TheShamanMaster presents....

Niko's Dilemma

Story & Script by TheShamanMaster

Grand Theft Auto IV © Rockstar Games & Take Two Interactive

Disclaimer: GTA IV and it's respective characters are properties of Rockstar and Take Two Respectively.

Chapter 1: Unexpected

Niko Bellic stared out the window of his Stallion. It was a warm day, with the sun shining and the skys clear. Being early in the morning, Niko wasn't a person who enjoyed being woken up at nine o'clock. Phil Bell had called him to travel to the docks at Union Drive West and pick up a shipment of weapons. Ever since the death of Kate McReary, life just hadn't been the same for him. His heart ached with sorrow, wishing he could have done something that day to prevent her death. He had sometimes prayed that Dimitri had killed him that day, and not her.

Niko looked at his watch. "The dealer should be here any moment." He spoke to himself. Stepping out the car, he wore his usual track suit with fingerless gloves, and carried a .45 in his back pocket. You could never be to careful nowadays. Suddenly, a black Setinal pulled up alongside him. The door opened, and outstepped a man around 5"9 wearing a dark suit, smoking a cigar.

"You Phil's errand boy?" The man asked in a soft-spoken American accent, taking a puff as he did.

"Yes. That'd be me." Niko replied in his heavily accented English. 'Errand boy' was one thing he didn't liked being called. It put his teeth on edge.

"Ah." Taking another puff, he walked over and shook the Serbian's hand. "Name's James Friar"

"Niko Bellic." He responded shaking his hand. "You have the stuff that Phil asked for?" He added wanting to get down to business quickly.

James chuckled. "A man who gets straight to the point! I like that! Sure, right here..." Leading Niko round to the trunk of his car, he opened it up to reveal several wooden boxes marked with 'FRAGILE'. James pulled out a piece paper and gave it to Niko to read.

"So let's see..." Niko read the list aloud. "One RPG, three sets of AK-74s, one set of .50 Caliber rifles with ammunition, two sets of SPAS-12 with slugs, and one case of grenades both flash and explosives...." Placing the list inside his pocket, he added. "Wow, Phil must have a lousy taste in weapons to only order this much..."

"So, my payment? Unless you really want me to find another buyer..." James said with stiffness in his voice.

"Of course." Niko replied. Delving into his back pocket, he pulled out an envelope full of money. Handing it over, the dealer inspected the contents.

"It's all there."

"20....60.....100.....250...Yes indeed. $15,000 exactly." He replaced the contents in his inside jacket pocket. "Thank you, Niko, it's been a pleasure." He helped lift the crates from his trunk into the trunk of Niko's car. Minutes later, he got back into his Setinal.

"Tell Phil I send my regards. Have a good day, Niko." He said smiling.

"I will, you too." Niko responded. As he watched the Setinal drive off, he stepped back into his own car. Looking out the window, he let out a hefty sigh.

"I have got to make a better living somehow..." He muttered quietly. Heading back to the city, he still had a picture of that tragic day. It had been five months since the incident on the day of Roman's wedding. That same day, he had killed Dimitri and Jimmy Pegorino. He had taken out two of the city's biggest threats, but his revenge did not satisfy him. Niko wondered if he had never had gotten involved with Dimitri in the first place, none of this would've happened. One could say that Niko had feelings for Kate, even known they had only be together a short time. After Dimitri's death, the cops had closed off his and Mikhail's estate in Broker. Luckly in a short time before the cops got to it, Niko, Patrick and Little Jacob went to ramsack the place, and discovered that there was a safe, with savings of over $500,000. Apart from that, there was a large shipment of drugs down in the cellar, and some gold jewellery valued at a high price. The group decided to take something each; Jacob would take the drugs (it was some high-grade cannabis), Patrick would take the jewellery and sell it to a pawnbrokers for a profit, and Niko would take the cash, and give half the money to Roman and Mallorie in support of their child.

