Hi guys! This is my first attempt at any sort of Naruto fanfiction--I am more of a Bleach person--but I absolutely adore Shikatema and had some inspiration while writing my Hitsukarin fic Rapture. (Don't worry, Rapture fans, I'm still writing. Just trying to make it good!) Let's see... these are a collection of oneshots and drabbles I guess. Enjoy!

I don't own Naruto. If I did, Sasuke would stop being such an emo asshole and get over himself. Seriously!

Although she would never admit it, she loved being on the receiving end of his shadow possession jutsu.

When he had first used it on her during the Chunin exams, she had panicked, and rightfully so. Now she relished the feeling.

It was as if he had injected his essence into every pore in her body, every cell, and she was no longer alone in her own skin. The first time she had freaked out, trying to break the invisible bonds, but now she understood the sense of intimacy the jutsu held.

And, naturally, the vulnerability that came with it. It left her in a position she had never felt in her life, completely at his mercy and under his control.

Control was the one thing she always had. Being a shinobi required it and her childhood, filled with Gaara and her father and other situations that made the future unclear, demanded she cling to it. Being as lazy as he was, he had no problem relinquishing it to her.

But those times, oh those times when he would suddenly take the reins and her body moved involuntarily, mimicking his own, she could hardly breathe. And when her head leaned in, following his, and their lips touched in the middle, she could barely contain her shudder.

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