Deceptive Desires

AN: Hey everyone this is my first FF story, I'm usually only a reader but I have had this story swimming around in my mind and had to get it out! I know this would never happen in real life, just like there really aren't vampires and werewolves thank goodness in the world of fiction anything can go. I hope to make this a longer series; I am unsure how long at the moment and possibly have a sequel if people enjoy it. This is not going to be the usual length; I didn't want to give too much away in the prologue so I made it short. I know already that this is going to be a bit OOC for Edward but just stick with it, after the initial chapters he will be more like himself. I hope you enjoy it, if not I would be happy to take any suggestions to improve it!

Summary: Edward has loved Bella since before he can remember. They have gone out in the past and broke up when they went separate ways for college, as Edward felt she could do better and should be free. Now 10 years later Dr. Edward Mason has Bella in the emergency room after an accident where her husband and Edward's best friend Mike was killed. The twist is that Bella cannot remember the past 10 years and thinks that Edward and her are still together. Further she is 7 months pregnant with Mike's child and when realizes it she mistaken Edward as the father and is overjoyed that they were able to have a child. What will Edward do? Will he fill the hole that Mike left or will he break Bella's heart by telling her she was married and that her husband was dead, leaving her a single mother.

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight, or any of Stephenie's characters. I wish I did but oh well! I do however own the strange idea that this story goes around (Bella's husband dead/amnesia/Edward loves her/she thinks the baby is Dr. Edwards). I'm simply borrowing Stephenie's characters and settings to use for my fan fiction. Thank you Stepenie for such amazing characters! No copyright infringement is intended.


Edwards POV

I never thought the day would come when I would come face to face with a decision between what I know is right and what I have been dreaming about for the past 12 years.

I knew I would always love Bella. I loved her when we first met when she fell down and scraped her knee on the jungle gym, I loved her when she was an awkward teenager with braces, and even after all this time I still love her. I had always regretted my decision to break things off with her when it came time to go off to college, she deserved better than me and at the time setting her free was my only option. Bella deserved to be able to get married and have children, two things that I would not be able to do for her. After an accident when I was 17 I found out that there was a low chance of me ever being able to have kids. This killed my dreams having a future with Bella, with the big house and the white picket fence with the children playing in the back. Bella always thought that maybe one day we still would be able to have children and if not that she didn't really care but I knew full well she wanted them so I broke it off so she would have the life she deserved.


My heart stopped when I saw who was lying on the gurney rushed towards my emergency operating room. It was the beautiful Bella herself, she was covered in blood and looked broken beyond repair. I was pulled off the operation as I was distressed with the sight before me, having my father Carlisle perform the surgery. That had been the longest wait of my life; thank god I live in the small town of Forks where there are no patients in the waiting room at 1:30 a.m, I don't think I would have been able to do my job properly while Bella was fighting for her life. I had prayed that she would be all right and that Carlisle would be able to save her baby. What was the greatest shock is when she woke up and expressed something I never thought she would say. With her big brown orbs shining with unshed tears, as she expressed that it was a miracle that we, were able to have this baby. She did not remember her now deceased husband Mike or the ten years prior to the accident.

The situation at hand is something that I would imagine would only be in soap operas or movies, in no means something that presents its self while I'm at work on an uneventful Wednesday evening. I always prided myself on my morals and values but as soon as I saw Bella in her condition those flew right out the window. What am I thinking?!? I'm her best friend, I was best friends with her husband, Mike, but now I was considering doing the unthinkable. The choice to have my one true love back in my life with all of our hopes and dreams based on a lie, or to tell her the heartbreaking truth that her husband is dead and that she will be a single mother, fulfilling one of her lifelong fears of being alone.

If I chose be the selfish bastard then I would step into the dream that I have always desired and be a 'husband' to Bella, and she would not know anything else but our love. She does not remember me breaking up with her; she assumed that the baby she is carrying is mine. Would it be a lie to just not correct her? Of course it would be! I don't even know why I am even considering this! The voice in the back of my mind reminds me that it is a prime situation as Mike has no living family and Bella's brother Emmett will do anything to have his baby sister happy, even if it means living a lie. Emmett is my best friend, he knows I'm not some creep coming in and snatching up his little sister and Renee is completely out of the picture, she was so enraged with Bella's decision to live with Charlie that she didn't even attend his funeral a few years back. My contemplating stopped when I looked down into the deep brown eyes looking up at me with joy in them.

After thinking back to that day and seeing how things are now I know I made the wrong decision….

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