So, I was asked when this story takes place in the time line. And because someone asked it I'm just assuming that many people were wondering. If not, you can skip the next few sentences and go strait to the story.

Because I started writing this around the time they were figuring out just how messed up the future was, I decided to place it before they did their time hoping, but after they won the battle for the rings. Anyway, thank you for reading my story and asking questions. And without further ado, the story...

Hibari stared out onto the school grounds from his perch on the roof. Hibird had just nestled down into his hair, and a slight breeze was making his jacket flutter lightly behind him. Hibari didn't bother acknowledging these things. Instead he kept an eye on the herbivores eating their lunches with varying degrees of enjoyment.

Some brought lunches from home, all packed neatly in a box and wrapped in a colorful napkin. Others carried plastic bags from the local convenience store. Still there were others who didn't bring a lunch. Instead they went to the cafeteria and brought their food out on a tray. But there was one student who caught his eye.

His Breakfast Maker's lunch box was very spartan in appearance. There was no colorful napkin, or even any napkin. The box itself was just a boring gray in color and the chopsticks were brown. The inside of the box looked equally boring. Rice sat next to some meat and vegetables. There was no dash of bright green or shocking red.

Had Hibari not known better, he would have assumed that the Breakfast Maker's lunch was bland and boring by the look of it. However, he had a duplicate of the lunch box and contents sitting next to him. Well, the box was next to him. The contents were in his stomach.

An upgrade for his Breakfast Maker was in order. However Meal Maker, which was technically correct, did not have the same ring to it. Possibly he should call him Chef or Cook. But those names seemed too impersonal and ordinary. His Breakfast Maker was anything but ordinary.

What was it that Sawada called him? Gokudera-kun...? That wasn't quite right. How about what his sister called him. Hayato... Too controversial. Only his sister called him that if her recalled. Hibari's new name for his Breakfast Maker had to be something better.

Maybe only half an upgrade?

Hibari gave the Kyouyan equivalent of a goofy smile at his thoughts. Which for other people appeared to be a smirk with slightly less teeth than usual. In fact, had there been any other person on the roof, they would have backed away quickly and scurried through the nearest exit at the sight of it.

Hibari sat on the roof contemplating his Breakfast Maker for a few moments, before something out of the corner of his eye caught his attention. At the entrance of the school was a black car with tinted windows. It was doing it's best to not attract attention to the fact that it was heavier than the average car due to the bullet proof armor that it was made of.

Some serious looking men in suits stepped out of the car as nonchalantly as any one could while they gripped a gun that was hidden under their suit jackets. When it was clear that they were not about to be ambushed by the herbivorous middle schoolers, they nodded simultaneously and faced the car.

Nothing happened.

Hibari smirked at their incompetence. Obviously their boss had gotten out of the car while they were looking for trouble. Their boss probably also took care of any danger that awaited him while he was at it.

The men did not panic, much to Hibari's disappointment. Instead they looked resigned, as though they were used to being practically useless. Slowly they looked around again. This time it was not trouble that they sought.

Hibari allowed his gaze to wander in search of their wayward leader. He didn't recognize these men, so he knew that this was either a new boss who didn't know better than to invade Hibari's territory or a foreign boss. Hopefully it was the new boss. The life of disciplining herbivores could be tedious at times.

There. Walking towards his Breakfast Maker's group was an older man. He had gray hair with a matching mustache, and deep lines around his eyes and mouth. He wore an expensive Italian black suit with black tie. If it weren't for the fact that he walked like a fighter and wore a watch that cost about as much as a private island might have, he could have been mistaken for a salary man.

The man continued making his way towards the group. It was very clear that they were his goal. Hibari watched with suspicion. Another of Sawada's foreign weirdos. Hopefully this one wouldn't be as annoying as the blond Italian herbivore with the domination fetish.

The man stopped just behind Breakfast Maker, then hesitated. He looked like he wanted to say something, but didn't know what to say. Eventually Breakfast Maker said something, without looking around and the man jolted. The area around Breakfast Maker was very tense. Even Sawada and the other herbivores looked uncomfortable.

