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Yin & Yang


Good Guys

Robin-Nightwing (Richard Grayson) 20

Raven- (Raven Roth) 18

Cyborg- (Victor Stone) 21

Beast Boy- Changeling (Garfield Logan) 20

Starfire- (Kori Anders) 19

Bad Guys


Red X-20

Dr. Light-40

Burning Fire-300 (looks young, ages differently)


Terra- (Terra Markov) 19

Speedy- (Roy Harper) 20

Bumble Bee- (Karen Beecher) 19


In the middle of the night a shadow figure was running in the woods. He was trying to get a special treasure for his collection. This guy collected rare and special creatures. He has special technology to find these rare creatures. The technology tracks the creatures by their energy levels. It can even sense their energy level even if it is very low. He was determined to add this creature to his collection. He was almost close to where his prize was hiding.

Deep in the forest there was a cave were 2 women guarding the rare creature. They've been guarding it for 5 years. The creature has been kept locked up for 5 centuries. The spirits of the guardians have been passed down to a new generation. One woman wore a yellow shirt with long sleeves, black tight fade out jeans, and black boots. She had short brown hair and blue eyes. The other woman wore a red shirt with short sleeves, black fade out jeans, and black boots. She had long black hair and green eyes. They are the last in line as the guardians.

The guy finally reached his destination. He knew everything about this creature and knew it had guardians protecting it. This creature had great power and could destroy a single planet. With that kind of power he would be the most powerful person in the universe. His dream was to be the greatest rare creature collector in the universe. He first started this collection when he was six. As he ventured around the cave he saw cave paintings and symbols on the walls. They told the story of the creature. The guy went deeper into the cave. A light shined bright further down and cautiously walked towards it.

"Who's there? " asked a voice.

The man was startled by the voice.

"Who are you?" the man asked.

"I'm the guardian here. Who are you," said the voice.

"I'm a collector of rare creatures. Like the one you are guarding."

"You shouldn't mess with things you know nothing about."

"But I do know everything about this creature."

"Then you know not to disturb it."

"Why don't you come out from the shadows so I can see you?"

The woman stepped out of the shadows. Her brown hair swayed as she walked and her piercing blue eyes looked directly at the man.

"Why do you want this creature?"

"It will make me the most powerful man in the universe and I love collecting rare and beautiful creatures."

"Then you will have to get thru me to do it."

"That was my intention."

The woman made a huge power ball and threw it at the man. He dodged it and threw explosives at her. She somersaulted out of the way and ran out of the cave. The man ran out after her and resumed fighting. The guy executed a number of moves and threw fireballs. She blocked every move but soon grew very tired since no one has ever tried to steal the creature before. The man put both of his hands in the air to form a giant fireball. Throwing it directly at the woman set off this big explosion. He woman was too tired to move out of the way and got hit straight on. Rocks and dirt flew into he air from the impact. Once the dust cleared the woman was no longer there. Where the guardian once stood was a brown leather box. The box had a golden pendant on the flap and had small red jewels around it. He went over and picked it up. Smiling he whispered an incantation and disappeared into the shadows.

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