OK, ok. SO I planned on leaving at that in the first chapter, but of course I just had to go and get Story alert adds and favorite adds and now I feel compelled to write one more chapter. XD Plus I watched another episode of NCIS today, the one where Ziva first shows up. "I love you, Boss." ~Tony *jumps around and squeals* What can I say some things just speak for themselves. So this is the last chapter and no there won't be anymore for this story, but if people are nice (not like on Youtube :/) I may write more Tibbs Stories. OK, here you go, takes place a few hours later :D

Gibbs smiled as he drove back to his house, occasionally looking in his rear view to look back at Tony's car. He had been gone for a long time. He hadn't even realized he missed Tony, so much. Not that he wasn't gonna make up for it. He smiled and turned the radio on to listen to some music to keep his mind from wandering to how he was gonna make up for it.

Gibbs smiled and switched over to the CD he'd gotten in the mail almost a year ago. Felt like forever since he'd since those twins both giggling and telling him to look at what he had. Boy, had they been right, if they hadn't pointed it out in their writings, he never would have made his move. He owed those two a lot.*

Gibbs leaned forward slightly and switched to Song number 9 on the list grinning as he thought of how the words seemed to describe DiNozzo to the letter. He couldn't stop himself from quickly slipping into humming along with the song. He'd have to play this for Tony. As he turned into his driveway he smiled and ejected the CD and got out deciding to play it for Tony. Tony pulled in right behind him practically skipping up to Gibbs. Gibbs smiled and tugged the man up the steps and noticing a neighbor staring quickly shot them the deadly Gibbs-glare.

Once inside Tony apparently decided to start babbling as Gibbs popped the CD into his old CD player Tony got him for Christmas. "Tony." Gibbs chided stopping the babbling for a moment. He grinned and turned to look at his younger agent signaling him to come closer to him.

There was a girl named Annie

She had a very pretty face,

But not the way you would think so.

Let me see if I can try and explain it.

Tony smiled and seemed to melt as he listened to the words. Gibbs grinned and gently pulled Tony into his arms kissing him lightly on the lips as they began to dance slowly to the calming intro.

She had a smile that could light a room.

And if she moved it'd moving you.

But it wasn't like a magazine,

She was just plain Jane.

Her name was Annie.

Gibbs gently leaned down kissing Tony lightly as the song's beat sped up. He planned on the kissing staying light, but he only had so much control when it came to Tony.

She never looked in the mirror.

She never liked what she would see

And even if I tried to tell her,

She never listened to a word I said.

Tony leaned up pressing closer to Gibbs opening his mouth wide allowing Gibbs complete access as all semblance of dancing ceased, the quicker rhythm reminding them of how long it had been.

She always wanted what she never had.

But never had what she needed so badly.

Someone telling her she was fine,

And that's not right,

That's why I'm saying,

Tony didn't question how they managed to get to the couch, he was just glad he could finally lay back. His hands, of course kept moving all over Gibbs, trying to force every inch of the older man to memory. Gibbs smiled at Tony's need to touch and kissed him roughly before whispering the Chorus into Tony's ear as he pulled at Tony's shirt.

"Annie, Don't be shy.

And Annie don't just cry,

Looks don't make the world go round.

But it comes around…

So, Annie don't be shy

And Annie please don't cry.

I always have to stop myself

Cause you're beautiful!"

Tony's breath hitched as Gibbs hands finally reached skin touching and gripping and feeling everything he could reach at this angle. Tony finally pushed him away kissing Gibbs lightly as he flipped their positions and started to undress his lower half.

I didn't know if I could tell her.

I didn't know if I could make her see.

She didn't need it for the beauty.

She didn't need to find a way to show me.

They took her moments of feeling alive,

And made them moments of dieing inside.

She needed someone to scream her name.

To take her pain, and it's why I'm screaming,

Gibbs pulled Tony close to him trying to put them as close to one another as they could possibly get. Both men needing to feel the other. Gibbs needing to know Tony was his, again, was really ok. Tony simply needing to hold Gibbs, to feel him like he'd wanted to after the ship exploded. As their lips met again , both men tried their best to pour their emotions into. Tony felt tears he hadn't been able to shed come to the front. Gibbs pulled away gently kissing away the tears, trying to make better what he knew would take forever to heal.

