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I never really realized just how important someone's voice was. Before the 'accident' as I like to call it, I took it for granted. Everyday I hear people misuse their gift of their voice and use it to hurt other
people. Words can be uplifting or destroying. They could be used to raise someone up or tear someone down. Just think, without the power of speech we wouldn't have many of our rights today. Speech is a way to communicate our thoughts and dreams to others. And it just so happens, that even though I am no longer capable of speech, I have the second best thing.


Isn't writing merely the same thing? Only instead of the spoken word, it is written. Same concept, I like to tell myself. It certainly gives new meaning to the phrase 'think before you speak'.

Well, as Alice puts it: I've simply had more time than anyone else.


I glanced over at my brother and his fiancé. I felt my chest tighten in jealousy as I watched Emmett and Rosalie exchange sweet words to each other. At least I was able to hear those words, though I would never be able to tell my special someone the three most important words.

If I could ever find somebody that is. Who would want to be with a girl that couldn't talk.

Let me rephrase that.

Who would want to put up with me and my disability.

Alice and Rosalie both tell me time and time again that I will find that special somebody.

But the question still stands?

Would I?

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