazy ninja smile, Temari could be a loud mouth and a bit straight to the point kind of person but when faced with something like this she usually didn't know what words to use making her hesitate or stutter.

Laying back down thinking he was safe for the time begin from that talk he heard some rummaging and a triumph call.

"Here it is, now how do you start this thing?" He listened as his wife fumbled with their TV set he guesses, she never learned how to use it after he brought it home two years ago.

"Shika can you come in here for a minute, I need you to help me start the video I'm showing the kids." The lazy genius stood up and walked inside the house spotting his wife and his two six year old children all sitting in the couch.

Piking up one of the remotes he clicked a button making everything start at once. "Honey it's not that hard to learn how to push a button." He sighed sitting down next to his daughter, a spitting image of him. He didn't get a reply for all of them was focused on the TV, looking at it himself he almost chocked on his own spit.

His wife was teaching them about making babies by using some porn video she had insisted on buying years before the kids where born. "Temari, what are you doing?!" He was shocked to say the least but when he was about to turn it of his wife smacked his hand away.

"What better way to teach them?" Shikamaru just shook his head, god only knows why he loved this woman, oh yeah, he was a masochist.

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