It hit him during his meditation. He often meditated at night when most of the ship's occupants were asleep, and as usual, Spock decided to begin his ritual relaxation at that time. He was focusing somewhat acutely on the captain, concerning himself with Kirk's strange behavior as of late. Despite how aggressive Jim had been at first, it appeared that he had somewhat settled his instinctual prowess. Lately, the captain has been largely… logical about his approaches to Spock. Instead of sneak attacking him with a hypo-shot, Kirk had been slowly urging Spock into relations with him, asking him on a date, quick but soft touches in the quieter moments, and those eyes.

Never had Spock ever felt both so violated and so lusted for from just a look. Of course, he let nothing on that he even noticed the emotion that danced behind Kirk's blue eyes, but in times like this, when he was alone, he allowed his mind to wander. He was in a secure environment, safe within his own mind and free to let his curiosity be sated.

In many ways Kirk was a terrible match for Spock. As a Vulcan, Spock would never consider a mate that was not interested in a serious courtship, and something within Spock's logic told him that Kirk was not exactly marriage material. Of course, Spock had already successfully started and ended a relationship with Lieutenant Uhura. A relationship he did not regret in any fashion and found it sensible that they separate if the needs of them both were not being met. Experimenting was not a fault. Jim may not be the most suitable, but Spock did not think Jim would objectify him to a… as the humans termed, a 'one night stand.' It might be frowned upon by some Vulcans, but after all Spock was half human.

And then it happened. All of the sudden Spock's mind was consumed with it, searing every thought and emotion like a bolt of lightning and he separated his fingers, brutally severing the mental connection to his mind. He knew this feeling. He had felt it on occasion before but it was rare and was never this intense. It was lust. Pure, unadulterated lust.

He had been sitting, luckily, because if he were standing he would have collapsed to the floor. His fingers dug greedily at the carpet as the sensation ran viciously through his entire body, burning in his groin and hands.

And then flashes of Kirk assaulted him. The image of the captain, his body, fit and lean, beside him, always beside him but somehow still out of reach. His smile, the smile that made Spock want to automatically return the gesture. His eyes, oh those damnable eyes, that made Spock's breath hitch and his step to stutter. The eyes that made Spock want Jim; want to feel the captain's body beneath his… spreading himself wider for him…

Spock let out a low strangle noise, trying to systematically close his mind off to this sudden intense urge. Deep down Spock knew that he might harbor actual interest for the captain's advances, but he was absolutely positive that this was not him. This was something else. Something powerful and unyielding.

He closed his eyes and successfully 'shut down' in a sense a portion of his mind, closing it off to this infliction and alleviating the lust. Concentrating he began to overcome to the onslaught of emotion and push it out. He sat, he didn't know how long, but he sat there until he was certain that he had complete control over his emotional and mental facilities. He was mentally exhausted, having fought a mini war inside his own head, and his fatigue showed on the outside as well. His breathing was slightly labored and his limbs were stiff, but he managed to stand with his usual grace.

His morning shift would be beginning in a little less than an hour. It was perfect timing really because he needed to have a little conversation with the captain.

It was early and surely Kirk would still be sleeping, but Spock pushed the call button on his door anyway. It took a moment, but as expected a tired-looking, slightly unkempt captain was standing within the door frame after the door whooshed open.

"Spock," Kirk said, sounding a bit worried by the sudden drop in. "Is there something wrong?"

"Something is definitely… inappropriate…"

"Look, Spock." Kirk laughed slightly. "If you want to banter me about my come-ons can you do it possible during lunch hour. I would be more than happy to play along then."

"May I come in?" Spock asked, ignoring Jim completely.

Kirk looked down the hallway and then the other direction before returning his eyes to Spock, as if he thought this were some sort of prank. "Uh, sure," he said, moving to the side.

Spock entered swiftly, moving to the center of the room and stopping. He probably wouldn't sit, Kirk knew that. But he did, none the less.

"What's up, Spock?"

"I have reasons to believe that there is a malicious entity aboard the Enterprise."

"What?" Kirk sat up in his chair. "Why? Have you seen it?"

"No, think of it more as a virus. It affects the body, but it is invisible to the eye."

"Why? What are your reasons to believe it's here?"

