Author's Update:

Hey guys, TheShamanMaster here,

You're probably wondering where I've been all this time; well life has it's ups and downs. I'm in the second year of Univeristy and I've had lots of work, plus there's social time, time with my current girlfriend and so much other stuff too, that fan fiction has sort of taken a back seat to my life.

That and also, I've seemed to have lost my ideas of how I want to end this story. I've appreciated all the feedback and reviews I've had from everyone (seriously, I never thought a GTA4 fic could get so popular xD) and I'm glad I've been able to entertain people. So now I'll bring my next plan of action; I want YOUR help.

That's right; you guys and gals get to determine the future of this story: To re-cap, we're on Chapter 5, Niko and Kiara have gone shopping with Brucie and girlfriend Hayley; meanwhile, Johnny Klebitz has had an encounter with Dwayne, who's accused him of a crime which we yet to find out.

Now, I'm open to as any many ideas as you can give me; send me a PM with your ideas, character suggestions etc. and I will take into account and make notes for the next chapter. Any final ideas will be credited in future chapters.

I'll leave the suggestion box open until December 20th. After that, I will spend two days writing, if I have not posted anything by 23:59 on December 22nd; I will submit authorship over to someone who wants continue the story for me. However only, one person can do it and must credit it me as the original author as well.

Anywho that's all for now guys, thank you for standing by me and supporting me.

All the best,