Niko had spent some of his money on his apartment in Algonquin. Since Playboy X was dead, he decided to spruce up the place a bit with some new lighting and wallpaper. The rest he kept in a safe, but made sure that he would have a bit on him at all times. Despite this, he became a courier for Phil Bell, earning a quarter on each successful delivery that he made. Heck, he wanted to work as he didn't want to sit around and do nothing. As for his cousin, Roman had re-opened and re-built his taxi firm in Broker, and was now earning quite a bit. Malloire had become his secretary, despite being pregnant, she worked hard for her and husband's sake. Brucie had continued his car business, and finally settled down with a sensible girl. Apparently, his new girlfriend found Brucie's 'roid rage' and 'constant fitness struggle' to be hilarious and thought he was charming (yet he would still annoy Niko to no end). Jacob began a new business away from the drugs, instead becoming a bouncer at a local bar. He was told he had the strength and muscle for the job, yet he still couldn't go a day without his fine, graded marujana. All in all, everyone was satisfied with their current life.

Niko looked ahead as the light turned green. Heading down Star Junction, he feeling hungry and decided to grab a quick bite to eat. Parking his car, he got out and walked over to the nearby hotdog stand.

"What'll be mate?" The man on the vendor asked cheerfully. He was a plump man with fair hair, wearing an apron and gloves.

"Regular hotdog with ketchup please; hold the onions." Niko answered with a deadpan tone of voice. He really wasn't feeling cheerful.

"Something troublin' ya mate?" He asked the foreigner as he cut open a fresh bun.

"Pah!" Niko scoffed. "It's just the same old boring day for me. I just want some excitement in my life."

The vendor shrugged. "Well, what can I say? We take each day in with pride and hope for the best." He took out a hot sausage from the cooker and placed in neatly in the bun. Grabbing the sauce bottle, he squirted a neat zig-zag line on the dog. "Here ya go."

"Thank you." Niko took the food, and had a large first bite. There was something about the first bite of a warm hotdog that satisfied his tastebuds.

"Y'know.." The vendor said, wanting to lighten the mood. "I was reading the newspaper today. Apparently, the horoscopes say that today is your lucky day!"

Niko swallowed his second bite, his face looks extreamly annoyed. "Please! Do you really believe in that garbage!?" He really didn't like reading or listening to any nonsense about horoscopes or life-changing events.

The vendor was startled by Niko's response. "Sorry mate. I just thought I'd say something. I mean, so far today, my wife calls me and says she's got a promotion in her office job, and the school calls to tell me that my boy has done well in his schoolwork! So that's something to be proud of!"

As his finished his food, he wiped his mouth on a napkin. "Tell me, what's it like....being a family man?"

"Ah, it's pleasant. I always go home of an evening knowing that I've got smiles to look forward to...what about you? Any kids or a wife?"

"No." Niko replied with a look of discomfort. "I don't think I could handle the responsibillity of such a thing..."

"Oh well." The vendor said beginning to serve another customer. "To each his own. Good day mate."

"Thanks, you as well." Niko left the vendor and got back in his car. Driving across town, he began to have thoughts of him and Kate getting together with kids. Ridiculous. He thought I could never handle such a daunting task...Besides, my mother had a hard time bringing me up, then Roman's mother bringing both me and Roman up all those years ago. With the hardship they both faced, how could I ever be a parent? I hope Roman and Mallorie have a good life...

Moments later, Niko arrived at Phil Bell's office. Stopping outside, a few associates came out and began unloading the trunk. Inside, Phil was signing off some documents.

"Nicky! How's my favorite errand boy? Did you get the goods?" Phil always looked in a pleasant mood, but Niko really did detest being called 'errand boy'.

"Your boys are bringing it around back. Must say, that's a pretty weak load you got there." He said not being impressed with his 'bosses' taste in weapons.

