Summary & stuff : Severus is confronted by Minerva about his mistreatment of certain students, but the meeting doesn't quite go according to her original plan.

Not much of a plot here I'm afraid, guys. For this I apologise. I just adore Severus and Minerva and finally decided to try my hand at a oneshot. Sorry it's short, but I don't think I should write anything too lengthy if it's not very interesting. Short and Sweet, I say! Chapter two is sort of planned, but I would love some feed back before I think of posting it.

Also, I'd like to say that I'm sorry I'm not very good at this. It's my first story... Shoot me down if you feel like it! =D

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Severus threw down the quill with a bit more force than was strictly necessary. These days, he did most things with more force than was necessary. However, it rarely did much to improve his mood. Not that he would admit that to himself.

Deciding he'd had enough of the incompetent excuses for essays sprawled out before him, he got up and stretched his arms back.

"A nightcap, I should think," he muttered to no one in particular. He lifted his empty whiskey glass from the desk and made his way over to the dresser on the other side of the room, where he retrieved a bottle and helped himself to yet another generous helping of the bright amber liquid he was partial to. After scrutinising the shelves lining the walls, he selected a very old, very worn tome, the cover of which had faded almost completely and made himself comfortable in his favourite chair next to the unlit hearth.

He had only been reading for what seemed like five minutes when the dark, empty fireplace was suddenly filled with bright green flames. A frown appeared on Severus's face as a scroll of parchment flew out and landed neatly on his lap. Severus downed the remains of his drink and proceeded to read the unwanted message. He instantly recognised the loopy script as that of Minerva McGonagall's. Unsure as to what to think of her sending him notes at ten past twelve at night, he shook his head and read.

A snort of amusement escaped Severus before he could try and stop it. He went back to his desk and scribbled a short reply, stating that he was fully awake, and would love nothing more than for her to come along to his office and express her "concerns", therefore clearing up this little matter, whatever it may be. Re-reading this with a satisfied smirk, he seized a handful of floo powder from the mantel piece and threw the letter (unsealed, due to laziness) in after it, muttering "Professor McGonagall's office."

He then sighed heavily, refilled his glass and downed it in one, all in preparation for his grilling. Although her letter had been rather vague, Severus had a slightly big hunch as to what this was about, and that he was soon about to experience (once again), firsthand, some of Minerva's infamous Scottish temper...

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