Spock paused, thinking momentarily of the images he had of Kirk just hours ago. "Firstly, the odd behaviors of the helmsmen Sulu and Chekov—,"

Jim laughed suddenly. "Spock, those weren't weird behaviors. They were about to have sex."

Spock cocked his head quickly to the side, ever so slightly, more like a small twitch, that related to Jim that the Vulcan was slightly annoyed, which just made Kirk's smile widen.

"I am well aware of what their intentions were. Your actions as of late, as well, have been odd."

Kirk considered this for a moment, letting his head fall back exposing the skin that lay exposed on his neck. Spock caught himself studying the area and quickly dropped his eyes to the floor.

"I still don't see any reason to believe that there is an evil entity aboard the Enterprise. Maybe everybody is just… horny," Kirk said, shrugging. "Humans interact much more openly than Vulcans—,"

"It affected me as well," Spock said, quietly. Almost too quiet for Jim to hear.

Jim moved to the edge of his seat, interest suddenly clear on his face. "You?" he paused. "Really?" He stood.

Spock reacted and stepped back.

Jim sensed the effect of his movement and proceeded to take a couple more steps toward the alien. "And what exactly did you feel Spock?"

This was not a topic of conversation Vulcans ever had and especially not with the people of interest in which they were fantasizing about. "I am sure that you can correctly assess what occurred."

"Oh sure, Spock, I can imagine what you were doing, but…" He stepped right next to Spock, shoulder to shoulder but they were facing opposite directions. "I don't think you would feel comfortable with what I would imagine you doing."

Spock slightly turned his face away, blinking quickly. "It was similar to the inflictions on the other crewmen."

Kirk circled him, moving around his backside. "And you fought it?"

"It was not without difficulty. This virus is potent, almost unbearable."

"And it was directly at… me?" Kirk was smiling, Spock could tell just by the sound of his voice.

"Captain," Spock said, trying to put some formality between them. "This is almost unspeakable for a Vulcan. This should not be taken lightly."

"So, you're saying that there is a malevolent lust-inflicting disease infecting all of the crew?"

Spock knew how ridiculous or illogical all of this sounded. "Captain, I do not exaggerate my claims. I considered many options, but the reaction to my own mind was not of natural origin."

"Or maybe you're losing in the fight against my natural charm and sexual advances," Kirk said, a self-satisfied smile on his face as he circled back in front of Spock's vision.

"You are simply not that convincing."

Jim's smile disappeared and Spock felt a small twinge of self-righteous success at the reaction.

Quickly, Jim slipped his fingers up the side of Spock's neck and continued swiftly through the thick black hair on the back of the Vulcan's head. Jim's lips became within an inch of Spock's and paused there. Spock could feel the soft heat of Kirk's breath against his mouth and felt the intense look of Kirk's eyes devouring into him.

"Spock," Kirk breathed out, letting the bodies come together for a moment. Everything almost touching, but nothing quite completing the task. Again, he was here but seemingly unreachable. His body, his lips, his hands, so close, so so close. And Spock didn't even realize when he did it, but he connected their lips, fulfilling something within him, satisfying him on levels he had yet to dare explore.

Finally after Spock initiated the kiss, Kirk allowed his mouth and hands to commandingly take the parts of Spock he wanted. Spock was lost for many moments, letting the kiss linger for much longer than was generally appropriate.

It was actually Kirk that first pulled away. "The game," he said, glancing at Spock's lips once more. "Is not over."

Spock swallowed roughly, for once, allowing a shred of emotion to show, allowing Kirk to see for a split second just how tousled he could make Spock feel.

Spock enjoyed the interaction, that was obvious enough, but he was still relieved when Kirk severed the kiss. In his current mental state if things were to progress it might become hazardous. A Vulcan lost in the throws of lust could be potentially very dangerous. "Why did you pull away?"

Kirk gave that smile again. "I know you're not ready, Spock."

A sudden feeling of immense respect hit the Vulcan. He gave one of his so-small-you-can-practically-not-even-see-it smiles and nodded. Kirk caught the smile though.

"I will look into your concerns, First Officer," Kirk said, glancing at the time. "But right now we are supposed to be on the bridge."

"Yes, Captain." Spock said, noticing that Kirk still needed to change into his uniform. "I will be on the bridge." He moved to the door and was out of sight in one smooth movement.

Kirk watched him, shaking his head slightly. "Damn that man is gorgeous."