Chapter 1

Meet Miss. Amelia Potter

A girl and a couple of boys were racing down the train station with their trunks and owls for the new year of school. They ignored the muggle manager yelling for them to slow down; as they approached the column that had 9 and 10 on either side.

The girl had to hold on to her black hat as it started to fall off at the speed she was going. She looked like her brother with a perfect figure, longer hair, minus the glasses and had earrings.

She was trying to catch up to the boys, one of which was her brother; he had dark brown hair, brown eyes that were out lined by black glasses, and a smile which made most girls hearts melt to goop.

The boy now gaining on the brother in front had medium length black hair that kept getting in his face. He was the best friend to the boy in the glasses there was never one without the other. This boy also happened to be head over heels for his best friend's sister. He came from a slythern family who now rejected him.

The boy now about to pass the girl was skinny and medium height with long straight blonde hair with a reddish tint and brown eyes.

Last was the boy who had just ran into a man, knocking him down, he had brown hair, brown eyes and was bit round in the stomach for most boys his age. No one knew how he got in to Gryffindor because he was defiantly not brave but just like someone famous said underestimate anyone will make them capable of anything.

"Meila hurry up the train is leaving in 2 minutes" James Potter said to his younger sister while disappearing into the wall along with the other boys. Amelia Potter pushed her stuff into the wall after the boys who called themselves Marauders. She was 1 year younger then them and in her third year at Hogwarts Witch Craft and Wizardry.

On the train Remus, the skinny one, was sitting by the window with Peter, the fatter one, to his left. Across from them sat James near the window, Amelia in the middle, and Sirius next to the door.

"Hey James, when are we going to prank the Slytherns?" Sirius asked anxious. James smiled "Hopefully tonight if the sorting isn't long, I was thinking we could dye their hair maroon and gold."

At this Amelia and Sirius laughed as Remus scolded being the perfect he was. Peter just stood up and headed for the door. "Where are you going Peter?" Amelia asked noticing him heading to the door.

He shrugged "Bathroom." She nodded and continued talking to the other boys. As Peter left another came in, it was a girl with shoulder length red hair, she was pretty. Most boys at Hogwarts were all over her but she would just ignore them but no one was more determined then James Potter.

He refused to take no for answer from Miss. Lily Evans, he would ask her out 3 times a day at least. The record still stands at 23 accompanied by 23 rejections.

Lily looked around the compartment until her eyes landed on Amelia, "Amelia come with me we have to talk now." Lily hopped over Sirius feet, which now occupied Peter's old seat and grabbed Amelia's arm to yank her out of the compartment. Lily was unsuccessful as James Potter had made his way to block the door way. "Lily please go out with me?"

She sighed, "James NO, now can you please move so I can get through." James crossed his arms and leaned against the doorway closing his eyes as if he was about to take a nap. Lily made this frustrated screech making James grin as he continued to "nap".

Lily sighed and sat down with Amelia next to Remus. A few seconds passed and Lily got back up and pulled her wand out and whispered,"Shifcoses." Making the door James was leaning on slide open. He flew back in the hallway and his robes went up making them cover his face. Lily giggled and I gave her a high five. Sirius and Remus were laughing to.

"Prongs, you need to learn that you can't out smart Lily," Sirius said between laughs.

"I don't think its Lily, I think you can't out smart girls. Sirius, remember that time when you locked Amelia in the closet last year." Remus stated.

James was getting up and he began picking dust off his robes now, "Sirius I never did get how you ended up in the closet hog tied."

Amelia laughed, "Like Remus said you can't outsmart girls."

Lily nodded "Totally true. Come on Amelia lets go get into our robes and go talk to Kelly." Amelia nodded and let Lily drag her around the train.

Peter had not gone to the bathroom like he told Amelia instead he was heading to the Slythern's compartment. Over the summer Peter had met a couple of Slythern's who were helping the Dark Lord. They had him convinced that the Dark Lord was going to take over and if he didn't join he would indeed die.

Peter entered the room told to meet the three death eaters. The leader Lucius Malfoy was told by the dark lord him self that his job was to get rid of Amelia Potter. He didn't ask why just followed orders. Peter sat on the opposite side of the other 3. "Peter, I'm only saying this once you are to lead Amelia Potter to the old dungeons tomorrow after lunch, got that?" Lucius asked.

Peter wanted to protest but decided against it fearing the worst; he just nodded. As he left Lucius's said, "Well be waiting." He made his way back to his so called "friends".

The sorting ceremony was long and boring to the Marauders who were waiting anxiously for the slytherns to drink from their goblets. Peter was shifting in his seat that was next to Amelia. "So Sirius, what's the score at with James and Lily?" Amelia asked.

Lily had always thought he was an obnoxious pig and just wouldn't give him the time of day. James sighed as Sirius answered in a game show host type of voice, "Well let see Amelia, it seems yet another hurtful deny from Lily on the way up to the castle. So that puts up at 4-0 leading Lily."

Amelia giggled a little "Don't worry James she'll give in eventually just keep trying." James just nodded as he took a sip from his pumpkin juice. That's when a shriek was heard from the slythern table. James's pumpkin juice spit out of his mouth onto Peter from laughing so hard. Everyone was now watching the reactions of the other Slytherns as their hair was turned maroon and gold. The whole hall erupted with laughter at this except for Slughorn and his house.

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