Hi everyone, yes, it's me again. My Muse decided that Tony and Eve needed one more play date. These two can't seem to stay out of trouble. This is the third story in this series. If you want any additional information about Eve Dupree please see Trouble Rides A Fast Horse and Nothing But Trouble. Okay, I still don't own NCIS or any of the characters on the show. I do own the ones that I've created… This chapter is dedicated to crokettsgirl for allowing me to bounce ideas off of her. I hope that you enjoy the first chapter in our journey…

No Crocodiles

Don't think there are no crocodiles because the water is calm. - Malayan proverb

He had been trapped in this tiny 8' by 12' room for longer than he wanted to contemplate. He had alternated between periods of pacing the limited confines of his room and lying on the bunk scheming ways to escape. The walls of his cell were closing in on him every day he was forced to stay here. No Bail. Those had to be two of the worst words ever uttered by a judge.

He sighed and glanced at the clock on the wall outside his cell. Twenty four more hours here then he would be on his way to court for his evidence hearing. He smirked to himself, an evidence hearing he had forced, to make the government show part of their hand. He felt certain that the NCIS Agents involved would be present, but he was positive that Agent Dupree would be nowhere to be seen; John Maxwell would have her hidden and unavailable for the hearing. He knew that the FBI and the CIA wanted him to make a deal and make this go away, but he had no intention of doing that. Oh no, he planned on making sure that he got every hearing available to him under the justice system, because eventually his guards would slip up. Once that happened he intended to make the most of it. He had friends and contacts everywhere, and many of them had contacted him since his incarceration. They were willing to do whatever it took to assist his escape; the timing was the only question left.

Jeff Davis gave a private smile that didn't even come close to making it to his odd light blue eyes; he had a long, distinguished career as a covert operative to assist him in his escape and ultimately his revenge on those who had put him here. His time was coming. He could feel it.

Rain was gently hitting the window panes and filling the still-dark bedroom with its quiet symphony when a pair of sleepy green eyes finally pried themselves open. He yawned and turned back over in bed, content to just lie there and listen to the rain. Tony DiNozzo loved lazy Sunday mornings; he loved them even more when it was raining and there was nothing to do but spend the day with the woman sleeping next to him. He turned his head and studied her as she lay with her back to him, her creamy skin completely bare and her body totally relaxed in slumber. He reached out and gently traced the tiger tattoo that covered part of her back with a slight graze of his fingers. She stirred slightly but didn't wake, so he reached out and pulled her tight against his body.

She finally woke and mumbled, "You're squeezing me, Tony. I need air."

He rumbled deep in his chest and began to nuzzle her neck while whispering, "Good morning."

Eve Dupree sighed and turned over, facing him, her emerald green eyes hazy with sleep even as she tilted her head back to give him better access. "You're insatiable." She moaned slightly and her breathing became more ragged as he resumed his gentle assault on her neck. Never one to be outdone, she began her own sensual assault, her fingertips gently caressing the hard planes of his chest and stomach with a feather light touch. She could feel the muscles rippling under his skin and knew that she had him right where she wanted him. She gave a husky laugh, "Thank God neither of us has to work today."

Tony chuckled in reply and rolled on top of her, pressing her into the mattress. He stared into her eyes, his turning dark, almost black with desire, as he murmured, "Now who's insatiable?"

Her only answer was to twine her arms around his neck and claim his lips in a passionate kiss.

Hours later they finally surfaced to enjoy coffee and the quiet of their apartment. The only plans either of them had for the day was to go for a run if the rain lifted. When it finally appeared the rain had settled in to stay, they ensconced themselves on the sofa with a selection of movies, content to spend the day as far away from the rest of the world as possible.

The pattering of the rain gave Jethro Gibbs a feeling of contentment as he enjoyed his first cup of coffee of the day. He relaxed at his kitchen table and decided to spend his first free Sunday in months buried in his basement and his boat. He always reveled in the familiar feel of the wood beneath his hands, and a full day with no interruptions would allow him to make so much progress towards finishing this portion of the project. He also had another project in mind and wanted to work through the particulars before starting. He rubbed his hands together in anticipation of his day and headed towards the basement.

