Here is my view on how life was for Shane before and after Camp Rock. Warning ya now, abuse, suicide, and language. Disclaimer: I don't own Camp Rock. If I did I would be rich and famous. Sadly I am neither...:( Kay sad moment over! Let's rock and roll!

10 Years Gone

"Shane..." Mom said. "I'm going to miss you so much, baby. You will become so great. I love you."

I sat up. Mom was nowhere to be found.

As I wipped the covers off the bed, I looked in the mirror. Looking back at me was the eight year old version of me.

Shaking it off, I rushed down the steps, avoiding the dog that I thought had died a long time ago. Shows how much I pay attention.

I walked torwards the kitchen cautiously. I looked around and heard a piercing scream.

"NOOOO!!!" I awoke in a cold sweat. Not this dream's too real.

I can remember that night too clearly. No one knows what happened and I don't intend anyone to find out.

I looked around and saw a groggy Nate standing at my door. Jason was in the room next to me, but he could sleep through anything. One less person to deal with in my opinion.

"Dude, it's 3 in the morning. You have been waking me up every night this week, what's up?" Man, was he pissed.

He has a right to be. I have been having the same dream over and over. But how would I tell him? 'Oh it's nothing, just the night my mom died and I think I am suddenly having these dreams because I think they are trying to tell me something'. Nope, try again. I do feel a little guilty, but it's my business, not his. Also, I would have to tell him the rest, something I don't wish to have to go through again.

I forced on a half smile. "No worries... I'm fine."

He didn't look convinced "Whatever you say... just, try to get some sleep."

I just don't get it. I am happier than I have ever been before. I have a beautiful and talented girlfriend, a recording deal, and great friends. Why am I having these dreams. They are just bringing me back down.

"Can I ever be truely happy?" I asked to no one in particular. I guess the answer is no...


The next morning I woke up just as tired as I was before I went to sleep. Whoopee.

I took my usual hour and a half to get ready before I was welcomed by an pleasently oblivious Jason and a rather flustered Nate who was trying to teach him how to cook.

"No Jase, you have to turn the pan on before you try to cook!"

"But what if I burn myself? Then it would hurt when I feed my pets!"

"Wouldn't want that now would we?" I said sarcasticly and making my presence known at the same time. Did I mention that Jason has four pet birds? Well he does. Marco, Polo, Marclo, and Leapster. Don't ask.

"Finally you understand!" Jason hasn't really mastered the prospect of sarcasm yet.

"Yeah let me tell ya..."

"Jason, are you going to cook or not?!" Is it just me or is Nate PMSing?

"Why doesn't Shane help?"

"Because I need to go call someone." I said.

"Uh- oh. Girlfriend alert!" Nate smiled at me. I rolled my eyes.

"So what if I want to talk to my girlfriend?" Is that so wrong?

"Yeah cause you haven't talk to her since the 4th so... wait that was yesterday!"

I froze. "That means tomarrow is the 6th..." Nate seemed could tell something was up. His smile faded almost immediatly.

"Is something wrong?" Jason asked.

"No," yes, "I just, I'm just going to call Mitchie." I almost ran out of that room. Talk about sweet relief.

I pressed speed dial #3 and blushed. Thank god no one could see I had Mitchie on speed dial, the guys would never let me live that down!

We had been dating since the end of Final Jam. Not really suprisingly, the press found out a month after. She was so upset at first, but eventually things went back to normal. We have been dating for over four months now.

"Ring... ring... ringggg... Hello?" Good she answered.

"Hey." Wow smooth.

"Okay, what's wrong?" She sounded really worried...could I do this? "Shane, what's going on?" I paused for a long time. What do I say?

"Shane, you seem"

"I'm just kinda tired."

"Why? Not sleeping well?"

"No, I have been having a dream that's been kinda... creepy." Shut up! I called to get my mind off of this stuff!!

"...Well, what's it about?"

"Umm... my mom."

"You know you can tell me anything."

I sighed. Now or never... "Well my home town has a service... for people that have been dead for ten years or more. It's called the 10 years Gone service..." I paused for a little bit.

"And...?" She urged.

"Well tomarrow there is a service for my mom. I wanted you to be there for me..." There we go. One secret is out. She was silent for a long time. Me and my big mouth... I started thinking over how she will break up with me. 'Sorry but I would rther date someone who actually has a good past..'

"Shane... of course I will." Thank god. Not what I was expecting but thank god.

"Thanks, Mitch. Look, Uncle Brown is the only other person who knows about..."

"Shane, I won't tell anyone. Not even my parents. If they ask I will just tell them you would rather not share it."

"Thanks... The service is tomarrow. I will pick you up around eight? I only about an hour and a half away so..."

"So my parents won't have any problems with it!" I remember the first time I wanted to take her out, her dad interogated me! Talk about akward!

"Look, this means a lot to me Mitch."

"I would do anything for you. I'm glad I could help."

"But..." Couldn't just leave it at that could I? Nope.

"But, what?"

"Umm... I will tell you tomarrow."

"Okay. I will see you then."


"SHANE!" Jaosn yelled. "WE HAVE A RECORDING!! COME ON!!"

Great. "I-"

"You have to go. Bye! Have fun and good luck!"

"Thanks, and I'll try! Love you,"

"I love you too."

Well now I have someone to go with at least...

"Shane, could we stop at the pet store?"


"Becase Leapster needs a friend!" He smiled. Wow Jason, wow.