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Chapter 1: Summary in more detail aka: intro

Narrative point of view:

Bella was in her baby seat in the back of the old police car. Charlie was driving and Renee was in the passenger seat. They were going to the beach for a fun day out to celebrate Bella's first birthday. She was just starting to make understandable sentences and she was running so they thought it would be an appropriate time to take her. It was her first ever time to the seaside and Charlie and Renee were both thinking about it so they didn't have time to react when a massive truck swerved into them. Charlie, Renee and the truck driver were all killed on impact and the car caught on fire, leaving a crying baby in the backseat of the car. A silver Volvo pulled up next to the crash and three people climbed out. The first was tall with light blonde hair styled like in an olden movie, he was pale, had golden eyes and looked about 20. The second was a very short and thin girl with short black hair spiked out around her face, she was also pale and had gold eyes except she looked 17. The last was a young man, tall and muscled with longish tousled bronze hair, again he was pale with the same golden eyes as the other two and he looked a similar age to the girl.

'Carlisle, Edward, hurry! The baby girl in the back! She's still alive! You have to get her out before she inhales to much smoke or the car explodes!' The girl screamed. The two men moved to the car and the youngest wrenched the door open. The older one reached in and pulled the baby out the car as quickly as he could. He looked the baby over and sighed.

'She will be fine. A little shocked maybe but nothing serious. I believe the question is what do we do with her now?' The man holding her asked. The baby was still crying and he tried to soothe her. The baby wouldn't quieten though and the girl sighed.

'Here. I'll see if I can settle her.' The man passed the baby to the girl and she cooed over the baby, a look of pure delight coming over her face. The baby wouldn't settle and the girl started to get irritated. 'She won't settle! She doesn't like me! This is so unfair!' She cried which made the baby wail even louder.

'Edward, you take her. Alice and I can't seem to get her to settle.' The eldest said and the girl, Alice, handed the baby to the youngest, Edward. He rocked her for a minute and the baby soon fell asleep. Alice laughed delightedly.

'Look, Carlisle! Edward got the baby to sleep! That means she likes him!' Alice cried and the eldest, Carlisle, smiled at Edward who seemed transfixed by the baby.

'Sssh, Alice. Don't wake her. But we need to figure out what to do with her.' Carlisle said and Edward's head snapped up.

'We can adopt her. She isn't going up for adoption.' Edward said firmly and Alice giggled.

'Looks like Edward finally found his someone.' She giggled and Edward rolled his eyes.

'Alice, she's a baby.' He told her, his eyes refocusing back to the baby.

'And you're never going to age. She'll reach your age eventually.' Alice told him. Carlisle smiled at them both.

'Of course we can adopt her. I'm sure everyone else will be happy with that. Will Jasper be okay though Alice?' Carlisle asked the girl. Edward continued to rock the baby and make sure she was okay.

'Jasper will be fine. If he isn't we'll just go on another honeymoon for a few years until she grows up and he gets better control.' Alice told Carlisle.

'Okay. We can keep her. Edward give me your keys. I'll drive so you can look after the baby.' Carlisle said, smiling. Edward took one arm away from the baby carefully and pulled his keys out his pocket, throwing them to Carlisle. They got in the car and drove off.

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