Kankuro & Ino

"Kankuro, get up here now!"

The scream echoed throughthe large house startling a purple faced puppeteer as he was sitting down in front of the TV. "Coming." He called back while making his way up the stairs to see what his beloved wife wanted. When he walked in to the room the scream had came from he was surprised by the seen.

There in his work room stood Ino with her hands on her hips glaring at their two sons who were sitting on the floor next to each other. "What's going on?" Kankuro asked as soon as he saw that two of his favorite puppets, Karasu and Kuroari, were lying ina very awkward position.

"I just walked in on YOUR sons playing doctor with YOUR puppets." Ino said pointing at the two seven year old boys. Kankuro didn't know what to say to that so he kept quiet while looking between the boys and the puppets on the floor.

"You do know that they're both guys right?" Was the only thing he could come up with addressing his kids.

Ino was speechless for a few moments before stomping up to him and hitting him over the head and hissing in his ear. "You get to tell them about the birds and the bees." And before Kankuor could respond she was out of the room and down in the kitchen.

Sighing Kankuro sat down in front of his sons letting his hand rest on his hand supporting it. "So what do you know about this?" He asked waiving his hand to the two puppets.

The twins looked at each other smirking. "We know that to have babies..." The one on the right started. "You have to have sex." The one on the left finished.

Kankuro nodded at that glancing at the puppets before asking. "And do you know what sex is, how the baby starts out in the stomach and how you really have sex?" Both boy shook their heads while looking wide eyes at their father waiting for him to fill them in on those details.

"Well..." Kankuro said shooting chakra strings out of his fingers and moving the puppets staring his explanations with much details.

A half an hour later Ino walked in to the room announcingthat dinner was ready, what she saw both amused her and angered her. Both her boys were clinging to each other their eyes wide and looking between their father and the puppets he was placing on top of his work desk with a smirk.

"Eh... What exactly did you tell them Kankuro?" She asked walking further in. The only time Haru and Taku acted like this was when they had been yelled at by her or when their father had told them something really disturbing and sins she knew Kankuro was supposed to tell them about babies and stuff like that she had to wonder what exactly he had said and how he had said it.

"Oh nothing much I just showed them how to do everything right." Kankuro said turning around to face his now furious wife.

'Oh god now I know how Gaara felt after Sakura found out how he did it.' Kankuro thought before frantically running to his window and jumping out, trying to get as far away from his yelling wife as he could and he could only hope that she wouldn't take her anger out on his puppets.

Ino could be really scary when her pregnancy hormones kicked in.

A/N : Hehe... I have to say that I thought this one came out nicely... Usually I think about to plot and stuff but now I just started writing and this came to be... Pore Kankuro but that's what he gets for using no tact in this and begin married to Ino must be scary... Now there will be a lot of random pairings sins I have all the girls in at least one story... I still want suggestions from you guys... I have seven Sakura X ??? so it would be nice if you'd come up with something for the other girls and try to surprise me... The one that manges to make the most ridiculous pairing will get a cookey from me... Review please... ;P