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Chapter 1: Camp

"Ray, are you there," a girls asks over the phone.

"Yeah I am here Squirt, are you okay," Ray Budds asks on the payphone during his free time.

"No I am not okay. I want my big cousin home and I want him home now," the girl says.

"You know what? Why do you not talk to Aunt Ellen and Uncle Scott into coming to Alexandria the week after this and we will hang out," Ray says not liking hearing his cousin upset.

"I can try but I do not know if it will work," the girl says.

"Well you can try and see what your mom and dad says but you know if my watch is right and I subtract two hours that makes it seven and that means that we should both be going to bed," Ray says.

"Budds there you are, we have been looking for you," Gerry says walking down the hall with Allan Bosley, and Sheryl Yoast.

"Sorry I have been talking to Mary Anne, you want to say hi before she goes to bed," Ray asks.

"Sure," Allan says taking the phone from Ray, "hey kid getting ready for bed?"

"Much to my displeasure," Mary Anne says with a disgusted tone.

"Well have sweet dreams and here is Sheryl," Allan says.

"You to Allan," she says before she hears him hand over the phone to Sheryl.

"Hi Mary Anne," Sheryl says sitting on Ray and Gerry's shoulders.

"Hey Sheryl are they being good," she asks.

"The have been as good as possible besides the first fight that Gerry started," Sheryl says not even caring about Gerry being right there.

"Yeah well you know Gerry, can you pass him the phone so I can say goodnight to him and Ray before I have to go. Oh and good night Sheryl and sweet dreams," she says.

"You too Mary Anne," she says before handing the phone to Gerry.

"Hey Shortie how is your last summer of freedom going," Gerry asks.

"Sucks because my favorite football players are not here but I did meet a new girl."

"That is cool, well I say my goodnight and do not let the bed bugs bite and I will talk to you tomorrow," Gerry says.

"You too Gerry," Mary Anne says before she hears him pass the phone back to Ray, but before he can say goodnight she hears, "Budds, Bosley, Bertier, and Yoast should you not be in bed," from a loud man.

"Coach Hines we were just saying good night to my little cousin and Coach Yoast gave me permission to make the call," Ray says to his black assistant coach.

"Well finish it up, lights out is now but I will let you say goodnight but the rest but the rest of you to your beds now. Expect Bertier why do you not return Junior Yoast back to Coach Yoast," Coach Hines says.

"Yes sir," Ray, Allan, and Gerry say chant back at the coach.

"Mar I will talk to you tomorrow okay? So sleep tight and dream of happy dreams and do not forget to talk to your parents," Ray says as he watches his friends and coach's daughter go off and Coach Hines waiting for him.

"Okay I will dream of you. Good night blocker, I love you."

"I love you too, I will dream of you and goodnight to you too Squirt, bye," Ray says and hear his cousin's bye and hangs up the phone.

"Budds do you mind telling me why you are not in your bunk," another black man asks.

"I was finishing up my phone call to my little cousin since I am usually with her at this time of year, sir," Ray says.

"How old is your little cousin," Coach Boone asks,

"She just turned four, sir," Ray says.

"How many summers have you spent with her?"

"I have spent every one but this one, sir."

"So you are telling me since you were thirteen that you have spent every summer with you cousin?"

"Yes, sir that is what I am telling you."

"Coach Yoast was cool with this?"

"Myself, Bertier, and Bosley usually went up their but their cousins are two years older than mine and Coach Yoast has a nephew the same age as Bertier and Bosley's cousins."

"Well then, you better be getting to your bunk because practice is going to kill you tomorrow, if you do not get any sleep," Coach Boone says before walking off.

Ray quickly walks to his form room that he shares with three other teammates. He quickly walks to his bed and climbs in.

Ray quickly falls asleep dreaming of seeing his little cousin when he got back to Alexandria. Ray was rudely awoken by the sound of a horn being blown through out the school and then Coach Bonne's voice saying, "time to get up ladies, it's late it is three in the morning. We are going for a run follow me and the other coaches; if you get lost than fine a way to get your john hind parts home because you will not be playing football this season."

Ray and the guys then hear Coach Yoast saying, "This is a high school football team, not the Marines."

"Let's go," Coach Boone says and starts running.

The other coaches and team start running; they seem to be running for what seems like hours. By the time they stopped Ray and everyone else was drenched in their own sweat.

The next thing Ray remembered was Coach Boone talking about the battle of Gettysburg and how they are fighting the same battle to this day.

When Ray returned to his room he thought long and hard about what Coach Boone had said. The rest of cam went by pretty quickly.