It wasn't very hard to choose between the two, really. Run away with a meal fit for a king, or throw it all at the human and yank Toboe out of the grip said human had on his arm. They were both panting twenty turns later, and as Hige pointed out, still hungry.


They got a fair few strange looks, coming and going through the towns, always looking and listening for hints of where to find paradise, with Toboe's constant comments of "Are we there yet?"


Toboe was always nervous, Tsume was always wary, Kiba was always cautions, and Hige? Well, he was always skipping.


"Haven't you had enough already?" Hige looked up with wide, innocent brown eyes at the white wolf as he pulled the food away, almost with disgust.

"But I'm still hungry!" was the complaint. Tsume shook his head, but Toboe was just in awe at how big Hige's stomach must have been.


The building was huge, pointed roofs with dragons, unicorns, wolves and other mythological creatures positioned on the corners. Toboe stared in awe at the massive structure, when Hige walked into him.

"Hey, c'mon get moving slowpoke!" he laughed. "I can smell food!"


"This is so disgusting, I'm getting mud all tangled in my fur!"

"Won't make much of a difference."

Toboe stifled a laugh as all wolves ripped out their paws from the marsh and mud and forged a way through, Cheza riding on Kiba, and Hige complaining the entire way.


The five of them were doomed from the moment they set out on this damned quest to find paradise. And out of all of them, Hige was the only one who took a positive outlook. It didn't matter if they were doomed – at least they were doomed together. From Kiba and Tsume's complaints, they didn't see it the same way. Neither did Toboe – for it was Hige who did most of the complaining, the falling and the general dooming of the pack.


"So Hige, what did you think?" The older wolf stood back, surveying the scene, the chaos, the broken stalls and the outraged people.

"You've got promise, kid." Toboe released his held breath, and they started running away from scammed humans.


"Look Toboe, to be successful in this world you need –"

"To not know idiots like you," Tsume interjected with a growl, hitting the brown wolf over the head.

"Well, that's a start. Sorry Toboe," Hige grinned.


"Wow, they're so graceful!" Toboe exclaimed in a whisper, as the two wolves waited in the fronds as they looked at the geese gliding across the moonlit lake.

"Poetry in motion Toboe, now shut up or we won't get any dinner!"


"Tsume, where are we going? I'm tired…" The young wolf stumbled after the others.

"Kiba said we had to leave soon or the clues will disappear."

"What do you mean?" Tsume growled with frustration.

"It's windy. We're following feathers."

"Why would we want to do that?"

"To find that fat little friend of yours, that's why." Hige had done it again.


Kiba and Cheza had always been their guide, but to Toboe, Tsume and Hige had been far more guiding, and in the latter case, not in a good way.


"Stay here Toboe."


"Why not?"

"I'm always being left behind."

"Stop lying."

"I'm not lying."

"Ahh! Behind you!"

"What? Where?"

"Damn you Hige!"


It wasn't hard to like Hige, but it was very hard to know him.


Cheza staggered when she was tired, when she hadn't received sunlight in a while. Hige just laughed under his breath and commented to Toboe that she shouldn't drink so much. Toboe was the fool that laughed, and was suffered from Tsume because of it.


They all thought it was a myth, until they actually found it. Paradise. This time, even Tsume was smiling. And like normal, Hige had the last say. "Here I thought there'd be more…. Girls…"