Captain Kirk decided to decrease the speed of his starship the Enterprise. He informed Sulu, his pilot, to slow her down on account of no incoming enemy attacks and no dire need to immediately return to Earth. He had just defeated the disturbed Romulan, Nero, and escaped the detrimental pull of a dangerously powerful black hole. He was drained and wished to prolong the journey home in hopes to rest and settle his nerves.

One fact really seemed to be eating at Kirk lately. Ever since he had laid eyes on Uhura, he had shown his interest in her and yet she was already taken. And by no one other than that pointy-eared, emotionless Vulcan.

And here Kirk always thought women liked emotional men. Ha!

The newly deemed captain strode easily through the halls of his ship, learning her curves and turns, remembering the Starfleet member's names and faces. They did, after all, risk their lives to serve under the Federation and he was responsible for each of them.

However, at the moment, Kirk wanted nothing more than to be alone. So, to accomplish this desire, he moved swiftly to a more deserted part of the ship. Due to the late hour, some of the ship's lights had been softened, allowing a smooth, even glow to lightly touch the ship's walls and floor. Kirk hadn't come into contact with another crew member for a good minute and he was delighted to find that his escape plan was currently successful. He may be able to have a moment to himself. To think.

His momentary serenity was all too quickly dissipated when he heard hushed voices nearby. He froze, holding his breath as he concentrated all his efforts on listening.

One of the voices was quiet but harsh sounding. The words were quick, quite possibly angry and from its quality sounded female.

The other was calmer. Not making too many comments, but when words came they sounded male.

Kirk tried to distinguish who the owners of these voices could be, but the next sound he heard was footsteps. His heart jumped and his eyes dashed around for an exit. He spotted the closest door, on his right and a little further up the hall, but it didn't matter.

Very quickly, a fuming Uhura dashed around the nearest corner and into Kirk's sight. She had her arms awkwardly reaching over her head, as if she were trying to scratch her own back. Kirk narrowed his eyes realizing what she was actually doing. She was attempting to zip up the back of her dress.

Her eyes snapped up, discovering her captain just ahead of her. She immediately retracted her hands and lowered her face, to shield her eyes. They were swollen with tears that threatened to slip over the ledge and down her smooth cheeks.

"Uhura—" Kirk said, but his voice was drowned out by a slightly louder voice calling her name as well.

Spock advanced from around the same corner. "Uhura!" he called out. His dark brown eyes pierced Kirk immediately, showing instant displeasure for his presence. After a moment, he averted his eyes, turning his face away.

The Vulcan was clad only in black slacks. His blue uniform shirt was currently being grasped tightly in his right hand.

Kirk couldn't help but feel a fluid flush of red run over his face. A reaction that mirrored the Vulcan's except that Spock's was a dark shade of green.

The moment of discomfort was quickly stopped short by Spock. "Nyota."

"Don't talk to me," she said heatedly. "Don't come near me." She began walking again.

Kirk allowed her to pass, watching with concern. Spock began to follow, but Kirk did not move from his way.

"What did you do to her?" Kirk asked, stepping firmly in front of the alien's path.

Spock appeared unconcerned with the obstacle. "I do not believe you are involved in our current argument. Move aside."

"Answer my question."

"What I was doing to her is not what she is upset about. I assure you," Spock answered. His eyes on Uhura's quickly distancing back instead of on Kirk's face. "Move aside."

"Where I come from, we respect our women," Kirk said. "I knew she should've chosen me. I would've treated her right. Maybe if she's angry enough she'll come to me for comfort and I'll show her what a man can do."

At this, the Vulcan's mahogany eyes met Kirk's clear blue ones. "I believe I showed you once what I can do when you force me to use physical strength against you. Although harming an officer of higher rank is strictly forbidden, I must warn you, if you refuse to move than I will use my strength against you again. But I would choose to avoid the situation if necessary, captain."

Kirk suddenly realized how close he was to the Vulcan. Spock's bare chest was giving off a soft heat that made Kirk's stomach flutter slightly, a flutter that ran unexpectedly to his groin. He stepped back slightly, unable to form a comeback.

"And if I'm correct," Spock continued. "I believe human men do not like to be beaten by someone stronger than they are. Especially twice. It hurts their…" he paused, thinking. "pride? Is it?"

