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Telling Tales

Tell me who you love, and I'll tell you who you are. -- Creole Proverb

Ziva knew something was going to happen. If she had been asked all she could have said was that she had a 'bad' feeling. The gunshots turned her bad feeling into action, and she immediately grabbed Tony and dove for cover.

A second later an explosion rent the air with fire and smoke. Ziva closed her eyes and realized she was reliving one of a hundred other instances from her homeland. As they lay huddled together beside the command center and waited for the air to clear they could hear sirens approaching and the screams and cries of people. Finally they stood and began to assist in the recovery.

The force of the blast shook the building where Gibbs was ensconced. He watched the action from his scope, and was relieved to see both DiNozzo and David emerge from a sheltered area. He stood and shouldered his weapon and began a rapid descent from his perch so he could assist the rescue crews.

Special Agent Sacks stood speechless as the explosion took place. From this vantage point he could see everything taking place. He could see the fire, smoke, and the bodies of the injured and dead. Ahmed had indeed found the perfect perch from which to watch the destruction. He turned his shocked gaze to his two companions and found them standing side by side at the ledge, the body of the terrorist at their feet, watching the crowd below. A few seconds after the noise from the explosion abated he was following them back down to the ground level to assist in the search for survivors.

Two weeks later Ziva sat in front of her computer screen and read the final news reports about the suicide bombing. The media had been full of praise for all of the law enforcement agencies, rescue, and medical teams involved in the operation. Because of their seamless teamwork there had been minimal loss of life. They had ended up with a tally of 8 civilians and five law enforcement officers dead. There had been another fifteen individuals gravely injured as well as countless minor injuries including one woman who had suffered a heart attack. Luckily she had been taken to the hospital and was expected to make a full recovery

Since two of the dead had been part of the group of moderate Islamic believers, there had been immediate condemnation worldwide. In honor of the fallen, plans for another peace rally were in progress.

The dead terrorists were mourned by no one.

She had been able to see Michael briefly before he had been called back to Tel Aviv to report to her father. Ziva missed him already and was currently making plans to take a trip home.

Eve Dupree sat in a tiny cantina in Juárez, Mexico waiting for her companion to return. She had been following her target for the better part of a week as he traveled first from Denver, Colorado, to Dallas, Texas and finally to Mexico. Jeff Davis had killed the WitSec Marshals watching him and had taken to the road to meet some of his contacts. As far as she could ascertain he was in the process of obtaining an alternate identity with which to escape. Eve grinned to herself even as she took a sip of her warm beer. He wasn't going to get the chance to escape.

She barely noticed when her companion returned, only taking her eyes off the target when a fresh drink was put in front of her. She finally turned her head and met the steady gaze of the man who had accompanied her.

"Thanks." She indicated the drink, pausing to take a sip of the foamy liquid.

Tony took a sip from the same glass and motioned to the man they were both watching. "I see he hasn't made a move yet." He took another longer sip and said, "I managed to find the place."


"I've got to be back in the office on Monday. You going to be done by then?"

She leaned over and brushed her lips against his. "This will be finished tonight and then we'll have a long weekend to enjoy ourselves."

Tony took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. He couldn't believe that he was sitting in yet another bar, with her, waiting for a hit to take place. It felt a bit like déjà vu and definitely reminded him of the first two weeks they'd spent together.

He couldn't lie; he wanted Jeff Davis dead just as much as Eve did. The bonus was that Davis was number one on the FBI's "Most Wanted List" and had been since the day his Marshals were found murdered in their beds. Tony had given little thought to actually arresting Davis when Eve told him that she had been given the green light to find him and finish her last assignment. Tony had promptly applied for and been granted a week of leave so he could watch her back, not that he told Gibbs exactly where they planned to go for their 'vacation.'

Tony turned his attention back to the woman sitting next to him. It had been hard, but they had put Morocco behind them. He was happy; the only thing that would make him happier would be if she turned in her CIA credentials. He had been amused to watch her as she avidly stalked Davis across two states and across the border into Mexico. She had been relentless and he wondered what she would be like if she applied her drive to investigating crimes.

His musings were interrupted by Davis standing and following his contact out of the back entrance to the cantina. He and Eve were up a second later and right on his tail. They watched as the two men shook hands and separated right outside the door, and followed Davis as he headed slowly towards the street.

Eve reached for her boot knife and glanced at Tony. "You ready for this?"

He nodded and dropped back to watch her six as she followed the target, staying in the shadows of the dark alleyway they were in. Davis paused for a moment to heed the call of nature, and Eve closed the distance between them rapidly, finally standing directly behind him with her wickedly sharp blade pressed to his kidney.