Timothy McGee sat at his typewriter and focused on the first chapter of his new book. The further adventures of Agent McGregor and his team beckoned to him and he settled in to work. Tim sighed and glanced at the notes he had made. He had actually spent some time interviewing Eve Dupree who had been quite gracious and who had, against Tony's advice, actually consented to give him some accurate information about her former profession. He intended to include a new character in this book, the mysterious CIA Operative Eden who entangles herself with Special Agent Tommy. His mind filled with ideas he grabbed a blank sheet of paper and commenced typing.

Ziva David dressed quickly and raced out to her car, dancing to avoid the falling rain. It was raining too heavily to even attempt a run, but she had a workout partner waiting for her at the gym. Her first free Sunday in what felt like forever would be spent at the gym then running the errands that she never had the time for during the work week. She missed Michael, who had returned to Tel Aviv a couple of weeks ago, and she decided to see if she had enough vacation time stored up to take a short trip home for a visit. She smiled to herself and began her very full day.

Monday morning dawned bright, sunny and cold with the promise of snow. Gibbs stopped at his favorite coffee shop and grabbed a double dose of caffeine before heading off to NCIS. He hoped that his people had enjoyed their day off, because the week already promised to be hell. They had the evidence hearing at the federal courthouse, as well as several active cases to investigate. He walked briskly towards the office, refreshed after a day of solitude.

Entering the bullpen he found his entire team already seated, McGee and Ziva teaming up against Tony who simply smiled and refused to rise to their bait. They all had court in a half hour, and Gibbs was pleased to see that they all looked relaxed enough. He hated the fact that Jeff Davis had tied up his entire team with this stupid hearing. He had spoken at length with the director, and had found out that Davis hoped that the CIA would be a no-show which might get the video evidence thrown out. Gibbs smirked as he thought about the discussion he'd had with all of the players on that sting. Everyone was showing up in court, including Trent Kort and Eve Dupree.

The only person who would be missing was Michael Rivkin because Mossad had declined to allow him to testify. Gibbs understood; he didn't like it, but he definitely understood. Rivkin couldn't afford to be outed, and the US Attorney had made certain his identity would never be mentioned in court. To protect the identities of the CIA Operatives in question, the judge had finally consented to allowing them to testify in a closed courtroom with only the lawyers and the judge present. It wasn't perfect, but it was the best possible solution to the problem. There was no way the FBI, NCIS, or the CIA were going to allow this traitor to walk away, and they had banded together in a rare show of unity to ensure that it didn't happen.

His attention was captured by the appearance of Eve Dupree in the bullpen. It disturbed him that her presence had become a common occurrence since her return home from Afghanistan several months prior; she and Tony had managed to spend most of their lunches together, and they generally worked out together in the NCIS gym several nights a week. This morning, however, she carried multiple cups of coffee on a tray, and she distributed them to McGee, Ziva and finally Tony before settling herself on the corner his desk.

She turned her head and subjected Gibbs to one of her soul-searching stares. It had always made him uncomfortable when she did that, because more often than not her eyes were devoid of any emotion and reminded him of a shark's eyes. He finally nodded a greeting to her which she returned with a grudging smile before she turned back to her coffee.

About thirty minutes before they were due in court the entire group walked out of the bullpen together all headed to the garage and their respective vehicles, each of them anxious to get this court date behind them.

Two hours later they were all cursing the court system that was so slow. Their hearing hadn't even begun, the process was held up by the fact that the defendant had not been transported to the courthouse as of yet. Something was gnawing at Gibbs' gut as he thought about Jeff Davis. He decided to call Fornell and get a head's up on where on the route his people were. Before he could even dial, his phone began to vibrate in his hands. He snapped it open answering, "Gibbs."

"We have a problem."

