I Remember: A Tony/Gibbs fic based off of a fanvid on youtube.

Author's Note: I love youtube. I love it a lot. Thanks to all the fanvids placed on youtube I am often inspired to write fanfiction. I've watched one video like a hundred times and each time a love it a little bit more, so I figured I'd dedicate this one to the creator of the fantastic video I remember, Xenasoul. :) Thank you for the pretty video.

Summary: Gibbs is lost and confused by everything DiNozzo does until he stands in the elevator and finally remembers. Spoiler for the episodes after Gibbs is blown up. If I just spoiled something for the rest of you my bad.

Gibbs sighed as he walked through the hallway of NCIS. He hated being back here. Hated having to ride the elevator up to check on his idiot team. He was sure he left Tony in charge, but if that was true, why the hell wasn't he back in Mexico, Oh right! Tony was an idiot. Gibbs growled softly as he stepped off the elevator not really paying attention to the conversation between Ducky and DiNozzo till he caught the last statement. "I mean his hair is all long and crazy looking. And he's got this scraggly looking beard, he looks like a pirate or something! His eyes were all bloodshot, probably from drinking hooch from morning til night with Franks." Gibbs eyes narrowed and he tried to control the growl at the slight insult.

"It's called the Red Eye for a reason." Immediately Tony spun around and something changed in his eyes for a moment. Tony leaped onto Gibbs grabbing him tightly and squeezing as he clung to Gibbs simply breathing in the fact that Gibbs was still alive.

"Boss" He yelped just before the tackle hug making Gibbs smile at the childishness of it all. When Tony finally pulled back from what seemed like the longest hug ever, but actually lasted only a few milliseconds (A/N: Damn it.). Gibbs smiled lopsidedly before quickly rushing into his role. Turning back into the caretaker and chastising Tony, but the case was soon over and off he went back to Mexico, or so planned. Then Farnell needed him. The whole time on the way over to the perps home he listened to Tony babble incessantly about the new protocol and regulations. He ignored most of it and simply listened to the sound of his voice. And then he heard it. It wasn't so much a statement as the way Tony's voice wavered. It was concern laced with something else. What it was he couldn't place. His mind went back to that hug DiNozzo gave him. The look in Tony's eyes. When did Tony become so damn hard to read. Probably never, he thought to himself as he stared out the window. Probably just couldn't remember what that look meant. And then he lost himself in the case.

Gibbs growled angrily at the team before rushing into the elevator and hitting the emergency stop and simply stared at the walls of the elevator. There was so much he didn't understand still. He'd been reinstated and was no longer a retiree. Instead he was back to being an agent, but he still didn't get DiNozzo. After they'd gotten the real murderer and freed the innocent man from the case DiNozzo had come over. Tony had come right in and sat on the steps with a pizza and watched Gibbs work on the boat. Just watched, until Gibbs had taken a break and stole a slice of pizza, and Tony had leaned back and seemed frightened by the action. The entire night had left Gibbs with a bad taste in his mouth. Tony had finally left around 2 or 3 in the morning. And the way he had said goodbye, so nervous and shy. It would have been cute under any other circumstance, but Gibbs couldn't understand why DiNozzo was so nervous. Now he stood alone in the elevator. Slowly he began to shake then shut his eyes and took a deep breath. Then he remembered it all.

Tony waking up slowly in his arms

Both of them sitting watching a movie as Tony blathered on about the director and the actors.

DiNozzo curled up asleep next to Gibbs his head tucked into Gibbs neck.

Tony panting and moaning underneath him.

Tony laughing with a goofy grin as Gibbs tried to log onto the computer he bought him.

Tony helping him clean out the basement after the removal of another boat.

Making love to Tony under the new boat.

Tony kissing him in the elevator.

Tony hugging him tightly after ever close call.

Tony's first confession of love for Gibbs.

All the kisses, the touches, and everything he'd ever promised he made or given to Tony.

"God, I really am a bastard." He growled slapping the button and reactivating the elevator and jamming the button repeatedly to get back to where he'd left Tony. The second he stepped out he spotted Tony and remembered all the other times he'd come looking for Tony before and smiled lopsidedly as he watched Tony busily typing another report. "DiNozzo!" He barked and signaled for Tony to follow him. Tony jumped up and quickly followed him into the elevator.

"On your six, boss!" Tony shouted as he hopped into the elevator grinning happily as he hopped around the elevator to stand behind Gibbs. Gibbs sighed and slapped the emergency stop button and turned to stare at Tony, causing Tony to shift nervously and question following Gibbs in here. "Yeah, Boss?" Tony asked nervously taking a step back. Gibbs chuckled and gently patted Tony's shoulder.

"Tony, I remember." Gibbs said smiling gently the smile filled with comfort and love.

"You mean, you remember us?" Tony asked suddenly shifting forward his eyes filled with disbelief as he looked into Gibbs eyes waiting for an answer. Gibbs smiled warmly and gently pulled Tony closer.

"Yeah. Us." He whispered gently kissing DiNozzo on the forehead and gently ruffled his hair, loving the feel of Tony's hair between his fingers.

"Jethro…I don't know what to say. A lot of things happened while…" Tony hesistated afraid to finish, but Gibbs cut him off with a shrug and simple question.

"You still love me?" Tony shifted his expression guarded as he looked up at Gibbs.

"What about you?"

What do you think?" He asked staring Tony straight into his eyes trying to convey all he felt into that one look. Tony smiled warmly and chuckled as he slid into his rightful place and kissed Gibbs lightly. Gibbs smiled and wrapped his arms tightly around Tony as he snuggled into his chest. Gibbs was finally home.