Author's Notes:

I decided that I should give Yullen Week a try. I really am quite thrilled that my favorite pairing has such a good fandom :D I think that the idea behind Yullen Week is great! Thanks to those who organized it!

I just found myself in quite a bit of trouble while trying to come up with ways to fulfill these prompts. I am by default not a very humorous person (at least my stories are not funny) and at the moment I lack creativity and patience to get things straight. Anyway, I still wanted to contribute something as an appreciation of the KandaxAllen pairing.

This is not a six chapter story, but a short collection of glimpses of Kanda and Allen's interaction based around the prompts. All of these will probably be set after the Phantom Thief G arc, so there are some potential spoilers. This chapter has Timothy in it.

The first prompt: Misunderstanding

Disclaimer: D. Gray-Man belongs to Katsura Hoshino

1. Misunderstanding: Whispering Secrets

In the new shelter of the Black Order headquarters he felt as if secrets were louder. Omnipresent like the billowing winds beating around the two rising church towers of the main building, they circulated through the dark halls and corridors. An unceasing torrent of whispers filling the entire building. Like a backdrop. Like ghosts.

It should not have been surprising, in an institution such as the Black Order, a secret society that should always just lurk beneath the surface of reality, very rarely coming into close contact with humans. But they still were louder now that they had changed homes. Maybe, Kanda mused, what he heard were also caused by the many losses they suffered during the raid before the move. He rarely witnessed anybody openly lamenting; after the shock had settled in everything was hushed over by a very heavy silence. But now those whispers had become a part of his life here; a constant reminder that they were only humans and they could all be wiped out within the blink of an eye. And there would be nobody here to openly mourn their loss.

But the main secret, Kanda thought to know, was the very presence of something immensely dangerous within their own ranks. Only a handful knew, only a handful was afraid. The rest was secrets and everybody felt them.


He too was starting to get anxious about something that should not matter to him, but those secrets and whisperings were getting on his strained nerves. He too felt the weight of someone who should not be there walking amongst them. Allen Walker felt like a revenant to him. He didn't belong to this world anymore, but he still moved within its closed circles, one foot already in another sphere. And people tended to get drawn towards him, but the danger of doing so was apparent to everybody once they escaped the close vicinity of him whose charms were so irresistible to all that refusing to like him was like a test of faith. Kanda had a strong mind and a hard to get rid of dislike for the boy, but even his resistance was faltering under the weight of what the white haired boy might become. Until now, it still was a secret, one that only shouted at him in the solitude of his room.


"I feel it too, you know…," Rabi told him silently as they were standing outside of an abandoned office. And there where those whispers again, Kanda realized, adding one secret to the others. But how else could one talk about the bean sprout? He openly existed, but beneath the surface he was to be the Black Order's dark secret. "Nobody of us can pretend not to care about what is happening to Allen. We know him, Yu, we know that he must be one of the best humans to walk this earth. Continuing to put our faith in him should not be difficult, we know that he would never betray us, but there is this fear just lurking on the surface of my sub-conscious. Not really about being betrayed, but about everything the fact that he is not only Allen, but more, means for us humans. There is just something… I don't know…"

"It's the secret. That's all." Rabi looked at the dark haired exorcist, then he pulled his mouth into an uncertain half-grin.

"It's too easy to put it that bluntly. Of course it's a secret, but we know. I don't feel bad about the others not knowing. There is nobody I want to tell it to, as long as I can talk about it," Rabi replied and Kanda raised an eyebrow.

"Then why are you talking to me?" he asked and Rabi looked at him in surprise. Kanda snorted and folded his arms in front of his chest. "Even though you two are such great friends you don't manage to talk to him about it. It is the secret. And all those tedious things that are connected to an already insufferable guy add up to it. Nobody of us would want anything to do with him." Rabi lowered his head and laughed faintly.
"That's not true… Even if it strains us, Allen is still Allen. He is a good boy."

"Tch. I don't care about that. Whatever happens to him should not concern me in the slightest. It annoys me though that he stirs up the entire order with his damn secrets."

"You don't care, but you are affected?" Kanda frowned and looked at Rabi, who had just widened his visible eye remarkably and now put on a guilty look. The dark haired exorcist looked over his shoulder and found Allen standing behind him.

