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(6 months after Aizen's defect)

A large snake like Hollow flow back from the force of the attack it was just hit with. It got back up to look at his opponent. His opponent was a tall blonde haired man standing at 6'3", with three whisker-like marks on his face, deep blue eyes, wearing a black kosode, black hakama, white belt, black sandals, black gloves with the two middle fingers missing on the right and the two outer fingers on the left, and a white hoari without sleeves with the fifth Division symbol on the back. In his hand was a katana with a blue hilt, a claw like guard, and a blue sheath sat on his waist. This man was Naruto Uzumaki, Head of the 5th Division of the Gotei 13. Currently the blonde was not happy.

The snake charged only to be kicked upwards with a mighty boot. "Of all the fucking days I have to deal with scum, why did it have to be today?" Naruto asked himself as the Hollow flow at him attempting to bit his head off.

Naruto stopped the Hollow with his left hand before slashing the Hollows mask in two. The Hollow roared before it vanished.

Naruto looked up and growled. "Crap I'm late!" yelled Naruto as he opened a Gate and quickly entered.

(In the Seireitei)

Rukia Kuchiki- Uzumaki was not happy at the moment. Her husband was no where in sight and the party was about to begin. The house was decorated with Blues and pinks. Many people had appeared at their house. Renji, Kushina her mother-in-law, Minato her father in law, Iruka, Momo, Toshiro, Tenten, Sasuke, Haku, Zabuza, Captain Unohana, her brother, Captain Kenpachi, Gaara, Hisugi, Captain ukitake, and Rangiku.

"You should really calm down Rukia-chan. It's not good for the baby," said one of Her co-wives Soifon Uzumaki.

Rukia sat down and breathed out a heavy sight It wasn't to much longer, just a little over a 2 months and she would deliver her child. "I can't help, but be mad Soifon. Naruto-kun said he'd be here for this party today. He knows how much this means to me," said Rukia.

"To all of us," said Nanao giving Rukia a small hug.

It was only a month after Aizen's defection that Naruto proposed to them all. A little over 4 months later they were married. After The girls got a little soul bonding in. The honey moon after was so amazing that Rukia was surprised that neither of her co-wives were pregnant.

"What the matter Rukia?" asked Byakuya walking over to his sister.

"Nothing. I just want to know where my husband is? He knows that this day is important to me," said Rukia in a slightly pissed off voice..

"He was sent on a mission by Commander Yamamoto. He told me he would be back soon," said Byakuya as Renji and Sasuke walked up.

Sasuke now sported the Lt badge of the Second Division. "He probably ran into more then he bartended for. Maybe a snake," said Sasuke smiling at the thought.

"Shut it Uchiha," said Renji glaring at Sasuke.

Renji and Sasuke never really got along, but both wanted to be the child's godfather. Just as they were about to start arguing they both got clocked upside the head from one pissed off redhead named Kushina Uzumaki. Not many people wanted to be on her bad side. She was just like Naruto, excapt she was borderline unpridictable.

"Can it you two! Can't you see that your casuing her undo strees! Sorry about that Rukia dear," said Kushina smiling at her.

Nanao smiled. "Thank you for shutting them up Kushina-san," said Nanao only to have her lips stretched by Kushina.

Kushina had a smile on her face. "I told you girls call me kaa-chan," said Kushina as she continued.

"Hai kaa-san," said the three girls with Rukia laughing at nanao and Soifon smirking.

Gaara Tenten, Haku, and Rangiku stood in one corner talking to themselves, Minato, Zabuza, and Kenpachi squared up in the training ground, Unohana, Hisugi, Momo, Toshiro, Ukitake, and Iruka talked amounts themselves. All in all it was a quiet event.

The door opened and there stood Naruto with his captains hoari hanging over his shoulder and the biggest grin you had ever seen on his face. "Sorry I'm late I got caught up with a pretty big Hollow," said Naruto as he dodged a overhead slash curtsey of Zabuza.

"Ha! A big hollow for you is like a guppy," said Zabuza

"This was a second stage menos you prick!" said naruto glaring at Zabuza. No matter howmany times he kicked hisass he didn't shut up.

