TTATT The end guys. For real. How bittersweet. Thanks for being such wonderful readers, I love you all Dx.

"You have gone through a lot of pain under my watch; that was not my plan."

"I understand."

"I will send you home; there you can-"

"N-no! Wait! I… I don't want to go home! I want to stay here, with Ike…. Please!"

The great hand was silent for a moment, "Is that truly what you wish?"

"Yes," the teal haired prince nodded.

"Very well. You will remain here."

"Thank you, Master Hand."

"I do not wish to keep you any longer; go now."

"Yes, Master Hand," Marth bowed politely and exited. He was wearing a black suit; he'd had it sent over from Altea just for today.

The bodies of Meta Knight and Roy were to be sent home to their own worlds for burial. Roy's funeral had been yesterday; though Marth hadn't gone. He couldn't face the prince's family… his country. Not as his killer. Today was Meta Knight's funeral, in Dreamland. Due to his lack of family, Kirby had taken on the hardship of preparing a burial site for his longtime rival and ally. The young Star Warrior had taken the death hard; but had not blamed Marth, instead doing his best to be even kinder to the young prince. Marth couldn't thank him enough.

"You ready?" Ike asked. He was leaning against the hallway wall, also wearing a black suit. Marth nodded solemnly. The man's sapphire eyes softened, "Come here," he held out an arm, and Marth hugged him, burying his face in his neck.

"I don't know if I'm ready for this," he mumbled softly.

"You won't ever be ready Marth," the voice of Meta Knight whispered in his mind.

A soft smile touched the prince's lips. Yes, Meta Knight would live on in his mind; continuing to guide him when he was lost. "I… I'm ready."

Ike nodded, and they both headed to the teleportation room, which would take them to Dreamland.

Kirby had picked a spot overlooking the ocean. He stood in human form, a red cape falling from his shoulders and pink hair billowing in the wind as he looked down at the new grave before him. He turned as Ike and Marth approached, offering a sad smile. "Hi."

Marth's arms wrapped loosely around himself. This was his fault; he knew. "I'm sorry Kirby."

The pink haired boy shook his head, looking back to the grave, "No it's not. Meta Knight… he chose this. I know he wouldn't want you to be sad." He pointed to the tombstone, "See, I had that written, I thought he'd like it."

Marth peeked over and read the marble slab. Meta Knight: Star Warrior.

"I never really called him that, you know? Even though he was too," the boy sighed, "He always pushed me to get stronger…"

"He'd like it," Marth nodded. "He talked about you a lot."

"Really?" Kirby smiled, "Heh, never really thought he would. He always kept to himself; except around you."

Marth nodded. "Yeah, he was really proud of how strong you've grown Kirby."

"I'm going to become even stronger for him."

"What will you do now?" Ike asked.

Kirby turned to face the sea, his eyes filled with a soft sadness. "I'm leaving Smash Manor. I'm going to take the Halberd and explore Dreamland; to keep his memory alive; you know?" He sighed, "I know I'm young but… but it's just something I've gotta do."

Marth and Ike nodded in understanding. They stood there for a while in a silent respect for their fallen friend. Marth didn't cry; he couldn't cry. His tears had all been used up by now, leaving him weak and exhausted.

"Well, I'm off then." Kirby said, offering one last smile, "Maybe we'll run into each other again one day." A hand rose to his face, covering it with a grey mask that hid all but his eyes. "Or maybe not."

Both Marth and Ike smiled at the bluntness in Kirby's voice; yes, he sounded just like Meta Knight. They watched as he walked off towards the Halberd, his figure lit by the setting sun. As the large airship rose into the air Ike wrapped his arm around Marth and pulled him close, placing a kiss on his head. The prince's arm wrapped around the Mercenary and they watched in silence as Kirby's new ship sped out over the sunset streaked waters and into the distance.

Meta Knight, a close friend and mentor, was dead. Marth had the death of Roy, a young prince driven mad by love, stained on his hands. The entire Manor was ablaze with rumors, and many of them tore at the teal haired prince's heart. Things were tough.

But he had Ike, a lover and a friend. Ike who would help him get though this; Ike who he lived for; almost died for. Every moment with the mercenary seemed to lift a bit of the shadow that Roy's reappearance had cast on his heart.

Life wasn't perfect. It was far from it.

But it was good enough for Marth.