Davis immediately stilled feeling the blade press against his back. "What do you want? My wallet is in my back pocket. Take it and go."

Eve grabbed his shoulder and whirled him around to face her. She snarled, "What makes you think that you have enough money to buy me off?"

The man inhaled sharply. He looked at the small woman standing in front of him and thought about trying to fight his way out of the situation. He almost made a move in that direction but finally noticed the gun DiNozzo had trained on him.

Tony shook his head. "Not a good idea to stop and take a piss here."

Feeling vulnerable, Davis tried to tuck himself back into his pants but was stilled by the knife that dropped dangerously close to his genitals.

"Move again and I'll cut it off." She paused for a second and gave him a dispassionate look. "Why did you think it was a good idea to kill the marshals and run? You should have known that as soon as you did that John would cut me loose."

"I honestly thought I could get out of the country before you were on my trail."

Tony smirked. "You thought wrong."

"Obviously…" his words were cut short by her knife as she drove it in to his stomach as deep as it would go. She viciously twisted the blade to cause maximum damage.

"I owed you that one for kidnapping me." He gasped and put his hands over the wound and felt his lifeblood spill over his hands. Suddenly he felt even more pain as her blade slipped lower and fulfilled her promise of just a few seconds ago. "I told you I'd cut it off if you moved."

"Wha… why…"

"Oh, that was for all of that 'quality' time we spent together in the back room. I'll see you in hell, Jeff."

She turned her back on the bleeding, dying man and walked back over to Tony. He wordlessly handed her a pack of moist wipes to clean her hands and weapon with. She rapidly cleaned up then put the used items in a small bag which she tucked back into her backpack.

"Thanks." She then pulled a 22-caliber semi-automatic pistol from her bag and put a silencer on the end. She walked back over to the body and put two slugs into his head before turning away.

Tony shook his head but didn't comment as she unscrewed the silencer and replaced both items in the bag. They walked away from the carnage hand in hand without once looking back. Tony finally looked at her and asked, "How do you feel?"

She paused for a second and seemed to honestly consider the question. Finally she turned her emerald green gaze to him and smiled. "Better."

Tony gave a bark of laughter and realized that he actually felt better, too.

Six Months Later…

Gibbs and Fornell looked at each other with amusement as the listened to the "discussion" taking place over the headset.

"I can't believe this…I could be lying on a beach in the South of France right now. Whose bright idea was this anyway?"

"Jesus, Tony. This is only going to take a couple of days and we're done. We need to get this guy and his guns off the streets. Come on…man up for me here."

The two team leaders snorted with laughter at the bemused tones coming from the woman on the other end of the microphone. Gibbs finally decided to weigh in.


"Yeah, Boss."

"Are you through bitching yet?"

"Shutting up now, Boss."

"Good. Your target is entering the room and is sitting down at the table in the left corner. Ziva and McGee are waiting outside if you need back up."

The other voice chuckled and interjected, "Piece of cake. We'll make contact and be out of here in a couple of minutes."

Gibbs cleared his throat and continued, "By the way…I believe it was your idea to postpone your honeymoon to finish this Op. If you're upset about it now…don't come complaining to me."

Tony's tone was slightly sarcastic when he replied, "Gotcha…my fault…what else is new? We're getting ready to make contact. Is everyone ready?"

"Affirmative." McGee's quiet tones came over the headset.

"I am ready." Ziva piped in a second later.

"Are you ready to do this, Tony?"

"Let's do it."

Both Fornell and Gibbs turned their attention to the computer monitor in front of them as the FBI technician shifted slightly to make room for both of the men to watch the surveillance video. They could see both Tony and his companion walk into the room and slowly make their way to the bar. They sat there for several minutes, ordering a drink and making sure they were in no danger of being compromised.

Gibbs was watching, but his attention wasn't on the pair who graced the screen. He was thinking back to the end of the fiasco with Davis and all of the fallout from the bombing at the peace rally. The last six months hadn't been easy, but the wedding had been the highlight. Gibbs had enjoyed acting as Tony's Best Man at the small ceremony several weeks prior.

There had been virtually no break between cases in the last couple of months. It seemed that there had been a murder a week for a while, and now here they were again working with the FBI. Fornell had wanted their assistance running a sting to stop a gun runner and his Marine connection since they were putting major weaponry on the streets of Baltimore. It had been a messy assignment, and Tony's wedding had taken place right in the middle of it. Gibbs still couldn't believe that they had actually agreed to postpone the honeymoon long enough to complete this undercover assignment. If all went according to plan then they should have enough evidence to arrest the suspect before the night was over with. He turned to Fornell and nudged his shoulder.