Kushina clapped her hands getting everyone's attention. "Alright there's no need to talk about work. This is a special day. Rukia-chan and Naruto-kun have invited us to celebrate the life growing inside her. We're here for that reason," said Kushina getting a round from everyone.

The day wore on and many laughs were shared as well as stories. Just as night was coming everyone departed. Naruto sat on the roof looking out at the moon. The wind blow slightly and blow his hair around.

Six months had passed and still Aizen had not made his move. Naruto sent regular patrols into both worlds to make sure nothing happened, but it was not enough.

"Penny for your thoughts lover," came Soifon's voice as she sat next to Naruto wearing only her bed robe, a light blue kimono.

Naruto grasped her hand, before kissing it. "It's the fact that Aizen hasn't done anything yet that has me on edge. Also nexus hasn't shown his face in a while," said Naruto as Soifon kissed his head.

"Your just being paranoid. Come on and come to bed with me," said Soifon giving him a wicked smile making Naruto shiver.

The girls had worked it out to where he would sleep with one of them in a room and the last day of the week would sleep with all three of them at the same time. He never lasted long against all three of them.

(Next morning)

Blue eyes opened to find a angels face in front of him. Naruto smiled before he kissed Soifon on the forehead. He got up quickly dressed when he saw a hell butterfly land on the window seal. He grabbed it and quickly got the message, before walking over to Soifon and waking her.

Soifon opened her eyes and looked at her lover. "What is it Naruto-kun?" asked Soifon as the cover slipped off her body reviling her breasts to him.

"We just got called in for a Captains meeting," said Naruto making Soifon get up and grab her clothes and quickly put them on.

"What are we waiting for. Let's go," said Soifon as they both flash stepped away.

(Hall of Captains)

All Captains had assembled. Yamamoto stood where he could look at Everyone. Soifon, Unohana, Byakuya, Shunsui, Toshiro, and Mayuri Kurotsuchi all stood on the right side. Rin, Naruto, Sajin, Hisugi, Kenpachi, and Ukitake all on the left.

"I call this meeting to order," said Yamamoto.

"What was the need to call us all Sensei?" asked Ukitake looking at his master.

"We received an alert from the Kaukauna Town just yesterday. Ichigo got into a battle with two Hollows," said Yamamoto.

"This warrants our concern because?" said Rin.

"These two hollows only hard pieces of their masks," said Yamamoto making many look at him.

Naruto was shocked. He had in counted a hollow like that before. It was Nexus. "What the hell did you just say!? Hollows with out masks? I've only met one Hollow like that and he was in a class all his own!" said Naruto looking at Yamamoto.

"That is True because he is A Vasto Lorde," said Yamamoto knowing more about Nexus then anybody.

"What a minute, then who was it that beat the shit out of Ichigo?" asked Kenpachi. Anyone who could give that kid a beating must have some knif of power behind them.

"We don't know, but I'm sending a team down to find out," said Yamamoto as Naruto stepped forward.

"Commander allow me to lead the team. I know Kaukauna Town as well as having experience with mask less Hollows," said Naruto lookign dead at Yamamoto.

"You may put your team together, but it is still their choice to go" said Yamamoto

Toshiro stepped up. "Sir I volunteer to go on this mission as well," said Tosihro.

Yamamoto seemed to think about it, before nodding. Very well you have 24 hours to put together your team. Dismissed" said Yamamoto as all the captains began to lave.

Soifon walked up to Naruto and slapped him. "What the hell do you think your doing? Just volunteering to go off and fight a powerful enemy like your life is worthless!" said Soifon in a heated tone.

"If making sure the women I love are alright then my life means little more then a grain of sand," said Naruto as he and Toshiro walked away.

"Are you sure this is wise Naruto? After all you have a child on the way. perhaps you could stay with your wives while i go and lead the team," said Toshiro looking at Naruto.

"It's not gonig to happen Toshiro. Aizen's has finally made his move. There's no avoiding the battles to come now. He's going to come after me with everything he's got, if I don't go after him first. I'm at the top of his hit list Toshiro and i don't intend to let him go unchecked any longer," said naruto

"Well we're going to need strong people. Who do you recommend Naruto?" asked Toshiro.

