A:N/ Hey guys, just a random happy FF. I've deleted a load of my fanfics coz it was all getting a bit much! but they WILL be back soon. XD enjoy

5 Years ago - A hotel in France

Lauren and Danny sat by the lake looking out onto the calm water and at the French countryside beyond it. Lauren had her head resting on Danny shoulder as the two sat in silence. Danny clasped Laurens hand and breathed a heavy sigh.

"I can't believe you're leaving tomorrow!" He said as a silent tear rolled down his cheek.

"I know… this has been the best summer ever…" Lauren said quietly. It was the end of the summer holidays and Lauren and Danny were spending their last evening together before they went back home. They were both on family holidays at the same hotel and had meet at a disco. From then on they spent practically the entire two weeks together and by the end both had completely fallen in love with each other.

"I don't want you to go…" Lauren whispered.

"Come on," Danny said suddenly standing up. "Lets go back to the party, it's not like any one's going to miss us but what ever!"

"No, Danny I just wanna be with you," Lauren said trying to pull Danny back down.

"Oh come on Lauren it'll be fun! I don't want our last night together to be all doom and gloom! Please Lauren! Please!" Danny gave her puppy dog eyes and she gave in and stood up. The two walked hand in hand back to the hotel. They danced together all night, until Lauren had to go to pack.

"You'll call right?" she asked as she walked away.

"Of course Lauren! Of course! Oh my god I'm going to miss you so much!" he said flinging his arms around her.

"Danny I have to go…" she said stepping away. As she walked away she turned back round to give Danny a sad wave.

"Wait!" Danny said chasing after her, "Wait Lauren! I want to give you this," she turned around and Danny tied a bracelet around her wrist. She smiled at him as he tied it.

"Did you make this?" She asked quietly.

"Yep, at this craft thingy I had to take my little sister to. Whenever you look at it I want you to remember me, this summer, and remember I'll always love you." he leaned in and kissed her on the lips. He gently touched her cheek with his hand and went back to the disco,

In New Forest.

"Lauren, it's been three weeks! If he hasn't called yet he's not going to call!" Laurens older sister said as Lauren sat gloomily by the phone. Tears rolled down her cheeks and she sniffed. She looked down at the bracelet on her wrist. She remembered Danny, the summer and how he had said he would love her. In a moment of anger she tore it of and threw it across the room. Suddenly her look of anger changed to one of sadness and se rushed to get the bracelet and tied it back up again. She sat by the window thinking she would never see Danny again. How wrong was she!?