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This is about how Minerva and Zuri met. I don't own copies of Knife Edge or Checkmate, and in Noughts and Crosses and Double Cross there is very little information about him. So any mistakes are due to my lack of information. If you see any, tell me and if possible I'll change it. I also don't have a Beta, so spelling/grammar etc. is all mine.

14th May
She's walking along the corridor, reading a newspaper and completely out of it.

He's disorientated, first day at a new job, and trying to find his way around.

They're both not paying attention.

They bump into each other, she trips over his foot and he puts his hands out to catch her.

"Sorry." He says.

She half-smiles at him. "My fault."

That was the first time they met.

15th May
They both notice the other, but don't think the other noticed them. They don't say anything.

29th May
He notices that she always walks down the same corridor at the same time in the morning. So he makes sure he does as well, even if she doesn't notice him.

She notices that he smiles at her every time he walks past her in the corridor. She makes sure she always walks down the corridor at the same time every morning. She likes his smile.

9th June
She goes to visit Sephy and Callie Rose so she isn't there in the morning. He tries to pretend that he isn't worried and doesn't mind, but all day part of his brain is thinking of where she is. He knows it's silly and irrational, he doesn't even know her name, but he still worries.

10th June
He sees her the next day, and goes over to her. "Are you alright?"

She looks surprised. "Should I not be?"

He blushed.

She smiled. "Shall we start again? Hi, I'm Minerva Hadley."

"Zuri Mirel."

"Where do you work?" She asked.

He just looked at her.

She sighed. "Which department?"

"PR." He admitted. "I wanted Journalism, but I didn't get the job. And now, at least I'm working in a newspaper. You?"

"Publishing." She looked at her watch. "Oh crap, I'm late. Talk to you tomorrow?"


They smiled at each other.

He thought she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen.

24th June
He finally plucks up enough courage to ask her out. He stammers and stutters before she interrupts him. "Meet you outside, 7 o'clock? That's when I can get off."


They only have coffee, but they both think it's the best first date they've ever had.

2nd July
They kiss. They think they're falling in love with each other, but don't say anything. They both think it's too soon.

31st August

She tells him she loves him. He smiles and kisses her and tells her he loves her too.

10th May
She looks at his calendar, in his apartment. He has circled a date in May, and then in June. She recognises the June date as their first date, and asks him about the May.

"It's the day I first saw you." He said. "It was the day I saw the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with."

14th May
He takes her out to dinner, at her favourite restaurant. After they've ordered, he tells her he love s her, and then he pulls out a box.

"Minerva, Minnie... I love you more than anything. Will you marry me?"

"Yes." She whispers.

He slips the ring on her finger and she doesn't let go of his hand.

"I love you." She said.

"I love you too."

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