Dinotopia- Chapter 10- Remembrance Part One

Ripple of Love- Romance/Adventure- Started: 7/5/2011

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Bones snapped under his powerful white jaws. His teeth and pink tongue became covered in delicious mahogany blood. He could hear the man under his powerful foot scream as he ate him alive. His large sickle like claw embedded into the human's shoulder. Ripelle could feel his prey's heart hammering in the back of his chest as he watch his entrails get ingested by the huge albino raptor. Ripelle smiled as the man suddenly grew paler and his heart stopped completely and his green eyes that stared upon Ripelle in shear terror paled as his soul left him.

Licking his chops, Ripelle looked around at his pack. All he could see was everything bathed in red. He loved this. The rush of adrenaline that coursed through both his, his pack members', and his preys' veins. It was all so beautiful for him to see. Everything that worked up his bloodlust was right here. The chasing, all the hearts he could hear were racing with that beautiful shock the mind gave them all, and how they screamed as they ran. And another thing Ripelle loved was watching them all writhe and die as they all looked up in fear as he ate them alive.

He loved making them watch. Making them suffer as they breathed in their finally breaths of fear and life. It was, in a words, 'arousing and enjoyable' for him.

He smiled as one of his pack mates ran pass him. As he looked around the open field he saw everything. The huge brontosaurus that had carried at the most twenty passengers had fallen victim to the pack of fifteen raptors. Not with ease of course, but that's what made this fun. And now, the passengers were running about. Screaming in terror as they made a beeline for the forest, though they never made it.

Summer was upon the valley and a light summer rain sprinkled small dabs of refreshing water onto the bloody scene. So beautiful Ripelle thought to himself as he stared. His jaws, sickle claws, and his entire body dripped blood onto the lush grass as he strode around the perimeter of the scene. His vision never returning to normal, always staying crimson red. That's what made the scene look more beautiful.

It was then that a small movement the bush beside him caught his eye and he looked over. Behind it, he saw a little girl run from the area into the surrounding forest. Ripelle grinned, his pearl white daggers stained red with blood. And he started for her. Running at his full speed as the trees whizzed by. He knew she would try to hide, but with her being so far from the clearing, it wouldn't be hard for Ripelle to pick her out. He chuckled slightly.

As he slowed, he came to a walk and turned his head from side to side. Listening. He heard her. Her heavy, fast panting. Her heart beat faster as she could hear him getting closer to her. Ripelle's tongue ran across his scaly lips hungrily. Her scent of fear, her panting of tiredness and fear, and her rapid heartbeat just made this all the more fun for the huge albino raptor as the rain fell onto his white scales.

So intoxicating Ripelle thought as he neared the log she was behind. Slowly he raised his head over it and saw her. A little brown headed girl. No more then maybe five-years-old. Her hair was wavy and her skin was pale under the white dress she was wearing. She was on all four limps staring over the sides of the fallen tree trunk so she had no idea of the velociraptor hovering just inches over her head. But Ripelle's hot breath soon hit the back of her neck. Suddenly she jerked around and screamed but the raptor already had her by collar and threw her down and stepped on her, his sickle claw hovering over her small shoulder. She looked up and sobbed and cried as the raptor smiled down at her triumphantly. And his claw went down.

All the raptors had made it back to the cave. They were all celebrating their victory of all full bellies of the pack by gathering and sharing tales of their kills. Then suddenly dark green colored female raptor, with the exact same facial markings as Ripelle, step up onto a raise rock that acted as an area for all Alpha's to make their appearance on. She smiled at her pack warmly and bowed her head to them all. And they did the same. As her head raised, she spoke,

"Today, we have been victorious in the feeding of the pack." The raptors cheered and she grinned, "Tonight we shall sleep with full bellies. And tomorrow, marks the day of the youths' training for their own wild encounters." The raptors all nodded in agreement and she bowed her head once again. "That is all." And she stepped down.

Ripelle's mother smiled at her pack as she walked through the crowd of laying pack members. That's when she noticed that Ripelle wasn't anywhere in the crowd. Looking over at the cave entrance, she saw him lying before the now pouring summer rain. But something wasn't right about him. She could sense it. He was laying there, shaking. Convulsing maybe. But she couldn't tell from how far she was. So she went closer to her son.

And closer.

As she reached him she asked him if he was alright but he didn't answer. "Ripelle? Honey, are you okay?" she repeated and still he didn't answer. But this time he slowly turned his head and she saw his eyes and quickly she knew that her spawn was not right at all. Her eyes widened as she looked at his mouth, which was stained with new, fresh blood, which she could scent very strongly. But it wasn't prey blood. It was youth blood.

As she regained composure she saw it. Her eyes augmented at the sight that was under Ripelle's hands. One of the hatchlings! She looked at Ripelle pleadingly,

"Ripelle, please tell me… Oh no my son!" she whispered in fear and Ripelle grinned maniacally.

"The fight, the adrenaline, the fear. It all is so…" he licked his lips, "intoxicating!" He smiled at his fearful mother and shivered, "Imagine the fight, the fear, the rush…" He stood up and advanced toward his own mother slowly, and she dare not alert the others for something held her tongue, "that I would get… for staining… painting this cave…" he positioned himself in the attack pose, "with all YOUR BLOOD!" he yelled the last part and his mother barely had time to react before he was upon her. The rest of the pack staring in terror.

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