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Terms to note:

Youki = Demon Energy

Reiki = Spirit Energy

Makai = Demon World

Ningenkai = Human/Living World

Reikai = Spiritual World

Reikai Tentei = Spiritual Detectives

Toushin = Demon Lord

Kitsune = Fox of Japanese Folklore

Jaganshi = One who possesses the Jagan Eye

Kurorashi = Demon heading the mutant uprising/means "Black Tempest"

Other notes (since there are three languages here):


"Thought "


****Chapter 12: Returning Home****

"Well, Yusuke, despite your usual astounding amount of screw ups, you managed to prevent a disaster and succeeded quite well." Koenma nodded approvingly in the heavenly glow that had accompanied him to Yusuke, his mouth sucking meditatively on his pacifier.

"Hey, Koenma," Yusuke asked irratatedly. "Can't you ever give a compliment without the insults? A simple "Good job on solving yet another of my-cases-I-managed-to-screw-up-and-sent-you-to-fix" would fit in real nice into that category."

"Can it, boy," Koenma said, his glare looking rather ridiculous surrounded by his pacifier and large hat. "You would do well to remember who I am. Koenma, ruler of-"

"Ruler of farts and the children's playpen," Yusuke said, waving a hand. "Get on with it, baby face."

Koenma straightened. "As I was saying, you did a fairly decent job of handling the Kurorashi and the Leviathan he freed. The Reikai will benefit greatly as a result of your efforts. We are very grateful.

"As for your mission itself, you do always seem to have a way of doing a lot of leg work in the beginning only to have everything end in a brawl. I'm still not sure if I like that about you or not but it has not failed you yet."

Yusuke put his hands behind his head. "So what happens now? All the mutants know about demons and other worlds."

"Let Reikai handle that. When you leave the institute, none will remember you, Boton, Hiei or Kurama or any events that have taken place." Koenma eyed Yusuke for a moment, noting the subtle shifting not commonly associated with this one time junior high school punk. "I'm sorry Yusuke, but it has to be done."

"I know," Yusuke said, shrugging. "I don't care."

Koenma lowered his eyes for a moment. "Well, Yusuke, its about that time. The X-Men will give you a ride home shortly. Make sure you say your good-byes."

Yusuke stood from the floor as the heavenly light encompassing his room faded back into the dull colors of everyday life. Yusuke closed his case and looked around his room, being sure to forget nothing that could clue the mutants in on his existence as a demon in the future.

There was a soft knock at his door and Kurt stepped in gingerly. "Zeh Professor asked me to get your things," he said, sounding a bit depressed.

"Thanks, Fuzz ball," Yusuke said, grinning at the elf and trying to cheer him up. "I'll see you down at the breakfast table, alright?" Kurt nodded silently and with a pop, vanished.

Downstairs, Kurama and Hiei were already waiting just outside the kitchen for him. Silently, Kurama and Yusuke entered with Hiei, silent because he simply had nothing to say, following behind. All eyes turned to them, forgetting any conversations they might have been having. The only thing still making noise was the television:

"The construction of the new man made lake leading from Bayville all the way to the Atlantic Ocean was reportedly still on schedule, and should be finished mid month..."

Yusuke, never the type to ever be found speechless, smiled broadly. "What's up, muties? Beautiful day, isn't it?" Kurama lowered his eyes slightly as the group continued to stare. "What?" Yusuke joked, "You guys never seen a demon before?"

"Hey Detective," Hiei said. "Why don't you get a clue and shut up."

"Ah, come on," Yusuke said, walking into the room. "Even after everything we've all been through, I'm still just Urameshi Yusuke."

"Hey, like, can I ask you a question?" Kitty spoke up from towards the rear of the room.

"Yeah, sure," Yusuke said, directing his attention toward her. "What's up?"

"Like, are you even human?" She glanced the other two. "Any of you?"

"Not these two," Yusuke answered bluntly. "They are pure, one hundred percent, home grown demons born and raised in Demon World, just like our monstrous friend." There were uneasy looks exchanged between the mutants. "Me, on the other hand," Yusuke continued, trying hard to put the correct words together here. "I was born human but one of my ancient ancestors was a Demon and his blood runs through me, too. Now technically, I should be dead. Twice. I've been run over by a car and had a hand punched threw my chest. Other than that, yeah, I'm human."

"Way to stem the confusion, Yusuke," Kurama muttered.