Phil pulled a face of discontent. "Weak? Yes. But I like to purchase small and work up. It's how I work in this business..." He sat back down at his desk, and counted out some money. Niko didn't look impressed with Phil's line of work.

" much for that lot?" He asked curiously.

Phil looked up. "Well, you did do that quick...everything's in one let's say $2,500...that fair to you?"

Niko smiled. "Sure." Money was money, so to him it really didn't matter. Phil counted the money, and pushed it to the edge of his desk for his 'employee' to pick up.

"There you go. 2500 bucks..." Niko pocketed the money. Checking his list he had next to him, he added: "I think that's all I need for now, Nicky. I'll call you if anything comes up..." As Niko began to leave the office, he was stopped by his 'boss'

"Oh..while I think of it...there is ONE thing I need you to look at...."

"Oh yeah?" Niko commented. "And what would that be? Someone piss on your car and you want me to see how long it'll take for you to clean up?" He spoke with such sarcasm.

Phil's face turned slightly red with anger. "You have a real sharp tongue, don't you? You're really gonna piss somebody off with that mouth of yours and get your fucking balls cut off....NO! There's something in Firefly Island which has been bugging me for sometime..."

"Wait." Niko thought for a moment. "That abandoned amusment park?"

"Yes." Phil said boldly. "Apparently, some of my clients have reported a thief in the area. Apparently, this little devil has been stealing money, food, clothes you name it. I passed it off as a joke, thinking it might be some hobo. But it got serious when one of my clients said he had his entire diamond collection snatched from his home when he was out. Along with that, his gun had been taken. A model which I had purchased for him..."

"So you want me to investigate a thief, who's been stealing stuff and hiding in a rundown park?" Niko couldn't help but laugh. "Phil, I'm sorry, but you'll have to come up with something better than that! Just let the cops handle it..."

Phil clicked his fingers. "I'm serious, Nicky. If this thief finds out about my business, I could be jeopardized! They could rat me out to the cops, and I could be sent to the big house for a long time...and if I go, I'm dragging your sorry Eastern-European ass with me, got it?"

The Serbian sighed, and shook his head. "Fine, fine. I'll find out this so-called 'thief'. Just don't expect me to find anything good..."

The American chuckled. "I knew you'd see things my way. Ring me if anything suspicious occurs." With that Niko left Phil to attend to his work. Getting back into his car, he couldn't believe what a dumb task he had been given. Why would there be someone living in a place like that? Wasn't Firefly Island being rebuild for the next summer season? Anyway, he had might as well have a look at it, so Phil would stop bugging him about it.

Around half an hour later, he arrived outside the amusement park. He got out to inspect the Boardwalk nearby. Nothing unusual was happening. He walked along and looked in the bowling alley. He asked various members inside if anyone had noticed anything suspicious, but nobody had seen or heard anything. Walking back along, he walked along the beach to see if anything was there. Nothing. He walked back through the abandoned park, where the old food stands and shooting galleries layed to waste. It was quiet, lonely and depressing.

"This is some sort of fucking joke..." He said to himself. "Phil really screwed me over on this one. I cannot believe there really is nothing here. Seriously of all the low-down, no-good, two-timing things-!"


Niko turned round to see two strange characters run towards him. The first one was small, wearing baggy clothes and carrying a box under it's arm. The second one was hot on the first ones trail, this one a taller man wearing a loose shirt and black jeans. The smaller one ran towards Niko, but diverted left into the area where the Liberty Eye Ferris Wheel stood. The taller man stopped running and paused in front of Niko.

"Why the fuck did you not stop her, you idiot!?" He said angrily.

"Hey, what was I suppose to do? It's not my problem." Niko replied firmly.

"Look pal." He said catching his breath. "That bitch has stolen something very valuble to me. If I don't get it back, I'll be having my head on a platter. So what I'm going to do is get my stuff back, and teach that girl not to mess with me..."

