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Chapter 1.

Edward Elric was sitting on a green bench at the train station. He had just come back from a mission and was hoping it would stop raining so he could get to the military dorms without becoming soaked. It didn't seem to want to lighten up at all and he sighed knowing that he was going to end up having to walk through the damned rain. Ed stood up and pulled his signature red jacket tighter around him and picked up his travel suitcase.

"Sure as hell would have been nice if someone had come to pick me up." Ed thought to himself glumly. Although he would never actually admit it; he enjoyed it when someone would meet him at the train station. Especially Hughes or Havoc. Right now though, he wouldn't mind even the Colonel if it meant not having to walk through the rain. He sighed internally and realized they were all probably asleep since it was well pass midnight and his train wasn't actually supposed to come in until five that morning. But, the damned thing got to Central early.


Edward had been walking for a good ten minutes and was completely soaked through when he realized two men were following him. "Damn! I really don't feel like fighting right now!" Ed thought while silently speeding up a little. The two men behind began to speed up too and Ed knew that he was going to have to confront them. He turned around to face them, legs spread and hands squeezed into fists.

"What the hell do you two want." Ed demanded more than asked.

The two men grinned at Ed and then looked at each other. One of them two men was tall and built. His hair was long, black, and matted around his face from the rain. Ed realized he was only wearing a pair of black jeans. The other man was short but even more built than the tall one. He had short brown hair and a small brown beard. The shirt he was wearing looked like it was much too small for him and his blue jeans had holes and rips everywhere. Ed began getting a bad feeling in his gut from these two guys that told him to run. But his damned pride was telling him to stay and kick their asses if they tried anything. So he stayed and waited for their answer. Edward was about to yell at them, when the tall one spoke up.

"We were jus' wondering why a little kid was walking around all alone out here at night?" The tall man asked.

"Well that's just none of your damned business now is it! And damn you I AM NOT LITTLE! So piss off before you make me angrier." Ed said fuming at being called a little kid. He took a step back and was about to walk off when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He twirled around to hit whichever man had touched him, but to his surprise was too slow and hit in the face instead. Ed fell back and clutched his now bleeding nose.

"Kids shouldn't speak to adults like that. I think we need to teach you a lesson." The short man explained and grabbed Ed by the front of his shirt and dragged him into an ally. Ed elbowed the man in the gut and was about to clap his hands when the tall man grabbed his auto-mail arm and twisted it behind his back. Edward struggled to free his arm, but it seemed hopeless. The man managed to get end onto the ground and put his knee on Ed's back so Ed couldn't move around.

"Now, now struggling is only going to do more harm to yourself." The short man said getting off the ground, but still clutching his stomach.

"GO TO HELL!" Ed yelled still trying to struggle out of the taller man's grip. The short man came over and kicked end in the side. Ed gasped from the pain that shot through his side, but continued to struggle, kicking at any part of the man on top of him that he could reach.

"Let's do this before someone hears. Get his belt off." The tall man ordered the shorter man. Ed's eyes widened when he realized what these men planned on doing.

"DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH ME YOU SICK BASTARDS GET OFF ME NOW!" Ed screamed at the top of his lungs and kicking widely. Ed hoped that someone would hear him, anyone. The tall man turned Ed onto his back and Ed took the opportunity to knee the man between his legs. The man yelped out in pain and Ed pulled away from his grasp and tried to run away. To his dismay the short man grabbed him by his hair braid and pulled him backwards. Once Ed fell back onto his back the Tall man grabbed his legs while the short man used a belt to secure Ed's hands above his head.

"NO NO GET THE HELL OFF ME! SOMEONE HELP! HELP! GET THE HELL OFF!" Ed yelled kicking with all his might. He gasped when he felt a hand touch a place where no hand other than his own should ever be. He yelled again once he felt his pants being tugged down.

"Can't you gag him with something damn it! Someone is going to hear him!" The tall man complained.

"SHUT THE HELL UP!" The short man yelled and punched Edward in the face. In return Ed spit blood at the man's face. The short man cursed and was about to hit Ed again when Ed heard footsteps.