"How's she working out for you?"

"She's doing a great job. Actually, I was shocked when the DNI reassigned her to us permanently, and I wasn't sure that she could make the transition from working Covert Ops to FBI SOP, but she's handled it beautifully. The only complaint I have is that she put Sacks out for two months with that beating she gave him."

"Hey, the way I heard it, he asked for it."

"I know, Jethro, but even you've gotta admit…it was brutal."

"Well, maybe next time he'll keep his mouth shut and not force the issue. He could be taking the celestial dirt nap."

"I tried to warn him." Fornell paused then snarked, "You could at least tell DiNozzo not to enjoy it so much!"

Gibbs chuckled and took a sip of his ever present cup of coffee before turning his attention back to the screen. He hated surveillance with a passion. Everything was hurry up and wait. Gibbs sighed and drank more coffee. He knew that he was getting impatient in his older age when he couldn't even sit in a surveillance van anymore.

Fornell turned back to Gibbs and asked, "Did you hear that Jeff Davis' body was found in Juárez?"

Gibbs was nonplussed by the news and replied, "Yeah, I heard. Got what he deserved."

Fornell nodded his head in agreement and both men turned their attention to the action taking place in the bar. Their team was only a few seconds from making contact with the target.

The pair had slowly made their way to the table and casually began speaking to the man they had been tailing. Both Gibbs and Fornell could hear the voices coming over the headset.

"Hello, Mr. Markov. I'm Anthony DiSalvo, and this is my wife Eve. We hear you are in the business of procuring specialized items."

The man sitting at the table looked up at the pair standing before him. He narrowed ice blue eyes and quickly made an assessment before replying. "Mr. and Mrs. DiSalvo is it? Ah yes, I've heard of you. You've done some business with the Colombians, correct? Please join me; we'll talk business."

Eve gracefully lowered herself into the chair next to Tony and slanted her eyes at the target. "Thank you. We're looking for some specialized items for a client."

Their new companion looked intrigued and paused for a moment to light a Cuban cigar. He sat back and puffed on it in enjoyment, his pale eyes closed for a second. Finally, he waved his hand for her to continue.

"Do you have any contacts that can procure ten cases of M-16s? I know, not very imaginative, but our client is interested in…hmm…home defense."

"That is easy. I can have the product for you by tomorrow." He slid a slip of paper across the table. Tony picked it up and pretended to blanch at the amount.


"I don't haggle over price. If you pay my price I can guarantee there will be no complications or police involvement."

Tony cocked his head to the side, considering the other man's assurances. "You've got a deal. We'll meet you at the docks at 7 am with the money."

Eve placed her hand on Tony's arm and gave the arms dealer a winning smile. "If that is so easy for you, perhaps you can satisfy another client for us at the same time. Do you by chance have a contact that has access to Kalashnikovs?"

"My dear, that is easy. How many do you want?"

She gave a dangerous smile and replied, "As many as you have. Our client will pay in diamonds."

She could see the greed in the other man's eyes as he contemplated a bagful of diamonds as payment for his weapons. "I can get twenty five cases of them. I will have them in the morning as well." He slid another sheet of paper across the table and smiled, "Tell your client to be prepared."

Eve smiled and nodded her head at Tony. He gave her a startled look as the pair stood. He grabbed her hand and gave it a hard squeeze as they began to walk away.

She turned her head slightly and hissed, "WHAT?"

He gave her fingers a tight squeeze and whispered, "That wasn't on the script. What are you up to?"

She said nothing simply gave him an enigmatic smile and followed him out of the door.

In the van Gibbs gave Tobias a dagger like glare as he asked, "Did you know that was going to happen?"

"Of course not. Do you really think I'd approve a change of plan without discussing it with you first? Now, just what the hell is she up to?"

Gibbs shook his head, ready to tear his agent a new one. "I have no clue; why don't we find out."

A few minutes after that the group met in the back of the surveillance van. Fornell turned to his agent and snapped.

"Agent DiNozzo just what the hell were you doing? You're supposed to clear all changes through us BEFORE you go off script."

Gibbs couldn't resist adding a head slap to his agent and growling, "Sit Rep DiNozzo!"

Eve and Tony looked at their respective bosses and could practically see the steam coming from both sets of ears. They looked at each other for a minute, and both men groaned when they saw the conspiratorial smile pass between the two agents.

Gibbs shook his head in amusement and all he could think was, "Here we go again."