Niko's eyes narrowed. "What do you plan on doing? She doesn't look that old..."

"Of course not." He licked his lips. "Nothing a little pain won't sort things out. Naughty little bitches like that deserved to be taught a lesson the hard way..."


Niko had punched the guy in the jaw, sending him to the ground, bleeding. "You bastard! What have you got against women huh? Just because she stole something from you, doesn't me that you have to imply such disgusting things! If you want I'll get your shit back, but I will never harm anyone like that!"

"Look here, buddy." The man replied, wiping blood from his mouth. "If you wanna start something then fine, let's do it..."

The Serb pulled out the .45 he had. "Do you really want to fuck with me?" He said darkly.

Panting for breath, the man gasped and began shifting away. "Alright, take it easy. Fine, you take the bitch! I didn't need that stuff anyway..." He stood up, and ran down the walkway. Niko scoffed, and placed his gun away. He didn't like the way any woman was treated wrongly, but was that girl really just a child? His conscience had gotten to him. He had better take a look and investigate or otherwise he wouldn't get it off his mind. Looking around him, the gate to the Liberty Eye was barely hanging on its hinges. With a slight kick, he had brought the fence down.

"Heck. What a shithole." He spoke with an unimpressed tone. Niko walked in the area. Passing the merry-go round and the toy stand, the place looked deserted. The buildings began looking a pale brown colour, the shine of the metal poles looked gray, and there was a surprisingly nasty stench which lingered around the food shack. Approaching the foot of the Eye's entrance, he noticed inside that the ticket booth had been torn down, and the metallic fencing reconstructed to form a barricade around the area. The floor seemed normal, but in the far corner of the square building was a mattress covered with blankets, table, wardrobe, boxes among boxes of clothes and other assorted items, and a few torn down lights which looked to be providing the only light for the dark abandoned area. The control panel which would operate the ride, had been torn off, and wires layed scattered in a spaghetti junction in the area. Wired up to these cables looked like parts of a cooker, microwave and stove.

Who the hell has been living here!? There's no way someone could have put this all together....But...Niko's jaw had literally dropped. He had never seen anything as weird as this. His attention was then drawn to a slight clanging sound coming from the other side of the area. His eyes flickered to what looked like a large garbage bin. He slowly walked over to it, hoping to find what was inside it. Tapping on the top ever so slightly, he muttered quietly:

"Hello? Anyone there? It's okay, the man's gone..."

No response. Was this girl scared stiff? He tapped again.

"I promise that I'm not going to hurt you. So please, I want to see if you're alright." Niko pleaded.

The lid of the bin raised up slowly. "Are you sure?" Came a soft, female voice.

Niko was then face to face with a young girl. She couldn't be any older than around fourteen or fifteen. She had long blonde hair which went past her shoulders, accompanied with soft blue eyes and snow white skin. She wore a long white shirt which had been ripped at the sleeves, accompanied with a pair of jeans which were cut off the knees. He was surprised that a young girl of all people was living here all by herself.

"What's your name?" She asked softly.

Niko took a deep breath and replied "Niko."

"Niko?" The girl questioned. "That's a weird name."

"Yeah?" He responded flatly. "So what? I like my name. What about you? You got one?"

The girl climbed out of the bin, and dusted the dirt off her knees. "My name...." She said slowly and calmly. "My name is Kiara."

"Kiara?" Niko wondered. "Tell me, 'Kiara', what are you doing in a place like this?"

Kiara shook her head. "I live here. This is my home..."

To be continued...

Next time on Niko's Dilemma, Niko and Kiara have a long conversation on where she came from and how she got there. Realising she cannot live in that state anymore, Niko brings Kiara to his penthouse in Algonquin, and so begins the trials of "Niko the Parent"!

I decided to focus on a GTA IV fic as I thought Niko is a character with a lot of feelings and emotions and there are still somethings we don't know about him. Hope you enjoyed, please leave feedback!