"GET OFF! GET OFF! SOMEONE HELP" Ed yelled again in hopes that whoever was near by would hear. Ed couldn't help by sigh in relief when he heard someone running towards the ally.

"Shit! Let's go." The short man said in a hurry getting off of Ed.

"What the fuck!" Ed heard his savior yell. Both men let go of Ed and as soon as they did Ed sat up and scooted himself away from the men and to whoever it was who managed to hear him. Ed gasped when he looked up and saw the last person he would have expected.


"Havoc!" Ed said in surprise. He had never seen Havoc look to angry before. Ed was certain that if an egg was placed on the man's face at the moment that it would cook. Before Ed could say anything else to Havoc, he ran at the two men yelling in fury. The tall man began running off, but Havoc grabbed the short one before he could also escape.

Havoc was pissed. No beyond pissed. He wasn't sure there was a word to describe what he felt right now. What he did know that he was going to continue to bash this man's face in until he was no longer recognizable. Havoc couldn't believe that it would be Edward yelling out. He was simply on his way to the store to buy some beer when he heard someone yelling. Seeing those men on top of Ed with Ed's pants down sent a fury through his body that he never felt before. He lost count on how many times he hit the man now. All he knew is that it was not enough. It would never be enough until the man was no longer breathing. It took Havoc a minute to realize someone was yelling his name, then he stopped when he realized it was Ed. He looked over at the small thirteen year old and realized what he was doing.

"Shit." Havoc whispered and checked the short man's pulse. It wasn't strong but it was still there. He sighed when he realized he was about to kill the man. He slowly stood up and walked over to the small blond boy.

"Sorry, chief. I let my anger get the best of me." The normally laid-back man explained while removing the belt from Ed's hands. Edward rubbed his wrists trying to get the feeling back in them, then with Havocs help stood and pulled his pant's back on. Both men were silent for a few minutes staring at nothing in particular.

"You okay, chief?" Havoc asked quietly. Ed nodded but stared at the ground. Ed was worried that if he looked the man in the face, he wouldn't be able to keep his emotions in check. Ed jumped when Havoc put his hand on ends shoulder.

"Come on. You're freezing." Havoc said simply while picking up Ed's suitcase leading him out of the ally. Ed glanced back at the man that was on the ground unconscious. He wanted to ask Havoc what was going to happen to him, but thought better of it.

"Where are we going?" Ed asked once he realized they were heading in the opposite direction of the HQ where the military dorms were.

"Back to my place. I don't want you alone. Unless you want to head to Hughes place. You stay there sometimes right?" Havoc asked. Ed didn't reply at first. He wasn't sure if he wanted to go to Hughes or not. A part of him wanted the fatherly man's comfort, while another part of him was worried about Havoc. He did not want Havoc to go back and finish what he started. Ed shivered at the idea of Havoc killing the man. Ed was pissed off at the two men that attacked him, but he didn't want someone to kill them, especially not Havoc.

Havoc seemed to sense the battle inside Ed's head. He sighed and looked down at the boy.

"I won't go back, boss." Havoc said quietly. After a few minutes Ed spoke.

"Promise?" Ed asked looking in the man's eyes.

"Promise." Havoc replied sincerely.

"Can…can I go to Hughes than?" Ed asked, unsure if it would upset Havoc. If it did upset the man he didn't let it show and simply nodded.

Both walked in silence for the next twenty minutes. The silence was broken when Havoc finally spoke.

"What the hell were you thinking? In fact, why are you even in central! Your train wasn't supposed to come until five damn it. I was the one who was going to be picking you up. And where the hell is Al? Why the hell were you alone, in Central, at midnight!" Havoc ranted trying to keep in control of his temper. Ed was a little shocked from the sudden outburst but replied almost automatically, not wanting to make the man any more angry than necessary.

"I…I thought I could take them! I'm not helpless you know." Before Havoc had a chance to respond to that Edward continued. "My train came in early and I figured everyone was asleep so I was heading to the dorms. And Al, he's visiting Winry right now because the mission I came back from was too dangerous for him to go on." Ed explained trying to defend himself. Havoc just sighed. Ed was too hard-headed to accept his stupid mistake. Havoc was actually concerned at how well Ed seemed to be taking things. He shrugged it off glad that Ed was doing so well.