More words were exchanged, although Breakfast Maker continued to avoid looking at the man. Sawada and the other herbivores looked more and more uncomfortable, and even neighboring groups were beginning to take interest.

'To approach or not to approach?' Hibari wondered as he watched the exchange. On the one hand, the scene below was interfering with the discipline of the students. On the other hand, it really had nothing to do with him. This was about Breakfast Maker and he could handle himself.

The exchange didn't last much longer. Slowly Breakfast Maker gathered his lunch box, presumably so Sawada and the other herbivores would have time to get out of their stupor. Then, without turning to face the new foreigner, he walked away. Sawada looked lost, like he didn't know what to do, but then he frantically bowed to the man and followed Breakfast Maker. The others followed suit.

Hibari gave a final glare to the man, before leaving the roof to dispense discipline. Out of the corner of his eye he swore that the man was glaring back at him. So far the man's business on Namimori was personal. If it ever became professional, then Hibari would have to deal with him. Until then, he was not important.

Hibari did not see his Breakfast Maker until the end of school at the agreed upon spot. There was a cigarette in his mouth, but it wasn't lit. Instead he was gnawing on the filter and glaring down the street. The object of Breakfast Maker's ire was a man in a suit standing next to a vending machine and trying to blend in despite the fact that he was foreign and staring intently at the school. Was the idiot so thick that he didn't realize that he had been spotted?

"He might be a threat to the school," Hibari offered. It was as close to interest as he was willing to show at this time.

"Naw," Breakfast Maker scoffed. "He's just a chump. The guy leaning against the gate is the one to really look out for."

Hibari glanced in the direction of the school gate. True enough there was a boy around their age leaning against the gate. He was wearing the uniform of a local high school, so Hibari had assumed that he had business with another student. He should have known better. The guy was not looking at the foreigner, while everyone else at least glanced at him, and he was doing everything in his power to keep Breakfast Maker in view at all times, while not looking like that was what he was doing.

"I almost missed him, except we grew up in the same town. He used to help his parents at this flower shop I would pass sometimes on the way to the toy store," Breakfast Maker explained, giving no more than a passing glance at the other boy. "The Sperm Donor probably thought that I wouldn't remember him because that flower shop wasn't any trouble."

There was the sound of hissing as one of the many secret chamber doors the Infant had lying around the school opened. Hibari glared at the blatant abuse of school property.

"The one you need to be wary of is the one that you don't see coming," the Infant said cheerfully.

"Who did I miss?" Breakfast Maker asked very seriously.

The Infant smirked while scanning the crowd, but he didn't respond. Breakfast Maker did the same. Apparently Breakfast Maker spotted somebody, because he cursed softly and crushed his unlit cigarette tip on the bottom of his shoe before stalking off away from the front gate.

The Infant also left, following the Breakfast Maker. Hibari shrugged, but kept an eye on them from where he stood. As long as Breakfast Maker was in his view or the view to the Sawada's herbivores, he would be safe. The baseball herbivore went trotting after the two, making Hibari turn away.

A few minutes later there was the sound of an explosion and an infant sized body went flying through the air with smoke trailing behind it. Hibari only noticed it because it wasn't the annoying cow brat that usually went flying.

Breakfast Maker returned smelling strongly of gunpowder. He looked both more relaxed and more annoyed. He was probably annoyed because the baseball herbivore was laughing obnoxiously at him.

"Can we go now?" Breakfast Maker demanded.

Hibari didn't even glance at him when he denied the request. His duty wasn't complete.

The baseball herbivore was trying to coax Breakfast Maker into a conversation about something. Breakfast Maker stood next to Hibari, looking at everything except the baseball herbivore. Finally the baseball herbivore must have said something that got to Breakfast Maker.

"Killing intent!" Breakfast Maker yelled, spinning around to face the grinning baseball herbivore. "That's how I knew and if you weren't such a moron you would have figured it out too!"

Hibari raised an eye brow in a query that he would not voice. Breakfast Maker rolled his eyes and sighed heavily, as though he were being put upon greatly. Hibari's eyes narrowed in warning.

"Reborn's killing intent doesn't waver."

The baseball herbivore didn't look any more enlightened. But Hibari understood. The infant was always ready to kill someone.

