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Days turned to weeks.

Jake was sulking. Though he could be spotted in any numerous places around the house. I found him on top of the book cases in the makeshift library more than once.

Ron and Hermione were in the makeshift library surrounded by atleast a hundred books.

Draco and Edward were in the basement with twenty different potions brewing.

Bella was trying to help but she was mostly in the way. Unless there was a meal to be cooked.

I was stressed trying to do everything at once.

It was two weeks in before Bill and Charlie Apparated into my living room with a full body bound Blaise. Everyone piled into the living room.

"How in the name of Merlin's left but did you manage to finally find him?" I asked after a moment of shock.

"Trust us. You don't want to know." Bill said with a sigh, clearly out of breath.

"legimens!" Hermione yelled startling everyone in the room.

"I want to bite him," Jake growled as he curled himself around my legs.

"Go ahead. No one is stopping you… wand." I said to Charlie.

"Here he wasn't too thrilled to have lost it before he was body bound." Charlie grinned.

"Got it!" Hermione yelled before maneuvering around Jake who was still biting deeply into Blaise and muttering evilly under his breath, I think he's been spending way too much time with Draco… to go upstairs.

"Oblivious maximus!" Draco yelled pointing his want at his old friend.

"Castrate him! Please somebody castrate him!" Jake whined once he was done biting Blaise. Obviously he didn't taste very good…

"Emasculer!" Hermione yelled pointing her wand at the dazed scumbag. "Arse" she mumbled as she carried a rather thick book in her hand. "he used the simplest bloody spell in the book! Literally! The one we all thought was way too obvious. Finite incantartum with his wand will change Jake back." She said thumping Blaise on the head as hard as she could with the book.

"Really? That simple?" I asked incredulously.

"Sadly." She said sitting next to Ron.

"How is it so simple?" Jake asked jumping up next to me.

"Finite incantartum is literally cancel last spell." Draco fumed. "BLOODY HELL!" he yelled in frustration stomping down to the basement to pack.

"Finite incantartum." I said pointing Blaise's wand at my wonderful Jake. It was crazy slow motion. Going from maybe the size of one of his shoes to 6'5.

I watched as he grew in to his normal 6'5 hunk of caramelized man muscled self.

Merlin's beard! I never really noticed how amazing my boyfriend looked.

I didn't hesitate as soon as those immaculate scorching eyes of his fell on me I hugged my very naked boyfriend as tightly as I possibly could

"God… Harry…" Jake gasped as he hugged me back.

"There will always be a bloody shield charm around you! Nothing will ever happen to you again!" I promised as I hugged him even tighter.

Soft kitten fur was nice and all but it didn't compare to velvety hot hard male muscle.

Not by a long shot.

"We'll leave you to it then." Edward said guiding Bella away.

I vaguely heard the fireplace roar to life as Ron and Hermione flooed away. The faint pop of apparation followed none too later from the basement.

"We'll just take this to Fred and George."

"Uhuh." Was all I said not even bothering to look away from Jake's face.

I heard the brothers laugh before apparating away as well.

"foolish wand waving and silly incantations are going to be the death of me Harry." Jake said touching my cheek with his hot hand.

I placed my much smaller one over his and leaned into the warm touch.

"You'll always have a shield charm! I swear!"

"Give me his wand." He said softly.

I did so without hesitation.

He snapped it into two. Four. And six before he crushed the little pieces to dust.

"My biggest problem is gone now. All I need is you." He whispered seductively before his lips met mine in a hungry kiss.

The vague promise made my knees weak.

Dreaming of feather light touches and scorching kisses for two weeks had me taking quite a few cold showers a day.

I felt his erection thick against me.

That's when I realized there was nothing really fifteen about my boyfriend. Hell he looked older than me!

That thought in mind I pulled away from the kiss to take a deep breath.

"Bed… room." I managed to gasp out.

"Fuck the bed room." He growled fiercely.


I couldn't help it. I kissed him harder than I ever had before as he lowered us to the hardwood floor.

I hissed slightly at the harsh cold compared to his pulsing heat. Wanting to be closer I spelled my clothes away and was rewarded with more of his hot flesh on mine.

I quickly cast the preparation charms and moaned at the familiar feeling.

He growled when he felt the slick oil on his fingers.

He didn't waste any time thrusting one of his long thick fingers into me.

"Jake… more." I breathed breaking away from the kiss. My breath hitched as he ran his other hand over my body, re-exploring every soft spot and hot spot.

I gasped as he slid a second finger in. lost in the pleasure of his touch I grasped at his wide shoulders.

"Don't stop." I barely managed as his lips and tongue came into contact with my neck.

He bit down lightly as he added a third. I moaned loudly unable to hold it back.

"hurry." I gasped softly knowing he could hear me.

"Don't want to hurt you." He whispered softly in my ear.

"You won't. I swear." He pulled back from my neck and looked in my eyes. Whatever he saw there made him remove his fingers.

I couldn't help the soft whine of disappointment that escaped my lips. But my disappointment didn't last long.

I felt his tip tease my entrance. I was helpless to the primal urge to impale myself on him.

"Damnit Harry!" he cried out passionately, head thrown back, eyes clamped shut, mouth open in ecstasy, hands gripping my hips in a hold that I couldn't break out of.

I felt my insides burn with his thick heat. I griped my muscles around him and his eyes shot open and he looked down at me. The wolf was there just under the surface, just itching to be released.

"I wont break." I promised touching his cheek lovingly.

"Just… give me… a sec." he growled.

Grinning I gripped my muscles around him lightly hopefully coaxing him to move.

Ten long excruciating seconds later he pulled nearly all the way out, leaving just his head inside me, before thrusting back hard.

I let out a loud keen. Merlin this is what I missed.

He soon made his deep thrusts into a rhythm; hitting my sweet spot nearly every time.

The room was filled with only the sound of skin slapping on skin vulgarly and the sounds of me moaning and him grunting and growling trying to keep the wolf inside.

I couldn't tear my eyes away from the sight above me.

His eyes were half lidded and hazy with lust, and something deeper that pulled at something deep inside me.

His nostrils flared as he inhaled the scent of sex.

His jaw was set in a hard clench. I could see it tick with every thrust.

The muscles in his neck popping out with restraint.

His hard tan muscles coved in sweat.

This was one of the most exotic sights I hade ever seen, and I wanted it imprinted into my brain forever.

I felt his grip in my left hip weaken before disappearing completely as he grasped my weeping cock that had been deliciously sandwiched between us and pumped it in time with his thrusts. I felt that cottoning feeling in my ears as I quickly approached bliss.

I was powerless to the overwhelming orgasm that shook my body. Sending stream after stream of my seed over both of us. He followed not too shortly after me.

He stilled above me and his eyes clamed shut before popping open and looking heavenward as he let out a loud cry followed by my name.

I rolled us over before he smooshed me with his much larger frame.

I laid my ear over his heart and listened to it beat wildly slowing only just a little before he kissed the top of my head.

I felt him chuckle softly after his breathing returned to normal.

"I think… I think that was better than our first time." He joked as his hands rand down my back and over my shoulders.

"Mmm." I agreed letting the post-coital bliss surround us with its loving embrace as I spilled into the land of dreams with more feather light touches and searing kisses; knowing this time if I wanted when I woke I could reenact the dreams.

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