"You're not going to tell Al, are you?" Ed whispered with his face down. Havoc stared ahead of him for a bit before answering.

"No. Al doesn't need to know the kind of evil in this world." The man explained while lighting a cigarette now that it stopped raining. Ed just nodded.


After another few minutes of walking they ended up at Hughes front door. Havoc knocked and waited several minutes before knocking again. Ed looked at his watch. Nearly two in the morning. He was tired and freezing all he wanted was a warm shower and to sleep. Havoc knocked again and this time they heard a noise from the other side of the door. The door opened slowly and a sleepy looking Hughes poked his head out.

"Sorry Hughes, I know it's late, but Ed here ran into some trouble and I don't want to leave him alone tonight." Havoc explained at the grumpy looking Hughes. Hughes stepped back and opened the door the rest of the way and motioned for Havoc and Ed to come inside. Both men and Ed walked over to the living room and sat down.

"Up Ed. You're going to get the sofa dirty. Go take a shower, you know where everything is." Hughes told Edward. Ed simply nodded and picked up his suitcase and headed up the stairs. Hughes turned back to Havoc. "Explain." Hughes said to Havoc sighing.


Edward was in the guest room he stayed in whenever he stayed with the Hughes. He pulled on a long sleeved black shirt that was too big for him and pulled on a pair of blue boxers. He sat down on the bed and began drying his long blond hair. He knew when Hughes sent him away he had Havoc explain why they were there. Ed wasn't sure why, but he felt uncomfortable knowing that the man he thought of as a father knew about what happened.

Ed heard the front door open then close. He knew Hughes was going to come up here now and Ed wasn't sure he could face the man. For the first time since the incident, Ed felt panicked. He started breathing in and out slowly trying to calm himself before Hughes came into the room. Ed heard footsteps nearing the door and the door slowly opened. Edward continued breathing slowly, although it was failing at keeping the panic away.

Edward continued to stare at the floor not daring to look the man in the face. He felt the bed shift and knew Hughes was sitting next to him. Without warning Hughes pulled Ed into a tight hug. Ed was startled by this act of comfort. No one had ever held him this way, not since his mother passed away.

"Um…Mr. Hughes? Wh…what are you doing?" Ed asked uncertainly. This definitely wasn't how he expected the man to react to what happened. Ed waited for a reply but Hughes simply hugged Ed tighter and didn't reply. After a while Ed could feel himself melting into the hug. His mind was yelling at him to pull away but his body was telling him that he desperately needed the comforting. Ed felt something wet on his face and for a second thought Hughes was trying but was rather stunned when the tears were coming from his own eyes. "Edward Elric does NOT cry!" Ed thought to himself, but it seemed pointless to fight them. His body was no longer listening to his brains commands. He sighed and gave up and buried his head further into Hughes chest.


Hughes sat cradling the small blond. He expected Ed to pull away from him at first, especially feeling how tense he was when Hughes began hugging the boy. After a while though, Ed seemed to relax to his amazement and then to his even greater amazement, the boy began to cry. Hughes did not expect it, but he did know how to comfort the child. When Havoc explained what had happened, Hughes had the overpowering urge to run up the stairs and strangle Ed for being so stupid. But once Havoc left and Hughes saw Edward looking small and scared sitting on the bed, the only thing that Hughes could think about is 'what if'. What if Havoc had not been on his way to the store. What if those men hadn't taken there sweet time. What if they had done what their sick bastard minds were planning on.

Hughes let out a silent sigh and rested his chin on the shaking boy. Havoc had said Ed didn't seem shaken up about the incident and Hughes knew that the shock hadn't worn off until now. Ed was just a little kid no matter what Ed thought. A little kid who had to grow up much too fast. Hughes liked Ed the moment they met on the train; when Ed was going to take his test to become a State Alchemist. He couldn't help feeling fatherly to the orphaned boy.

Ed had stopped shaking and was hiccuping quietly. Hughes smiled at the sound, Ed could be extremely cute when he wasn't being a pain in the ass. He slowly pulled Ed out of his embrace to look the boy in the face. Edward's eyes were red and puffy but seemed much more relaxed now. Hughes wiped away the tears still on the boys face with his sleeve and smiled softly.