"Besides, if I was wrong then all this bullshit would be over," Breakfast Maker groused. There was an awkward pause as everyone they contemplated the truth of those words.

The baseball herbivore laughed, "That kid couldn't kill you."

Both Breakfast Maker and Hibari ignored that little bit of idiocy from the herbivore. The Infant could kill anyone/thing he wanted.

"Sis would do it," Breakfast Maker answered seriously. The baseball herbivore laughed some more, until he realized that he was the only one who thought the hypothetical situation was funny. Breakfast Maker's sister was a passionate, powerful, and above all scary woman who loved The Infant beyond all reason.

Hibari grew tired of the exchange. "Leave," he ordered. The baseball herbivore chuckled as though there was a joke. Hibari was beginning to think that he had taken too many baseballs to the head. "Now," Hibari expanded upon his first command.

Breakfast Maker shrugged and turned away. He was passing the now gaping baseball herbivore when Hibari grabbed him by the collar of his shirt.

"Not you," he explained when Breakfast Maker gave him an arched look. Breakfast Maker just rolled his eyes. The baseball herbivore left after an awkward chuckle.

For a while they stood in silence as Hibari watched the last of the herbivores leave the school. Then he went on patrol for the stragglers. There were always a few who thought that they could loiter on the schools sacred grounds.

Hibari could tell his Breakfast Maker was getting impatient. They were starting their second round of patrol around the school, just to be on the safe side. They had already interrupted two herbivores sucking face in an empty classroom, three playing video games in the school's computer lab, and one just sitting in the hallway reading porn.

Hibari knew that his Breakfast Maker preferred doing things at his own pace. Unless of course the Sawada herbivore was involved. For him his Breakfast Maker would take bend over backwards and never complain.

Needless to say Hibari was glad that he got the other Gokudera. The one who could turn 'Please pass the salt,' into a declaration of war. The one who could blow up, both figuratively and literally, at the slightest of perceived insults. The one who didn't quit just because he might get hurt.

If he wanted unending compliance and adoration he would just use Kusakabe. He got enough of that during school. When he went home for the day he wanted fire and passion. He wanted-

"Let's go already," Gokudera demanded, interrupting Hibari's thoughts. "We're the only ones here. Do you gotta kick us out before we can leave?"

Hibari sniffed haughtily. "You weren't this impatient yesterday."

"Yesterday I thought someone was actually trying to kill me. Today I found out it's just the sperm donors way of trying to get me back home."

"Ah," Hibari acknowledged. It sounded stupid, but who was he to comment.

"Yeah," Gokudera agreed. Vaguely Hibari began to wonder when Breakfast Maker became Gokudera, but Gokudera continued, "So we got to go meet with somebody. I'll finish explaining there."

"An explanation seems unnecessary. Your father is using a real attempt on your life to make you want to go home by continuing to make you believe that there is still an immanent threat to you life," Hibari said calmly.

Gokudera grinned hugely. "Pretty much. Thank god you aren't a total moron. I almost tried explaining this to Baseball Idiot, but he was just grinning and 'goshing' and shit. The 10th got it right away though. Didn't even have to say anything."

Hibari knew who the 10th was, and he highly doubted that Sawada really understood the situation. It was probably more likely that had panicked and said 'EH?' before the infant took him aside and explained it in a way that he could understand while Gokudera wasn't looking.

"So yeah," Gokudera sighed impatiently. "Let's go meet with the guy to take care of this." Gokudera hefted his school bag more firmly onto his shoulder.

Hibari just shrugged and made his way to the front gate. Once they were off school grounds Hibari started to lead the way. From behind him he heard Gokudera make a noise that sounded like something between a sigh and a grunt. Then he was next to Hibari, where they promptly started arguing about directions.

They bickered, argued, fought, and laughed the whole way there. Sometimes they would be standing really close, trying to bodily shove the other into everyday obstacles like lamp posts and on coming traffic. Other times they would spring apart their favored weapon at the ready. There were even a few moments of silence, where they just walked together, tolerating the existence of the other. It was one of the best times Hibari had had in a long time that didn't involve biting someone to death.

Then they arrived at their destination. Which Hibari immediately recognized.

"Why here?"