Short but sweet. I love it and I hope you do too!

"What's that smell?" I asked. Rose looked up from the book she'd been poring over and smirked.

"That gas from the guy standing next to you?" she retorted evilly. I looked and saw Camden Crabbe showing off for a couple girls by burping and farting. I visibly shuddered.

"No, it's not a revolting scent," I defended. "It smells like……strawberries."

"Probably my lip gloss," she said simply. She turned back to her book and tucked a few loose auburn curls behind her ear.

"Why the ruddy hell would someone wear lip gloss?" I asked, taking a seat next to her on the stone bench. She sighed heavily, closed her book, and looked at me again.

"Because it smells and tastes good, Malfoy," she said irritably, "Any other rhetorical questions?"

"How would you know what it tastes like? You don't eat it, do you?" She was starting to get very cross.

"No, it just kind of……why am I explaining this to you?" she asked.

"'Cause I wanna know," I replied.

"You obviously wouldn't know what it tastes like, considering all the girls you've snogged wear cotton candy and peppermint flavored."

"As true as that sentence may be, I still wanna know."

"Fine," Rose said. She took out a tube of strawberry lip gloss from her billowing robes and opened it. She then rubbed some on her already luscious, plump lips. I felt my mouth going dry and a hardening in my pants.

She rubbed her lips together, then said, "It tastes like strawber……" But she was cut off by my lips on hers.

Not knowing what was happening, I slid an arm around her waist and pulled her closer. She locked her arms around my neck, one of her hands entwining itself in my hair. She mumbled, "Scorpius," against my lips.

Slowly, but surely, I felt the taste of her strawberry lip gloss. I wanted badly to have more of them, but I couldn't get her to eat the whole tube of it and let me kiss her again.

I opened my mouth against hers and ran my tongue against her bottom lip, begging for access. She gladly obliged and the tongue wars began. I loved kissing her more than any other girl in Hogwarts.

She suddenly realized what we were doing and backed away, panting a bit. She licked her red lips and grinned inwardly. I did as she had before getting up.

"You're right," I said, picking up my satchel. "It does taste like strawberries."

I always wanted to do something on strawberry lip gloss. You may have seen my first lip gloss story; "The Taste of Her Strawberry Lip Gloss." I didn't like it at all!