Kirk shook the insult off, more concerned with his weird body reactions than with Spock's unintentional taunt. Spock had a tendency of simply stating facts, unaware of their insulting undertones.

An image ran quickly through Kirk's mind: It was of angering the Vulcan enough to spur the violence from him again. Maybe Spock would shove him against the smooth, cool wall. Or maybe he'd shove him to the floor and fall on top of him. Straddle him. Push his weight against his stomach, lower… Kirk shook the thoughts away, blinking to clear his mind.

"What the fuck?" he softly said to himself.

"What?" Spock said.

"Spock. Can I ask you something?" Kirk asked quite unexpectedly.

Spock had had enough of this delay. "Move aside. Now."

"Listen," Kirk said. "I can move aside and you can go after her now, but it would be more logical if you waited until later, when she isn't so anger. That way, you two will be able to have a more rational conversation."

Spock was slightly surprised by the human's sudden spout of logical advice. Of course, not so much so that he showed his astonishment. "You may be correct," he simply said, seeming content enough to stay put.

Kirk was shocked at how nervous he became when he realized that he was alone with the half-naked Vulcan.

"You wished to ask me something?"

"Yes," Kirk said. He swallowed hard, showing obvious discomfort with forming the words he was about to say. "Have you ever done something completely illogical?"

Spock's eyes drifted downward as he thought. "Yes, twice. One time I attack a schoolmate after numerous attempts of his to illicit emotion from me."

"And the other?"

"Was because you claimed that I did not love my mother." The Vulcan's eyes locked with the captain's.

"Okay," Kirk stated. "I'm going to ask you to do one more illogical thing for me."

The Vulcan cocked his head slightly. "Is there some rational reason behind your request?"

Kirk smirked. "If there was than why would the act be illogical?"

"Sometimes the most logical path is not the clearest."

"No, Spock. There isn't any rational reasoning behind what I am about to ask from you. It is simply a want."

"What is it?"

"I ask… no…" Kirk's smile widened. "No, I order that you allow me to do whatever I wish to you for the next couple of minutes."

One of Spock's tilted eyebrows rose slightly. "I cannot resist anything?"

Kirk took a step forward, almost closing the gap between them completely. "Nothing."

Of course, Spock assumed that this was Kirk's way of beginning a fight of some kind. "It isn't in my nature to refuse orders, but I do not wish to obtain physical harm tonight."

"Alright, I'll allow you to resist if I am causing you harm. But pain, I assure you, is not my intention."

"I'm sensing a strange emotion from you… similar to that of Uhura," the Vulcan paused. "Surely, that is not your intentions—"

The human was through watching the Vulcan try to wrap an incredibly irrational situation around his highly rational mind, so he cut Spock's words off with the rough pressure of his lips.

At first their lips were simply pressed against each other's, but then Kirk gently opened his mouth, letting his head tilt to the right. Spock's hands, almost instinctively, went to Kirk's sides, resting there, unmoving. Kirk pushed harder against the Vulcan's mouth and Spock responded ever so slightly, letting his mouth open as well.

Kirk brought his hand to the back of the other's head, feeling the short, brown stands against his fingertips. He took a breath in through his nose and could smell the Vulcan's scent fill his lungs and it made his legs weak. It was almost ridiculous how much he wanted to defile this Vulcan. He pushed his tongue inside and felt the warmth of Spock's wet mouth. Spock responded with his own tongue, allowing his own hands to begin traveling.

Once Kirk was certain that the Vulcan was moved by the kiss, he pulled away.

Spock allowed the human to pull away from him. His mouth still slightly agape, the expression of surprise was apparent on his face and he knew it. He pulled his arms back to his sides. "Most illogical."

"What? That I kissed you? Or that you responded to it?"

"Both," Spock almost whispered.

"Do you want to do it again?"

"Want is not something I ever consider," Spock answered.

"Well I'm going to make you start," Kirk responded. "If you want for me to show you what true desire is, then meet me in my quarters. One hour."

With that, Kirk left the confused Vulcan alone to analyze what had just happened to him. Spock remained still for a couple long moments, replaying everything that had just occurred. After a minute he tilted his right eyebrow. "Fascinating."