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Terms to note:

Youki= Demon Energy

Reiki= Spirit Energy

Makai= Demon World

Ningenkai= Human/Living World

Reikai= Spiritual World

Reikai Tentei= Spiritual Detectives

Toushin= Demon Lord

Kitsune= Fox of Japanese Folklore

Jaganshi= One who possesses the Jagan Eye

Kurorashi= Demon heading the mutant uprising/means "Black Tempest"

Other notes (since there are three languages here):


"Thought "


****Previously on Mission X****

Urameshi Yusuke and his team, Kurama and Hiei, head to the Xavier Institute posing as mutants to solve a case involving a mutant uprising. The only strange part is that the leader is a demon named Kurorashi, the Black Tempest. Yusuke is charged with finding the purpose to this demon's intentions and force Kurorashi back to Makai.

Koenma, the toddler-looking ruler of the Reikai, has instructed the Toushin Yusuke and his team to be discreet while among the mutants in their investigation, but as even the tiny ruler knows, Yusuke is anything but discreet.

After an encounter with Rogue, Yusuke and Hiei, who had been actively shielding the three demon's energy to protect the mission, were forced into the infirmary along with Rogue and her newly acquired memories. In an attempt to recover and correct the imbalance of youki and reiki that Rogue had caused in Yusuke, the Reikai Tentei head north to a common demon gathering place in hopes to finally solve this case.

Inside, Toushin Yusuke in his full demon form is quickly recognized as an "S" class. Hoping to not be recognized as Urameshi Yusuke, Yusuke gives his name as Jin before being accused as a human lover and a disgrace to demon kind...

****Chapter 1: Rebirth****

Two humans, a young male and female, walked with no casual step toward the rundown warehouse that stood like a rusty nail yet to be pounded down in the long, grass covered expanse of human neglect. In the dark, the only glow to illuminate anything in the immediate area was the digital watch on the young boy's wrist, informing all of the half past two time.

The girl giggled, teased by the late hour and the risk of trouble, should she be caught by her parents being out this late at night and so far away from the safety of home. Of course, she was old enough now to know that wild animals lay in hide for unexpecting prey, playfully unaware to the threats around them. And of course, all the kids at school told her that there were no such things as ghosts.... Or demons.


There was a low shnikt sound somewhere behind him, the sound of a katana being loosened in its sheath, but Kurama melted out of the crowd over to Yusuke's left and interrupted before the argument could escalate. "I sense humans."

The demoness that had revoltingly accused Yusuke of being a human-lover narrowed her slit-pupiled eyes threateningly even as the Toushin stood, his bare chest and muscles clearly revealing the dark tattoos that covered his face , shoulders, and arms. The mark of the Toushin, a war god.

The demoness quivered once as Yusuke sent a red tinted glower her way, his pointed teeth clearly indicating threat before returning to the demons on the floor. All quieted as their lord gazed at them, fearing that he might lose his temper and simply exterminate the lot.

"Who here knows the bastard called Kurorashi?" Yusuke asked, his usual straight on approach causing only a few stunned looks.

Kurama kept his face impassive as always, his silver touched eyes sweeping the area for any signs of recognition to the name, his fox ears flicking about as they searched for a sign, but internally Kurama winced. This was not the wise approach.

"Don't be coy," Yusuke growled out. "If you don't wanna speak up, then grow some balls and I'll meet you in the ring," Yusuke finished.

"My lord," Kurama spoke in English in an attempt to clue the silent onlookers out of the conversation. "Perhaps it would be wise to consider discretion in this circumstance."

"A little late for that, Kurama," Hiei spoke, stepping to Yusuke's other side. He flashed Yusuke an amused grin. "Our lord has already opened that can of Makai worms and now he may have to eat them."

"So then what do you suggest, Fox-boy," Yusuke growled out. "If you haven't noticed, I'm feeling a little bit temperamental."

The crowd of demons below stirred as if a cool breeze flitted through. Kurama's ear twitched in unison, sliding a hand gently through his silver hair of his Yoko form to mask the movement. "Perhaps it better if we lend aid to the unwary human travelers," Kurama suggested, indicating the entrance they had come through not twenty minutes before with a final flick of his long hair.

There was a nearly silent "Hn" from Hiei, disdain mixed with displeasure. "Not you as well, Kurama," Hiei all but spat.

