Title - Clownfish

Author - sholot

Disclaimer - I don't own anyone you recognize, just the DVDs telling their stories.

E/O Challenge word - dry

AN - This just showed up in my head. Hope you all enjoy. Well wishes for PADavis on her birthday.


"Sammy, where's Nemo?"

Sam looked up from the laptop.


"Nemo. Little fish. Gotta find him."

Sam studied his brother.

Glazed green eyes, flushed face, shivering despite blankets.

"Dude, lay back down."

"His dad misses him. Gotta find him."




Stride across room.

Dean's forehead is dry.

"Shit, fever's gone up again."

"Gotta find Nemo."

Levers brother out of bed.

"Here, let's look for Nemo in the bathroom."


Plugs bath. Runs water.

"Find Nemo."

"We will, Dean. In the water."



"Family's e-everything."

"I know. I'll take care of mine."

"Me t-too."

"Yeah, you always have."

-= end =-