"Renji would be a good place to start. He has Bankai and decent control. Also lets take Haku with us. She's a strong medic that could be useful," said Naruto.

"I hope you weren't thinking of going anywhere without us Captains Uzumaki and Hisugaya," came a voice right behind them. They turned around and saw three people standing there. 3rd and 5th seat of the 11 division Ikkaku and his partner Yamichika, standing between them was Rangiku.

Yamichika flipped his hair. "It would be most ugly if our two captains left us behind," said Yamichika.

Naruto looked at Toshiro before smirking. "Looks like we have a full team," said Naruto,

"Indeed," said Toshiro crossing his arms.

"Orders sir?" asked Rangiku looknig at the two captains.

Naruto turned Serious. "Yamamoto gave us 24 hours to depart, I'm shaving that and making it Six. You have that long to get whatever affairs you have in order here, before we depart," said Naruto

The three nodded, before jumping off. Naruto himself walked off he needed to talk to his Lt and seated officers, before talking with his wives.

(Naruto's office)

Naruto stood in front of Iruka, Tenten, and Momo. All three looked at him with wide mouths. He had just told them about what hadd occried and what he planned.

"But Captain… started Momo only to be stopped By Naruto.

"it won't matter. I volunteered so I need to do this," said Naruto.

Iruka looked at Naruto. He always knew that Naruto would become stronger then him, but to this level. He never dreamed it. "Alright Naruto I'll support your diction on this matter," said Iruka.

Tenten nodded. "As will I," said Tenten.

Momo looked at the three of them. "Alright I guess I have no say in this matter," said Momo.

Naruto nodded. "I'm leaving the Division in your hands Momo. You'll be acting Captain. Also Tenten and Iruka will be acting as your Lts, until my return," said Naruto.

"Good luck with your wives," said Tenten smirking at her friend.

Naruto glared at her. "I have to go we leave in three hours," said Naruto.

(Naruto's home)

Naruto opened his door only to find two of his wives glaring daggers at him. Rukia put her hand on his shoulder and forced him into a chair.

"Don't bother explaining. Soifon-chan already told us," said Rukia.

"Then you already understand that I have to go," said Naruto Standing up and walking to the door only to find Nanao in his way.

"Why is that!? it's not just your fight. It's also all of ours. We have to stop Aizen. Your not some lone hero who needs to fight a war alone," said nanao her thoughts from when Naruto fougth Nexus cameing back in a heartbeat.

"We may need a hero one day

Naruto looked at them both. "Even if I'm not some lone hero. Aizen already has me as a traget. He'll come after you. That's why I'm taking the fight to him," said Naruto.

"What!? You don't think we can handle ourselves?" asked Rukia. Feeling useless right now.

"The fact that you can take care of yourselves isn't the issue. The fact that I loved you three is. He'll come and we don't need that, Not you Rukia.

Rukia sighed. "Tell me again why we married you?" asked Rukia making Nanao smile and Naruto grin.

"Because I'm an incredible lover and love you three to death," said Naruto kissing his wives, before flashing out.

"NARUTO NO FLASH STEPPING IN THE HOUSE!!!" yelled Nanao with a smile on her face.

(At the gate Court)

Naruto appeared next to Renji. Haku Ikkaku, and Yamichika stood to one side, while Rangiku and Toshiro stood to the other.

"Is everyone ready?" asked Naruto making them nod.

Renji smirked. "You bet bro," said Renji.

"Please don't try and scare us Captain Uzumaki," said Rangiku in her playful voice.

"This is going to be fun," said Ikkaku smirking.

Haku sighed. "Try not to let it be to much fun. I have to ptach you up afterwards remember?" asked Haku glaring at Ikkaku.

"Please Haku try not to ruin our practice of battle," said Yamichika.

Toshiro looked at them. "Stay alert," said Toshiro.

"Yes Captain Hisugaya," said Everyone except Naruto.

Naruto grinned. "Lets get moving Repears," said Naruto as they walked into the portal. With a Hell Butterfly hovering around them.


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