Kurama turned his silvery eyes toward the shortest member of the Reikai Tentei, amusement playing about the edges of his lips but said nothing, waiting for Yusuke to decide.

Yusuke stepped forward without a word to the other two, his knee length hair waving gently as he walked forward with absolute confidence expected of a Toushin. With casual effort, Yusuke hopped the short distance into the ring in the center of the open room. "Listen up," Yusuke shouted, drawing the attention of all the scaled, whiskered, horned, and musky demons attention back onto himself. "Perhaps all of you have forgotten me but this is my territory," Yusuke announced, doing his best to convince these demons of the lie that this was formally his territory. "As long as I am around, you follow the rules of the land, got it?"

There were looks shared between the demons, speaking all too loudly in the descended silence. Hiei, Yusuke saw, was watching the crowd intently, his Jagan eye, glowing slightly underneath his white bandana as he searched these weak demons for any signs that may betray them from his new position near the caged ring. Kurama was mysteriously absent from view, but long experience told Yusuke that he was fine. Most likely doing what the old legendary bandit was best at.

He was right. From behind Yusuke, the doorway that lead to the shielded gathering ground sprouted freshly grown plants of colorful poise. Even as the crowd of demons watched, the plants of Makai continued to spread, sealing everyone in. Yusuke smirked. Kurama and his pet plants.

Now that the humans were taken care of, Yusuke could finally start getting some answers and he knew just how to begin. His wicked demon grin spread across his face even as Hiei plucked one demon from his spot and tossed him down in front of Yusuke.


The blue furred mutant relaxed, just enough to be heard in the silence of the infirmary room as a rustle of clothing and a soft sigh of relief. "Vell, I am relieve you are alvight, now," Kurt said, reaching out in the darkness to grip his half sisters hand warmly.

"Ah'll be fine, Blue," Rogue said. She could feel Kurt's heartbeat quicken as she could feel him brace himself to ask something.

"Rogue… Yusuke and Hiei and Shuichi… Zey are… do you… did you know…" The blue-furred mutant swallowed heavily. "Rogue, zey are not—"

"Not human." Kurt's pulse gave a sort of hop-skip, and Rogue raised her eyes to meet his golden gaze. "I know."

"Vhat are they?"

Rogue looked around subconsciously, not really wanting to be overheard by prying ears, as was typical at "Mutant Manor". "Ah'm not sure," Rogue admitted. "Ah got a big dose of their minds, 'lots o' memories, I think. The only thing that comes to mah mind is...demons."

Kurt rocked back as if hit by the business end of a baseball bat. "Vhat?!" he exclaimed. "Vhat do you mean? Demon?"

"Yah know, demon," Rogue said a little sharply. "What most think you are when they first meet you." Rogue rubbed her head. That flash of anger just know, a side effect of absorbing Yusuke or Hiei?

Kurt, who had coward back a little in her micro explosion, crept back hesitantly. "Rogue?"

"Sorry," Rogue said, pulling aside the sheets on her infirmary bed and swinging naked feet out to the floor. "Ah just need ta get up and move. Kinda antsy, Ah guess."

A familiar scent reached her nose, instinctively bringing to mind a flash of silver, a devious mind.... A Kitsune, Shuichi Minamino... Yoko-Kurama.

Rogue snapped her head around, a sudden sense of urgency eclipsing her normally glowering mood. She stood and hurried toward the door. Fortunately for her, Beast had tucked her into bed when she had overloaded fully clothed in the out-of-fashion clothing she had been wearing to the mall earlier that day. Good thing because at the rate Rogue was hurrying out of the Institute infirmary, she wouldn't have had time to change.

She skidded to a halt as her strangely enhanced smelling abilities gave her the distinct information that Logan was laying in a separate room. She caught her breath, hoping to slip silently past the animalistic Wolverine. Even as she listened, she could strangely hear his breathing change, his heart rate picking up as he woke. "Rogue?"

Swearing silently, Rogue walked into Logan's room. "Hi, Mr. Logan," Rogue said, surprised to see him, of all people, laying in a medical bed. "What happened ta you?"

"Intruder on the grounds," Logan said darkly. "Long black hair and tattoos. What're ya doin' out here, Stripes?" Logan growled, an irritation more having to do with his own predicament than Rogue.

Long black hair, wild and dark. Markings on the body, sign of the Toushin, red eyes a light in predatory amusement... "Just need some air."

