Dinotopia- Prologue- Shipwrecked

Ripple of Love- Romance/Adventure- Started: 6/1/2009

A/N: Hello everyone, newly turned Dinotopia fan, and well, I thought I would write a Dinotopia fanfiction. Hope you like it. Oh and I want to help with the pronunciation of the two characters' names: Akyna is uh-ki-nuh and Ripelle is ripple (you know, as in water ripple). Well anyways, I hope you like it.

A hypsilophidon bent low to graze on some grass. As it grazed, it looked down at the emerald grass and watched as a small red, black spotted ladybug crawled on the blade of grass in front of it. The hypsilophidon looked up at the full moon, its white light acted as a floating lantern, lighting the open field with a beautiful shining glow. The hypsilophidon smiled, but the smile faded as a bush rustled in the distance to its right. Its head snapped in that direction. Two bright, intimidating red gold eyes stared at it.

The dinosaur held a white hue to its scales but it was a lot taller than the hypsilophidon. On each of its feet it held one sickle-like claw, its tail tapered and slowly swished from side to side gently. The carnivore growled deep in its throat, its lips lifting in a snarl. The creature lunged and began sprinting towards the hypsilophidon, who began running through the tropical forest. The predator close behind.

The hypsilophidon looked around franticly, the albino carnivore was nowhere in sight, but the herbivore kept running. The carnivore watched the hypsilophidon from the elevated side of the trail, his mouth stuck up in an amused smile. The herbivore sprinted and slid to a stop, it had hit a dead end. A cliff stood in between it and safe escape. It breathed heavily, out of breath from the running. The carnivore jumped from its hiding place and pinned the hypsilophidon to the dirt ground, a small dust cloud appeared and the particles fell back to the ground. The hypsilophidon screeched in pain as the carnivore pierced its stomach's scaly hide with its sickle claw, blood oozing from its belly. The predator wasn't willing on wasting time with its prey. The herbivore looked up and watched in horror as the carnivore looked down and opened its jaws, revealing an array of pearl white daggers, and brought its head down.

"Akyna," the young girl's eyelids twitched in response to the sweet soft voice, "come on, wake up sweetheart." Akyna opened her eyes slowly and she looked up at her mother.

"Hi mom, are we there yet?" she asked groggily as she rubbed her eyes.

Her mom laughed, "No honey, not yet." Akyna smiled at her childish question.

Akyna watched as her mom walked to the cabin door and turned around, "The captain said it would be another five hours, I just wanted to let you know, you can go back to sleep now." The thirty-five-year-old woman smiled at her sixteen-year-old and walked out

Akyna yawned and stretched; as she relaxed she looked around the room. The walls were lime green but the ceiling was white. She sat on the bottom bunk of the bunk bed; she looked about the cabin sorrowfully. Her family could only afford to sail in third class, because they were on the verge of bankruptcy. The economy had been really out of whack lately. She stood and walked over to the sink and gazed into the mirror. She was a spitting image of her mother, her skin was lightly tanned, her eyes were a beautiful emerald green, and her long back length hair was brown and wavy.

Akyna turned her heel and began walking towards the door when the ship jerked one direction then the floor began to slant in the same direction. Now she was horrified; she ran to the door and threw it open, people were frantic, screaming or pushing each other to get around to a safe area. Akyna saw her mom running at her with two life vests in her hands.

"Come on honey put this on!" Akyna complied with her mothers demand and she slipped one of the vests over her head. Then her mother took her hand and they began running through the halls. Akyna closed her eyes allowing her mother's hand to guide her. As her eyelids surrounded her eyes in darkness, she thought of her happy place and breathed slowly. Something she was apt to do to stay calm in a situation like this. Before she knew it, her feet left the ground and water over swept her and dragged her down. She swam really hard and finally breathed gust of air as her head surfaced and her eyes focused.

The bow of the luxurious ocean liner that she and her mother were sailing on was rising up out of the water as the stern rapidly disappeared beneath the waves of the untamed ocean. A wave struck Akyna in the side and she went under again. She fought and became free once again and her head bobbed above the surface. But the ocean liner was gone. She swam towards the direction it sank and she called out to her mother only receiving silence as a response. Tears filled her eyes and sniffed. She looked to her left and saw what looked like a piece of a life boat. She swam to it and climbed on, her feet rested and floated in the salted waters underneath her. She rested her head on the white painted wood as the storm overhead roared and flashed its white lights. Her eyes closed as she fell into sleep.

All she could hope for… was a miracle.

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