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Chaos Chao and Good Wishes

By meowthecat


Chapter 1

An Old Story Told Anew


"Why don't you tell us a story, Auntie?"

"Yes! All of us, the hatchlings especially, would love to hear another story from you."

"If I may make a suggestion, I found the story about the courageous warrior clad in green who goes on a quest to save his land and his wise princess from a powerful man to be most interesting."

"That story was boring! Tell us the one about the plumber who saves the princess from the evil turtle!"

"Don't call his favorite story boring! I liked that one… but if it's okay with everyone, I'd rather listen to the one about the pink warrior who flies on a star. Let's ask our storytellers and see what they think first."

"As one of the official storytellers, I think we should listen to the one about the two children who go to the land of dreams, meet up with a nightmare monster who turns to good, and save the realm from nightmares."

"…I think we should listen to Chaos Chao and Good Wishes."

The last suggestion was met by a groan from every Chao in the group except for the one who had suggested it in the first place. Their aunt (the head "official storyteller"), who had been listening to the Chao speak, asked,

"Why don't we listen to Chaos Chao and Good Wishes?"

The Chao who had suggested the above story, Calm, said nothing but simply smiled at his aunt in thanks.

"Pardon me, Auntie," Clev the storyteller Chao interjected, "but I find Chaos Chao and Good Wishes to be too simplistic."

"I agree with Clev," said Missy, who was the Chao who'd wanted the story about the pink star rider.

"Yeah! That story's boring too!" whined Muscle, who was the Chao who'd wanted the story about the plumber.

"Really?" asked their auntie with a mischievous glint in her eyes. "What if it wasn't so boring this time?"

"I fail to see how a fairy tale could not be boring at any time," School, the Chao who had wanted the legend of the green warrior, said with derision.

"Also, the hatchlings need to get to bed soon. The sun is going down," remarked Mammy, the self-appointed big sister of the group.

"Hmm…" pondered Oldie, the self-appointed big brother of the group. "I've got it! Perhaps we should listen to the old story, after all. At the very least it'll put the hatchlings to bed by nighttime." He chuckled.

Mammy agreed, and all the Chao sat down to listen to Auntie tell the same old boring story one more time. Several of them began to nod off before the story began. Others pouted in frustration.

Auntie took her book- which she had brought today for this purpose- and sat down. "Today…" she began, "I'm going to tell the story of Chaos Chao and Good Wishes."

She opened the book to the first page. The page depicted an indigo island above the clouds and surrounded by stars. Some structures could be seen on it. "Far, far away, beyond the sky, way above the clouds, it's been said that there's a haven where some Chao live."

She turned the page, revealing a picture of a structure surrounded by fountains and water. The structure was supported by several columns and topped by a beautiful blue dome. An opening could be seen leading inside. "In the sanctuary of Chao Haven, there rest fabled treasures called the Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald, which have the power to grant all wishes."

She turned the page again. This image was inside the blue sanctuary, and showed a giant green emerald hovering in the center of the room. In the background, two smaller red and light blue emeralds could be seen floating above separate pedestals. Two Chaos Chao, red and light blue respectively, floated above their matching emeralds. "This is because-"

"The Servers are the seven Chaos. Chaos is power enriched by the Heart. The Server serves to unify the Chaos," recited School, looking sufficiently proud of himself.

"Very good," replied Auntie, and gave School a kind look. "But-"

"Yeah, yeah, we all know that," Muscle whined, earning himself a nasty look from School. "We've all heard this story before! It's so boring!"

"Ah-ah! Wait until I finish, Muscle!"

"Oh! Sorry, Auntie." he replied.

"And I was about to remind you not to interrupt too, School."

"I won't do it again, Auntie," the other Chao said.

"But it was very good that you remembered the chant. Now where was I?" Auntie asked. "Ah. Here!"

"Using these wondrous Emeralds, the seven revered Chaos Chao watched over our peaceful world carefully… very carefully." She turned the page.

"And then… Oh dear… What the…?"

Several of the Chao now began to perk up. This was different!

Taped onto the page, which showed more of the Chaos Emeralds and their respective Chaos Chao, was a robotic blue hedgehog with piercing red eyes. "Who taped that weird thing into the story?" Auntie asked, seemingly oblivious. She then ducked behind her book as a strange voice began to speak…

"Oh ho ho! Yes! I did! Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho!"

Now the Chao, who were all wide awake, began to get scared. Who could have such an evil laugh?

"So I can, at long last, beat my archenemy, Sonic," continued the evil voice, "I'll take these Emeralds!" The page turned, but the Chao were so focused on the story that they didn't notice that they were still being read to from a book anymore…

"Do it, Metal Sonic!" The robot, now in front of the red emerald and Chaos Chao, began to run around and cause general mayhem and destruction. A hole was blown in the ceiling of the sanctuary and a grey hovercraft came in bearing a most unusual occupant. He was entirely bald save for a large red-brown moustache that adorned his face under his pink beak-like nose. He wore a pair of goggles strapped to his forehead and a pair of shades that hid his eyes. Completing his outfit was a large red jacket with yellow cuffs and buckles and a very large grey zipper. The overall impression one got of him was that he was shaped very much like an egg.

Metal Sonic grabbed the Master Emerald and presented it to the arriving visitor. "No, you mustn't do that!" said one of the Chaos Chao. All of the Chaos Chao, still atop their emeralds, backed away a little bit.

"Yes!" the red-clad invader exclaimed. "Now let's try using it!"

At that, both Metal Sonic and the Master Emerald began to glow. The robot turned gold and hovered in the air, curling up. Then, he unfurled and released a huge flash of energy! The energy wave engulfed the Chaos Chao and trapped them in their Chaos Emeralds. "Stop it! Cut it out, Dr. Eggman!" another one of the Chaos Chao cried as he was sealed away.

"You're changing the story!" added Auntie as she remained concealed behind the book.

"Oh ho ho ho… We did it!" exclaimed Dr. Eggman. Metal Sonic collected the seven Chaos Emeralds in a ring around him and floated over to his master, who had deployed a claw from his hovercraft that had latched onto and was now carrying the Master Emerald. "That was a piece of cake! Oh ho ho!" The pair then left the empty and now broken sanctuary.

In the real world, the Chao were all huddled together, fearful of what might happen next. Voice imitation is such a useful skill for a storyteller to have, Auntie thought as she closed the book with a tiny look of mischief in her eye. Now they were interested!

"Now hatchling Chao just like you may go to Chao Haven to to bring happiness to everyone…" Auntie said sadly, "…but those wishes will not come true. Whatever can they do… ?"

The Chao sat in stunned silence for a few moments… and then began to clap and cheer loudly.

"Whoa," said Muscle. "That. Was. Awesome!"

"Yes," said Oldie. "That was quite a show…"

"And there's more where that came from," said Auntie excitedly. "There will be action! Romance! And mystery!"

"But first, we have to go to bed," reminded Mammy. The sun had almost set and was casting long shadows across the Chao Garden. "Come along, hatchlings!"

The hatchlings groaned again. But this time, it was because they wanted to hear more of Chaos Chao and Good Wishes.

Auntie smiled and got up to leave. In the back of her mind, she wondered how Dr. Eggman was getting along now…