"Feel better?" Hughes asked softly. Ed nodded and began playing with an imaginary string on his pajama shirt. His cheeks turning a bright red from embarrassment. He couldn't believe he just cried in the man's arms! Ed felt a hand on his chin and his faced was pulled to look straight at Hughes.

"Do you understand what you did was irresponsible and stupid, Edward?" Hughes asked sternly. Hughes was rarely a disciplining type of man. He was always cheery with a large goofy grin plastered on his face. But right now, his face was stern and completely serious and it made Ed cringed.

"Yes, sir. I'm sorry." Ed said quietly. Hughes smiled at Ed and both were silent for a while. Ed staring off towards the wall and Hughes studying the boy. Hughes suddenly clapped his hands together, which made Edward jump a little. Hughes chuckled softly and Edward glared at the man.

"Are you hungry?" Hughes asked casually. Ed shook his head and instead asked for some water. Hughes merely nodded, stood up, and left the room.


Ed stared after him a bit before laying back on the bed. "What a strange night." Ed thought to himself. His mind then wondered to Al. He had never been away from his brother for so long and he was missing him an awful lot. Ed knew though that it was for the best that Al stay back in their hometown with Winry. At least until a specific Colonel Archer quit snooping around. A few weeks before Edwards latest mission Archer started becoming suspicious of the two brothers. He had told Alphonse that he wanted him to come out of the Armor that his soul was bound too. It had been a close call, with Archer ready to pull the helmet off. Mustang had, luckily, been walking by at the time and ordered the two brothers to go and take some paper work to Hawkeye.

After that though, Archer knew that Mustang and the brothers were indeed hiding something. Archer had confronted Edward later that day and threatened him. He explained that he would figure out what Mustang and he were hiding and once he did, expose them all. Edward, of course, played dumb telling Archer he had no idea what he was talking about. Shortly after the encounter Ed was sent on a mission. That was the perfect excuse to drop Al off with Winry, and decided if anyone asked, Ed would simply say that the mission was far to dangerous for his younger brother to accompany him on. It took a long time to convince Al that Ed would be fine on his own, in the end Edward had to demand Al to stay behind because he wasn't going to have anyone haul Al off to be experimented on. Al gave in and Ed set off. That had been a week ago. Edward sighed. A whole week away from his brother and he still was not sure when he could allow Al to return. He was sure Archer was still poking around trying to figure out what was going on.

Edward was so deep in thought that he never noticed Hughes enter the room and sit down on the bed. When he finally did notice the man, Ed thought his heart had ripped through his chest.

"SHIT! Mr. Hughes are you TRYING to give me a heart attack!?" Ed asked trying to breathe normal again.

"Shh…You're going to wake up my little Elysia, then I'll be mad because my little princess needs her sleep. While we're talking about Elysia, have I shown you the most recent pictures of her? I have one where she's petting this dog. She's just sooo adorable!" Hughes gushed about his daughter. Ed sighed and fell back onto the bed. Hughes chuckled and stood up.

"You should probably get some sleep then. I'm sure your exhausted and you will need your rest before seeing Mustang tomorrow morning." Hughes said with a large grin on his face which only got wider when Ed's mouth opened in surprise.

"You! You told Mustang! Noooooo!" Ed whined. "I'm never ever going to hear the end of this. Ergh damn it!" Ed glared at the man in glasses who was grinning at him.

"Yes I told him Edward, he has a right to know. He cares about you and you deserve to be lectured over and over. What you did Edward. What could have happened…" Hughes stopped to collect himself. "You could have been seriously hurt Edward, also watch your language. No swearing here. Understood? I don't want Elysia picking up any of those words." Hughes looked down at the glaring boy.

"Yes, sir" Ed said slowly. This night was only getting worse by the minute and he was not liking it one bit.

"Good then. Goodnight. You will be waking up early and going to work with me. I'll drop you off with Mustang where he will decide a good punishment for you." Hughes explained in a tone that meant he was not expecting any arguing. With that he left the room closing the door behind him.

Edward lied back on top of the covers. He guzzled his water then rolled onto his side and was asleep within minutes.

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