Annie, Don't be shy.

And Annie don't just die,

Looks don't make the world go round.

But it comes around…

and, Annie don't be shy

And Annie please don't cry.

I always have to stop myself

Cause you're beautiful!

And Annie,

You are the one sight my eyes never tire of.

It's like I can not get enough of you.

Annie you are the one song

Left in my symphony.

Like you were made for me.

Gibbs and Tony's movements were slower, more gradual now, matching the tempo of the song. Gibbs moved Tony slowly preparing him, not wanting to hurt him. Tony smiled and moaned happy to feel Gibbs, again. And when Gibbs entered him, he knew he was loved. Knew Gibbs had missed him just as much. Both men finally able to be like one.

So, Annie don't be shy.

And Annie don't just die.

Looks don't make the world go round.

But it comes around.

Gibbs knew neither of them would last long, but that wasn't the point. Tony needed to feel every lost drop of feeling Gibbs held for him, needed to know that to Gibbs Tony was one of kind. Tony was someone he needed by his side every day. Tony kissed him as they both neared their climax.

And Annie don't be shy.

And Annie please don't cry.

I always have to stop myself,

Cause you're beautiful.

Both men gasped breathing seeming to stop as they finally reached their climax. Tony went over the edge first moaning and clawing into Gibbs back, his anal muscles clamping down over Gibbs, causing his release. Gibbs held Tony close shaking and gripping the younger man tightly. Both slowly beginning to come down from their high.

So, Annie don't be shy.

And Annie don't just die.

Looks don't make the world go round.

But it comes around.

And Annie don't be shy.

And Annie please don't cry.

I always have to stop myself,

Have to stop myself

Have to stop myself

Have to stop myself

Cause you are beautiful.

Cause you are beautiful

Cause you are beautiful

Tony smiled sinking slowly into Gibbs nuzzling close as he finally listened to the song, actually heard what Gibbs was saying (metaphorically).

There was a girl named Annie,

She had a very pretty face.

Tony smiled as the song slowly came to an end, the next song beginning to play quietly in the background. "You know," Tony whispered softly as he nuzzled closer borrowing into Gibbs' arms. "I really ought to send Ren and Izzy* something special." Gibbs laughed lightly and kissed Tony gently on the nose.

"Don't you think a two years is a little late for that?" Gibbs asked staring up at Tony with a smile. Tony grinned and shook his head vigorously.

"It's never to late, Gibbs. Besides, they love me. They won't care. Long as I send them pictures and stories." Tony teased as he leaned over the couch grabbing up his cell phone. Gibbs tightened his grip on Tony afraid he was leaving and was rewarded with a laugh. "Say cheese, Boss." Tony said pushing his and Gibbs face together before taking a quick shot with his camera phone.

"Tony, if you send them that photo and tell them about this, I won't care, but if this winds up on the web, you won't be able to comprehend the punishment, you'll get for that." Gibbs growled lightly pulling the camera out of Tony's hand and looking at the photo. He'd have to get Abby to print it. And print it Abby did. The photo sits warm and welcoming and full of love on a shelf in Gibbs basement, for when Tony works late.

A photo of Tony and Gibbs smiling both without shirts on and sweaty. Yep, it was his favorite picture.

*Ren and Izzy a.k.a. the twins. These two aren't in the show don't look for them. Their rabid slash fangirls that travel across different shows and pair up male characters in their infamous stories. They write very explicit Lit erotica. They have they're own story, I just need to figure out where to start them off at, Law & Order: CI or NCIS or maybe Psych. These two really roam, Here I claim they spawned Tony and Gibbs relationship. ;P

The song that I wrote in here is called Annie by Safety Suit, doesn't seem to fit Tony, but I just really love the song and thought it might be good to use so I wouldn't have to try and write long explicit stuff. Ok, so that's all. R&R. LAST CHAPTER! Don't ask for more! (Well, ask for more, just not more chapters on this one. I have other stories too Wink wink nudge nudge.) P.S. I was listening to the song and typing it up at the same time. Not easy.