"Blue-elf goin' with ya, too?"

Rogue looked back. Kurt's golden eyes stared back, nervous but resolute. He obviously feared for Rogue and no amount of discussion would sway his concern. "Yeah," Rogue said, turning back to Logan. "We'll be quick. Promise."

"Alright," Logan said, eyeing her closely. "Make sure ya get some rest."

"Yeah," Rogue said as she and Kurt hurried down the hallway together. "That's exactly what Ah'ma do."


Yusuke had barely managed to grab hold of the terrified demon - a scalely, pustule demon with horns in...unique places - when the now garden filled door burst open, the burly demon that was stationed as guard dog crashing in on his back side, ripping the plant life down around him. All eyes turned to look and so all also saw Kurama launched though the door to land on the guard demon, his silvery cloths torn, one pant leg shredded.

"Kurama!" Hiei yelled, hopping down from his vantage point where he had be content on watching Yusuke pummel information out of these low-level demons one by one, and was by Kurama's side in a flash.

"I'm fine," Yoko said, waving Hiei's angry concern away. "Simply let my guard down."

"And since when have you ever done that?" roared the Jaganshi, turning his attention back to the door, his youki rising to battle ready and unsheathing his katana. Reaching up, he tore off the bandana that sealed his Jagan eye and allowed it to fully open. "Come out, you coward," Hiei called as the Kitsune stood up behind him. "You cannot hide from my Jagan eye. Why not save us both the trouble of me hunting you down?"

"Toushin," came a thunderous voice through the door, darkened by the Ningenkai night. Even so, youki seemed to lap at the door edges like fire in the mind's eye that gave warning to all with any ability to sense youki levels.

Hiei narrowed his eyes, not appreciating the fact that he was being simply ignored. "Who is that, Kurama?" he asked as Yoko's ears twitched at the mysterious voice.

"I am not certain. Whomever it is clearly had a point to be heard." Yoko shook his head as if to clear it from dust recently acquired. Before the Kitsune could finish, two human children walked into the demon infested rat hole.

Yusuke blinked, recognizing the children. "Fubuki and Kaisei?" he asked incredulously. The two twins, now eleven years old, were the son and daughter of Sanada Kuroko, earth's very first Spirit Detective. Amusement crossed his memory as he thought back to the last time he had seen them, appearing to be getting rather drunk off of brandy flavored candy.

The amusement stopped there though as Yusuke looked into their eyes - if you could call those soulless things eyes - like windows of fortress walls. "You guys ok?" Yusuke asked, suspicious as the situation. "Come on knuckleheads, this ain't the time to be playing demon hunter."

For answer, the two kids lifted their hands to face each other. Reiki built between them, forming a ball. Yusuke recognized the attack and could clearly sense the reiki bouncing between them, multiplying in strength as only twins could produce before launching the attack. The ball lurched forward, easy for the Toushin to dodge. The attack landed on the on the demon crowd - nothing impressive - killing maybe fifty apparitions.

As the twins began duplicating the attack, Yusuke lifted a finger and fired. Red youki blasted out, cutting through the incomplete attack and canceling it out. "Hey, what's the big idea, you brats," Yusuke shouted. "I would say your mother should have taught you better but that would be a lie." Considering that Kuroko had trained them to kill demons on sight, and that Yusuke himself was in his demon form, it made sense in a rather twisted way.

"My lord," Hiei said, sneering in contempt at the two human children. "It may be imprudent to say this, but why don't we just kill them and do everyone here a favor?"

"No, I know them," Yusuke replied, worry touching his tone softly, only to be heard by the trained ear. "There's something wrong with them."

"There is indeed," a dark voice answered, the same one that had initially spoke. "How are you, Spirit Detective?"

Yusuke's gleaming red eyes narrowed. Cover blown. "That's real brave of you, hiding behind innocent kids like that," Yusuke snarled as a figure of a demon, equally as dark as his menacing voice had been, stepped out of the shadows to stand behind the children. "What do ya say we get a little less brave and actually step out and fight me? That way I can pound you into the ground and not feel too bad about it."

"You misunderstand," the demon smoothly answered with a genial smile, displaying his rather pointed teeth. "I am simple here to extend an invitation to you." The demon's smile became slightly more amused. "Urameshi Yusuke."

To be continued...

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