So yeah. Rated M for the future lemon Im sure will happen. Go ahead and do your rating stuff, but keep in mind whis is only the prologue. I'll have the next chapter up ASAP.

Life may not have been absolutely perfect, but it was good enough for Marth. He lied in bed naked; entangled in a mess of sheets, with the warmth of his lover pressing against his back. Ike's stomach pressed closer to him with every slow breath the mercenary took; and Marth smiled and snuggled just a bit closer. The man's hands were clutched around his waist, a sign that Ike had claimed Marth for his own. For a moment the young prince ran his own fingers over Ike's large, muscular hands. He loved those hands; and had seen everything they could do. His fingers then trailed up the mercenaries muscular arms; oh yes he loved those too. The way Ike could wield the two-handed sword Rangell with only one never ceased to send shivers down Marths spine.

"Hm?" the elder stirred, his mouth opening in a yawn.

Marth turned over in bed; one hand placed on Ike's bare chest and the other on his cheek. "I didn't mean to wake you," the prince whispered, "Go back to sleep."

Ike's sapphire eyes had opened up and were now looking at the prince warmly, a weary smile on his face. "Alright," the word was mumbled between half-asleep lips. Ike reached up and hand and pushed a lock of teal hair behind Marth's ear and kissed him on the forehead before allowing his eyes to drag shut.

The prince could tell he was asleep by the way his lips parted gently. With another smile he sat up just a bit so that his lips could reach Ike's and brush them ever so gently; he didn't want to wake the swordsman up again. With a content sigh he collapsed back into bed.

No, life wasn't perfect; but it was good enough for Marth.