"Allen! We didn't mean to…," Rabi started but didn't manage to finish his sentence. Allen didn't look particularly angry or disappointed. He must have overheard their conversation, even though it was peculiar that he had appeared out of nowhere. Like a ghost.

"I don't care, no matter what happens to you," Kanda answered him with a glare and Allen looked up at him. Then a smile stole on his lips, polite but strained. Kanda was sure that if Rabi had not been here he would have been graced with a first rate scowl. But that was another wide-spread secret – Allen masked everything all too well.

"Well, then maybe I should just disappear?" The way Allen stressed this last word made Kanda look at him in wonder. But Allen just continued smiling, then he walked past him and Rabi and turned a corner, walking out of sight. When he was gone Rabi let out a breath he must have been holding. It made Kanda wonder why Rabi so tense.

"Man! Yu! That was bad! He must have heard what we said!" Rabi said with a look of guilt and worry on his features. Kanda just snorted, not all too preoccupied.

"Why should you make your thoughts about him a secret? Don't be such a coward!" Kanda snapped and Rabi sighed in defeat.

No, it should not be a secret. Kanda had told him what he thought. He did not care what happened. But there was a secret to it as well and Kanda wondered if Allen had understood.


By the next morning Allen was gone. The news reached Kanda during breakfast via Timothy who was running around like a beheaded chicken. Kanda grabbed him by the arm as he was running past his bench and made him stop.
"Stop running around, that's annoying!"

"But, mister!! Haven't you heard?!" Timothy shouted and sat down next to him, but he couldn't keep still for long and grabbed Kanda's arm to cry into it. "Allen is gooooooone!" Kanda was too surprised to get his arm away from the tears and snot.

"What do you mean gone? Is he on a mission?" Kanda wanted to know.

"I have overheard people talk and the nice guy is all on his own! Maybe he was kidnapped!" Timothy let go of Kanda's arm to take something out of a bag he was carrying around. "And look how unhappy this fat thing looks!" Kanda saw Timothy pulling Timcampy up by its wings and then he sat it on the table where it listlessly started gnawing on Kanda's plate. "See?!" Kanda frowned. "It's so terrible!"

"Shut up, you're too noisy!" Kanda hissed and Timothy pouted and wiped away his tears. But what Timothy said did sound troublesome. Had the bean sprout really disappeared like he had suggested yesterday? And simply because he overheard their conversation? Kanda snorted, then he got up from his bench.

"Wait, where are you going?" Timothy asked and stuffed Timcampy back into the bag before he jumped to his feet as well.

"None of your business!" Kanda said and left the young boy standing at the entrance of the dining hall. As he was walking down the corridors he realized how loud it was. It must have become known that the bean sprout had disappeared. Did that really have such a big impact on the order? Was everything better all at once just because that source of worry was gone?

No! If the bean sprout was really gone that only meant trouble! What if he had decided to turn against them simply because he felt his friendship betrayed? Of course Kanda did not care if Allen turned into a Noah, but him being spirited away? No, that would not do. It was too uncertain, too dangerous.


Rabi was not quite as agitated as Timothy had been when he met him on his way to the Ark. But he still fretted quite a bit.

"Do you have any idea where the bean sprout went to?" Kanda wanted to know.

"I? Uh, I guess he went to the Asia branch…," he replied and Kanda looked at him in wonder.

"What would-," Kanda started, but Rabi interrupted him:

"Do you think he left because of what we said yesterday? I really didn't mean to hurt him, but I think I did anyway! I am an idiot!"

"Yes you are an idiot but shut up now!" Kanda shouted slamming his foot into Rabi's shin to make him get out of the way. "I'm going to make sure that he gets his ass back here!"

"Yu!" Rabi said in surprise, but then he smiled, "yes! And say sorry to him for me!"