"Maybe I can end this," Hiei said, stepping forward. "When you think of demons, you think of Hell, immortal dead creatures climbing out of the abyss to cause destruction for no apparent cause. This is not far from the truth."

The mutants all took a half step away.

"Demon world is much the same as it is here, simply lacking any kind of rules or restraints until recently," Kurama input. "Think of Demon World as a sort of reflection of Earth on a dark level. As for us ourselves being demons, wouldn't you rather take into account our actions here rather than where we come from? I understand that there is a lot of prejudice in the world," Kurama winced slightly as his thoughts flashed to his mother. "Perhaps you, as mutants and on the receiving end of a majority of it right now, would understand our stance and reasons for not telling you."

"He makes a good point," Xavier said from behind the Reikai Tentei. "Those who have been put through hardship should have no right to give hardship. Not if they want to be any better than past aggressors."

Silently, the group nodded.

"Sweet," Yusuke said, swinging over to where Scott and Jean stood by the bagel bar and throwing an arm around their shoulders. "You guys have any real food?"

Charles smiled. "As soon as you have finished eating, I would like to speak to you all."


"First and foremost," Xavier said smiling all around at his students and the Reikai Tentei, standing behind the couch and the X-Men. "I want to say how proud I am of all of you. You tackled incredible odds against an unknown and unfamiliar enemy and you handled yourselves well. As for Yusuke, Kurama, and Hiei, thank you for lending us your unique powers and abilities."

"Don't make me blush now, Wheels," Yusuke said, grinning.

"I understand that this was your case to solve and we feel honored to have been able to help." Charles nodded in approval. "As everyone I am sure is aware, our three new students will be going back home within the hour. Their presence her has been for the sole purpose of tracking down those demons you all fought."

"You guys won't even miss us," Yusuke said, only a slight twinge on how true that statement really was.

"I'm sure we all will," Xavier said with a smile. "You three have given us all a very... unique... adventure. Is there anything you three would like to say before you head off?"

Hiei, predictably, turned his head a way with a snort of contempt at the thought of these mutants getting so attached over such a short time. Kurama, on the other hand, stood and looked around the gathered team. "First of all, I must say how impressed I am in all of you. As Yusuke has already hinted at earlier, I am indeed a demon," Kurama said, knowing full well that none would remember this conversation. "I have lived thousands of years and have never met individuals with the same courage. You all should be very proud of yourselves."

Xavier nodded, silently nodding as Kurama fell silent. "Well, if there is nothing more, I believe it is time. I am sure you are all anxious to get back to your families."

Only Hiei and Yusuke saw Kurama wince as if stabbed to the heart, but Kurama kept his face clear, his emotions guarded. "Yeah," Yusuke said, dragging any attention that Kurama may have brought about down to himself. "Back to dirty floors and empty liquor bottles. Can't wait."


"Well," Genkai said as the three Reikai Tentei sat, or in Hiei's case, stood inside Genkai's rooms. "I see you all managed to survive your trip to America. How did it go?"

"Fantastic," Yusuke said, glad to be hearing the sounds of Japanese speech flow from his lips once again. "Never been to a party quite like that, I have to admit."

Genkai grunted. "Right. How much damage did you cause?"

Yusuke made a face at his mentor. "I almost forgot what a rotten sense of humor you had, old lady."

"Watch your mouth, Dimwit," Gentai said. "I'm not so old that I can't still kick you ass to the moon and back. Did you at least finish the job without the whole place getting blown up?"

"Yes," Kurama said, cutting Yusuke off from his sharp retort. "Also with no casualties on our side."

"There's a first to everything," Genkai said, ignoring Yusuke as he stuck his tongue out at her. "From what Koenma has told me, it was a good idea to keep Kuwabara out of this mission. You guys had enough distractions as it was."

"Look, hag," Yusuke said. "We found Kurorashi, took him and his pet Leviathan out, and did it all without letting anyone die this time. What else do you want from us?"

"For once, Yusuke," Genkai said, unfolding her arms and breathing out heavily, "it seems you did a good job."

"Yeah and who asked you," Yusuke said, then stopped. "What did you say?"

"Master Genkai?" Kurama asked, caught a little off guard by her complement as well.

Genkai smiled. "I must be getting old," she said, standing up. "To think I just gave the Dimwit a compliment." She chuckled to herself. "Go on, go see your families."

Yusuke and Kurama stood and turned, ready to leave. "Yusuke," Genkai said. "Make sure to tell Keiko hi for me."

Yusuke grinned. "Not that I'm sure she'll like hearing from an old bat anymore than I do."