'What kind of problem, Tobias? Where are your people; we've been waiting here for two hours for this damn hearing to start."

"Jethro, that's the problem. We lost contact with our people. We don't know where they are."

"Activate the GPS in the vehicle and get us a location. I'll have my team go check it out."

"No, you wait there for the hearing to start; I'll send some of my people. I'll call once I have more news."

Gibbs hung up the phone without saying good-bye and turned to the group who was looking at him with expectation on their faces. He sighed to himself. When he told them that the FBI had lost contact with its prisoner transport they were all going to become very agitated.

"That was Fornell. The FBI has lost contact with the prisoner transport." As he expected there was some mumbling from everyone. He continued, "He's activating the GPS and sending a team to check out the situation. He'll call us as soon as he knows more."

Tony grew pale. His father was on the way here today to testify about some of the information his company had turned over to the US Attorney's office. He grabbed Eve by the shoulder and whispered, "Have you spoken with my father's protection detail today?"

She shook her head and reached for her encrypted phone and dialed quickly. A minute later she was having a rapid discussion in Creole that had everyone, with the exception of Tony, starring at her in confusion. She spoke for several minutes then snapped the phone shut. She turned to Tony and pulled his head down to murmur in his ear, "He's fine. Jean-Paul and the boys will be hyper-vigilant until we know where Davis is. These guys are good, Tony. They like your dad; it's a great gig for them. They'll take care of him."

Gibbs watched the pair with a speculative light in his blue eyes. They obviously had secrets between them, and if he had to guess he would say that whatever that discussion had been about, it had had something to do with the missing Jeff Davis. He resolved to speak to Tony about whatever was going on. He did not like it at all when his people kept things from him. His phone began to vibrate again. He answered quickly. "Gibbs."

"Jethro, Davis is in the wind. We found the van on P Street. Both Agents were dead, and our prisoner was gone. We need to get a BOLO for Davis and make sure that his mugshot is on the radar of every law enforcement organization for a hundred miles."

"Ya think, Tobias? Did you call the US Attorney?"

"That was the first call I made."

Gibbs grumbled and hung up his phone in disgust. He glanced at his people again. They could read the news on his face before he could give it to them.

Ziva didn't pull any punches. "He is gone, yes?"

Gibbs nodded. "His escort is dead; he's in the wind."

The group quickly turned and left the courthouse on their way back to their respective offices.

Tony had been studying Eve since Gibbs made the first announcement. He held her back. "I don't like that look in your eyes. Where's your head at?"

She looked at him with a hooded gaze and flashed a smile that did not reach her eyes. "I was just thinking that I might get my chance to kill that bastard after all."

Tony sighed. He knew that first and foremost Eve had been an assassin, and it was difficult to change thought patterns that had been engrained over a fifteen year period. He wondered if it was worth it to even try. Generally her instincts in that area were flawless. He grasped her hand and led her from the building in an attempt to catch up to the rest of the group.

They were passing a passenger van that was parked on the curb when a sudden explosion rent the air with fire, smoke, and scorching debris.

Tony felt himself thrown violently backward, his hand was wrenched from Eve's and his head hit the pavement with a sickening pop. He tried to focus his eyes to see where she was, but all he could see was smoke and burning debris. He finally gave in and closed his eyes, the pain and darkness overwhelming him.

Eve felt something hot and heavy strike her in the back. Her hand was wrenched from Tony's grasp, and she hit the ground hard, her arm stopping her from planting her face on the concrete. She looked desperately for Tony and the rest of his team, but couldn't see for the blood in her eyes. She finally rested her cheek on the ground and tried to breathe, finding only pain as she gasped for air.

Gibbs, Ziva and McGee had been far enough ahead that the explosion threw them to the ground, but they avoided the majority of the debris. Gibbs turned around looking desperately for Tony, seeing only the smoke that filled the air and the fire that burned. He raced back to where the explosion had occurred, never realizing that he was shouting at the top of his lungs, "TONY!"