"Say you're sorry yourself!" was Kanda's angry reply and he walked up to the Ark, ignoring anyone who had complaints about him using it without authorization. When he was inside he realized that Rabi had not followed him. He had not wanted him to, but Rabi usually joined in anyway. But it seems that this time the situation was not funny enough for him to come. What exactly had been the reason for the bean sprout to disappear so suddenly? It was not a mission and apparently Link had not been informed. He had also left Timcampy and Timothy behind. But if he ran away – for whatever reason – then why the hell was he in the Asian Branch now? That didn't make sense! Unless he wanted to attack it somehow or hoped that Bak or maybe that Rofa girl, who's so infatuated with him, would help him somehow. Kanda snorted in annoyance and opened the door connected to the Asian Branch. The guard was surprised to see him, but as Kanda was widely known he stepped aside wordlessly.

"Where is the bean sprout?" The man just looked at him in wonder, "that guy with the white hair!"

"Uhm… As far as I know he is in Branch Leader Bak's office…," he replied and Kanda immediately departed. He knew his way well enough and soon stood in front of the doors. Not one to eavesdrop he just grabbed the door handle and pushed the door open forcefully. Maybe for dramatic effect to interrupt any shady discussions between Bak and the soon-to-be Noah. But Bak just looked up at in surprise and Allen turned his head around.

"Kanda? What are you doing here?" Bak wondered and put down the tea cup. "Is something the matter at the Order?" Kanda didn't really listen to him, he just glared at Allen. None of the two looked worried, simply a bit surprised at Kanda's sudden appearance. What was going on here?

"I am here to take that idiot back," Kanda said and the white haired exorcist looked at him in wonder. "You can't just disappear!"

"Disappear? Where you planning on running away, Walker?" Bak asked in confusion and Allen shook his head.

"I am not running away. I came here on behalf of Komui because I had to test out a new communication system." Kanda looked at him in wonder.


"A communication system, Bak upgraded the golems, because a lot of you just aren't fond of the communicator earrings," the boy explained and Kanda didn't say anything at all for a while. Allen frowned, then he had to laugh, "and you thought that I'd be running away? Why?"

"Because you overheard us talking yesterday and the whole order is in a state of chaos," Kanda said after a while, unsure of what exactly was going on at the moment.

"The whole order? It wasn't when I left two hours ago. Link knows where I went and Komui of course knows as well. There should not be any commotion, not about me anyway. Maybe you misunderstood something?" Kanda wondered how one could misunderstand Timothy's wailing and Rabi's uneasiness. Not to mention all this loud noise within the order. It can't be that he simply misunderstood! Allen laughed when he saw Kanda's face. "I really am not running away! Just because I heard you two gossip doesn't mean that I'm going to run away crying!"

"But you said you'd disappear!" Kanda argued, ignoring the bit about him gossiping with Rabi.

"I was joking! Do really think that I would do something drastic like that just because you would like me gone?! I don't give so much weight to your opinion, idiot Kanda!" Allen said with a laugh and Kanda started fuming in anger but also embarrassment.

"Tch!" With that Kanda turned around and left as fast as he had come. The first thing he did back at home was grabbing Timothy by the collar and glaring down at him.

"W… What's that scary look?!" Timothy shrieked, trying to wiggle free, but Kanda was too angry to let him escape.

"The idiot is not gone! Don't go spreading lies!" Timothy widened his eyes.

"But he is really gone! I heard people talk! I am sure that he was kidnapped!" he shouted and Kanda just intensified his glare.

"Kanda, don't threaten Timothy!" Timothy's features lit up instantly as he saw who was putting his hand on Kanda's arm.

"Allen! You're back!" Kanda let go of the boy with a snort.

"Timothy, you must have misunderstood something, I just was at another Branch for a moment. I was never really gone," he said and Timothy let out a sigh of relief, but then he handed Allen the bag with Timcampy.

"But why is this fat thing so listless?!" Allen looked at Timcampy who flew up and settled itself on Allen's head.

"Are you lazy Timcampy?" The golem started chewing Allen's hair. "See? Everything is alright, maybe he was angry that I left him at home, but he had fallen asleep on Link's head…" the exorcist said with a laugh and Timothy giggled as well, all worries apparently blown away. Only Kanda was a whole lot annoyed at this stupidity. "Are you still angry with us, Kanda?"

