Chapter 2: Greetings from the Future

The good thing about the Mikuru Beam was that they were able to get away from the pirates (or clowns) the bad news is that it didn't kill them (or at least knock them out) but they were able to get away. And now Zoro was dragging Luffy who was still stuck in the cage in the middle of the street with Mikuru following.

"I can't do this any more" sighed Zoro falling down due to lack of blood.

"Are you okay?" asked Mikuru.

"I'm fine, I just lost a lot of blood." said Zoro who collapsed.

"I don't think that's fine." said Luffy with a sweat drop.

"Who asked you?" muttered Zoro.

Of course Luffy had a short attention span, he noticed a dog nearby and dragged his cage to it.

"Is it real?" asked Luffy.

"Who care." muttered Zoro who managed to pull himself up and sit up against a building.

"It is." said Mikuru.

That's when Luffy jabbed the dog in the eye… Mikuru was right, it was alive and it began to maul Luffy. Zoro sighed then turned his attention to the "battle waitress" as she put it.

"Who are you exactly and how do you know our names." he asked her.

"Well I'm not allowed to say until Nami gets here." said Mikuru.

"Hey." said Nami showing up (she got separated from the rest).

"Isn't it our navigator." said Luffy and Zoro.

"I never agreed to that!" yelled Nami.

"So since she's here." said Zoro.

"Oh right." said Mikuru, "I should explain why I know you're names."

Mikuru sighed, she began to blush.

"You see the thing is…" said mutter then squeaked out, "I'm the from the future!"

Both Nami and Zoro stared at Mikuru like she was crazy. While Luffy was so excorticated.

"Really your from the future!" he yelled out.

Mikuru nodded, "I can't when exactly." said Mikuru, "But I can say what my mission is . My mission is to make sure Luffy becomes the King of the Pirates."

"Oh wow…" said Luffy believing it.

"She's insane." thought both Zoro and Nami.

"So where your time machine?" asked Luffy.

"I'm sorry that classified." said Mikuru.

Luffy sighed then realized he can learn more about his future.

"What's going to my crew like?" asked Luffy.

"That's classified." answered Mikuru.

"Am I going to get a big ship?" asked Luffy.

"That's classified." answered Mikuru.

"You're not allowed to talk about the future are you?" asked Luffy.

"No, I'm not.," said Mikuru.

"Then how do you know our names?" asked Zoro.

"I was told for my mission." explained Mikuru.

Zoro stared at the girl, he wasn't sure whether or not to believe her or not… she did know his and Luffy's names… but other than that, there's no proof that she's the from future.

Nami just stared at the battle waitress and shook her head. She had to do what she came for.

"I stole the key from Buggy. You know, to thank you and your crew for saving me." said Nami.

She tossed down the key in front of Luffy's cage and the dog that mauled Luffy earlier… that's when the dog ate it.

"Why you little!" yelled Luffy who began to strangle the dog.

"Stop it Luffy! He didn't mean to do it." cried Mikuru trying to stop Luffy from killing the dog.

Nami and Zoro stared at the sight with sweat drops.

"What are you doing to poor Chou-Chou!" yelled a voice.

Everyone looked to see an old man who looked at little like a poodle.

After Luffy managed to stop fighting with the dog, the old man managed to get Zoro into another house and treat his wounds, he came out.

"Hey old man! Is Zoro okay?" asked Luffy.

"He's fine. I told him he could get treatment at the refugee camp, but he said all he needed was rest." said the old man.

"He is fine, after all he's going to have much worse wounds in the future." said Mikuru who covered her mouth while blushing and began to cry, "I wasn't supposed to tell you that!" she cried.

Nami couldn't help but to sweat drop while Luffy laughed.

"What with the dog." said Nami changing the subject

The old man began to explain about how the dog protected the pet food store (which was the building they happened to be in front of) after his owner died. And no matter what the dog wouldn't leave even if there was danger… the store was his treasure. After the pirates came the old man (who happened to mayor of the city) would sometime feed the dog (who happened to be named Chou-Chou).

"That's really sad." said Luffy.

"It is." sighed the old man.

Mikuru looked at Chou-Chou and held out her hand, he sniffed it and barked happily. He began to wag his tail as Mikuru began to pet him.

"Oh wow… he's a nice doggie." said Luffy.

"You have to be nice and calm." said Mikuru.

Luffy reached out his hand like Mikuru did… but Chou-Chou began to growl.

That's when there was a horrible roar.

"Oh no! It's Mohji! The Lion Tamer!" yelled the mayor.

The Mayor and Nami ran off… Mikuru stayed for a minute and gave Luffy a bow, "I'm sorry." she said.

She then followed Nami and the mayor. Nami was surfside that she followed them.

"Can't you use that laser form your eye to blow up that lion?" asked Nami.

"Laser from her eye?" thought the mayor with a sweat drop.

"Well… you see other than that first Mikuru beam against Buggy. I'm not allowed to fight on this island. I can't start fighting until the next fight Luffy gets into." explained Mikuru.

Nami began to message his head… why did she have to go after the map of the Grand Line… after all there were other ways of stealing a lot of gold, if she had known she would be dealing with crazy people here then she wouldn't have come.

That's when there was a loud crash, they turned to see that Luffy was thrown into a building that collapsed on him… the three ran towards him to see if he was still alive… which was… and mostly unharmed.

"Okay… that's not normal!" yelled Nami, "How are you alive!"

Luffy didn't' pay attention to her and just got up.

"I'm going to search for Zoro." said Luffy getting up.

"Okay." said Mikuru with a nod.

"He has no idea where's he going, does he?" asked Nami.

"No he doesn't…" said Mikuru shaking her head.

Nami sighed and looked at Luffy running off.

"Don't worry about Luffy. He's not like Along." said Mikuru kindly.

Nami slowly turned to Mikuru who had covered her mouth and was blushing bright red.

"How do you know about Along?" asked Nami in shock.

"Well… please… forget you even heard that… please.. I wasn't supposed to say that." cried Mikuru.

Nami sighed… she had two theories about Mikuru now… either she was telling the truth… or Mikuru was crazy because of some sort of psychic gift she had drove her to insanity. Either way… she really didn't want to know what was really going on… after all it was really weird.

Next Time: The battle with Buggy rages as Buggy deals many blows to the city will Luffy and his rag team of an injured swords man, a battle waitress from the future and a thief who wants nothing to with pirates be able to beat him... um.... hopefully!