Genkai grinned back. "Suichi, may I speak to you for a moment?"

"Sure, Genkai," Kurama said as the other two left. "What is it."

"I heard about what happened with your mother when you left here," Genkai said. "I'm sorry."

Kurama turned his head away. "I lied to her, Genkai. I have been lying to her my whole life. When I lied and told her I was a mutant, she called me a demon. Ironic that a lie could have her name me in truth."

Genkai grunted slightly. "Plenty of children lie to their mothers," Genkai said. "It's apart of being human."

"But I am not, Genkai," Kurama said. "I am a demon."

"Listen, Suichi," Genkai said. "Being human has more to do with who you are and less where you're from. Your mother will understand."

Kurama nodded silently, hoping that she was right.

Genkai nodded and stood. "You are always welcome here, Kurama. You know that."

"Yes, master Genkai, I do," Kurama said. "Thank you."

Genkai nodded again and turned away. Kurama stood and made his way down the long set of stone stairs that Yusuke constantly complained about and through the woodlands off of Genkai's enormous estate. He was in no hurry and so reached the edge of the property two hours later and to his mothers house another hour later.

He reached for the door handle, the stopped himself, deciding that a different approach was necessary here. Reaching up, he knocked gently. There was a moments pause, then the soft sounds of footsteps. The door opened and Mrs. Minamino looked in surprise at Suichi, then her eyes darkened and she looked away. "Oh, Suichi," she said, not moving from behind the door.

"Mother," Kurama said, the look in his mothers eyes stabbing like a blade in his heart. "I feel I must explain. Please, may I come in?"

Shiori hesitated for a moment, then simply moved away from the door. Kurama pushed the door opened, entered the house, and closed the door. Shiori had found herself a seat in living room, curled up tightly as if cold on the single chair across from the couch to which Kurama seated himself.

"Mother," Kurama started, "I am sorry for hiding my true identity from you. I feared that if I told you, you would no longer want me as your son. But that is unfair to you to hold back my true nature to someone who has nursed me and raised me with such morals and caring." Kurama took a deep breath. "Mother, I am a de-"

"Suichi," Shiori said and for the first time realized that she was crying. "You have nothing to apologize for. Who am I to hate what you have no choice to be?" She shook her head. "It is I who should be apologizing to you. I love you no matter what you may be and you will always be my son."

Kurama smiled and went over to his mother who reached out her arms and hugged her son. "I guess this means I can help out in the garden, this year. I may have some ideas on how to make your plants grow better."

Shiori laughed and pulled away, wiping a tear away. "Yes, that sounds fine."



Yusuke covered his ears as Keiko fumed about him leaving for America without telling her and the danger he had been in. "Come on, Keiko," Yusuke said, trying to fend himself off from her anger. "It wasn't like I wanted to go. You know how things get."

"Yeah, Yusuke, I do know," Keiko said. Turning on her heel, she stalked away.

"Come on, Keiko, don't be like that," Yusuke said, hurrying after her. "Would you feel better if I let you hit me-" There was a loud echo of a slap. "There... You feel better?" Yusuke asked through gritted teeth as he tried hard not to show any pain.

Keiko glared back over her shoulder. "A little," she said.

From just out of town on one of the taller tree branches, Hiei snorted. "Humans. What repulsive creatures." He half turned to look back at Yusuke. Repulsive, maybe, but certainly entertaining. Hoping off the branch, he walked into the woods to return to Demon World.


Laughter floated up from the grounds as Xavier's X-Men went about their training under Beasts guidance and enjoying the warmer days that winter had so far seen fit to give them, partly in thanks to Storm's powerful abilities. Charles watched for a minute more before turning back to his desk and the security monitor that was usually hidden behind his bookshelf. On the screen, a very odd creature was sniffing at Ororo's flower bed in the dead of night. It was silver, as pure as moonlight. Even with the odd coloring there was no mistaking that it was a fox but what was truly astounding was the nine tails that it possessed, clearly visible as it looked into the camera with exceptionally intelligent eyes and bounded away into the night.

Charles Xavier smiled to himself and took the disk from his desk mounted reader and file it away in a desk drawer. Perhaps, someday, there will be reason to show his staff and students but for now, it was not necessary. He wheeled himself from his study and gently closed the door.


So the story Mission X by Kurome Shiretsu is finally concluded and all loose ends tied up. I hope everyone enjoyed the adventure as much as I did. I feel honored to have been a part of this story.

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