"Of course! You annoy the hell out of me, both of you!" he hissed, then he started walking away with fast strides, leaving the two idiots behind. He realized that suddenly the noise seemed to have died down remarkably. That couldn't be a coincidence! And here they were again, all the whispers following him wherever he went. What was it? Only his imagination?

He opened the door to his room, but before he could close it a hand grabbed it, holding it open.

"Kanda? What's wrong? It's not like you to go running after me," Allen said and Kanda glared at him. Even though Allen seemed to be reluctant to spend more time than necessary in Kanda's presence, he still came into the dimly lit room and closed the door behind him. Kanda felt immediately threatened by that.

"Someone has to keep an eye on you! Who knows that you'll do!" Kanda hissed and Allen looked at him with a frown.

"You think I'll turn into a Noah without someone looking after me? It's not my choice, you know?" he said with anger in his voice.

"I don't care if you turn into a Noah, but you can't go running away like that!"

"I thought you didn't care what happened to me!" Allen argued and Kanda nodded in annoyance.

"I don't care, exactly!" Allen threw up his hands in exasperation, then he stemmed them into his hips.

"Fine. You don't care. Then what's the big deal about it anyway?"

"It's the secret," Kanda told him and Allen widened his eyes in wonder.

"The secret?" Kanda nodded, "you mean that it unnerves you that you cannot openly talk about it? I know it's a burden, but you don't have to carry it. There are so many things we don't know about each other and that's fine. I won't get angry at Rabi for not speaking to me about his worries. Neither will I get angry at you for disliking me". Kanda continued glaring at him, so Allen considered this discussion over. He turned around to leave, but Kanda spoke up:

"I really do not care about you turning into a Noah. Do it if you must, join the Earl if you feel like it, I don't care what you do. And that is what angers me the most. There's a secret to it as well," Kanda told him and Allen turned around with a look of surprise and wonder in his eyes. "What do you mean?" Kanda was silent, but here in his room, here with Allen right in front of him, the secret could not suffer to be silent any longer. It too wanted to become a constant whisper following Allen around. The young exorcist looked at him in anticipation. "I don't care because no matter what happens I will follow you," he confessed reluctantly. Allen was silent after hearing that and Kanda let himself drop on his bed with a groan, looking at Allen, waiting for some kind of reaction.

"You'd follow me…? No matter where my path takes me? Are you trying to make a fool of me?" Allen asked, but Kanda just glared at him as an answer, and Allen lowered his head and laughed lightly.

"Well, that's nice," he said after a while and raised his head, wearing a grin on his face, "I always wanted some minions following me around, I guess I have two now! Ah, plus Timcampy!"

"I am not a minion you damned bean sprout!" Kanda shouted, standing up at once and Allen had to laugh, lifting his hands defensively. "Tch! Damn you! Get out of my room if you want to make fun of me!"

"I don't want to make fun of you, Kanda. Thank you for letting me know this secret. I appreciate that that you will stand by me no matter what happens. I can really use some people who trust that I will make the right decisions. But I don't know why you chose to do so. Trust me, I mean. Everything I do seems to be pointless in your eyes anyway," Allen said and Kanda snorted which earned him a frown.

"Of course, a lot of things you do are downright outrageous and stupid. But still, I know what I must do. However, no matter how much you wail, I will not say those words to you!" he said in slight embarrassment and Allen smiled.

"Oh, fine them. At least I know that you are my friend even though you won't admit to it!" He said with a laugh, "and maybe I'll get you to say those words!"

"Never," Kanda hissed, but his mouth was pulled up into a dark smirk. Allen had to grin as well, then he left Kanda with a polite smile. And Kanda knew that the secret, now a whisper between them, would not chain Allen, but it would help him pave his own path. He was sure of it, and Kanda wanted to see where it led. And maybe, maybe one day he would tell this overly annoying guy was he really thought. But until then, he would let the secrets continue whispering.


I'm a bit unhappy how this turned out. I found it hard to write a satisfactory end and to keep the initial mood. Also, there's no romantic interaction of them, but at least there is affection, even though it's a secret. :D This chapter focused mainly on Kanda's mind, and these whispers as he calls them are mostly his own feelings towards Allen nagging him.

Continued tomorrow, even though with a totally different thing, unrelated to this one-shot ;3